Harley Quinn “Birds Of Prey” Makeup Tutorial / Cosplay Transformation

Harley Quinn “Birds Of Prey” Makeup Tutorial / Cosplay Transformation

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my
channel for today’s video we have an updated Harley Quinn look from the new
birds-of-prey movie coming out I hope you guys like this kind of cosplay
because I don’t normally do cosplays usually all fake characters that are
like pretty wearable like Blair Waldorf it’s pretty natural but this makeup is
super fun it’s still wearable if you like something a little more dramatic
but I decided to go with the wig this is from Poe’s wigs and I did cut the bangs
just to modify it a bit but it’s an amazing wig so I’ll have it linked down
below as well as the full outfit that I got so it did come with tattoos and I’m
not wearing them but when I opened it I cut up the tattoos so don’t do that if
you decide to get this full look but it’s really well made and we got the
thing and everything so I hope you guys like this look and if you do make sure
you give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more pop culture videos the last
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn look I did was so long ago I just kept my brown
hair for that tutorial and it’s really fun to revisit so anyways let’s get
started with the makeup it took me a while to put on this wig and cut the
bangs so I did that off-camera because I’m definitely not a wig pro but I
already do have my foundation on as well and two really pale out the skin instead
of using a face paint I love the body shop lightening drops I’ve used these
for years and I’m applying a couple of dots on the back of my hand and then I’m
adding this to my chin under the eyes and up the cheekbones and a V motion
there and then on the top of my nose and quite a bit on my jaw line this blends
into foundation really well and it’s like a pure white because a lot of
concealers have like a pink or a yellow undertone and this character look is
slightly dead looking so we definitely want to go super pale
and then my favorite drugstore powder is by Revlon it’s great because it is so
light but again you can be any skin tone to replicate a Harlequin look I just
happened to be close in coloring so I’m just gonna go for it and margot robbie
in the trailer scenes that i have been referencing the looks looks very dewy
and not too matte so i just added a touch of powder for some longevity to
the look and how fun are these nails i could only see the nail design in this
promo poster but to me it look like dots so i started with a white base and then
I just added pink maroon navy yellow and I think it looks pretty cool I’m out of
my contour powder I normally use the Kevin Kwan one so I went with this fenty
amber stick honestly I don’t love using cream
contour I don’t like the feeling of it but it does leave a great effect the
shade is amazing I’m taking it on a brush and I’m starting to sculpt out
those strong Harlequin cheekbones fading the contour it down by my mouth Margo
has quite a distinct no shape I love her nose I wish I had it naturally I’m just
starting with the tip here and adding more structure in a V shading between my
brows and then in a diamond-like shape to match her bone structure and then aligned above the tip for more
of an upturn look this lighting I use now always washes out the contour so I
have to do it quite a bit stronger than what you’re actually seeing here but go
with the light hand and I love blending in with my finger and then patting into
the foundation and to make the cheekbones look more natural and less
harsh from pale to contoured add one of your favorite blushes this one is the
hourglass ambient blush and it has such a pretty finish for a dewy highlight I’m
all out of my Charlotte Tilbury beauty light wand in spotlight which is holy
grail to me clearly I’ve run out of some makeup I have to do some do some
shopping but I also love the Pat McGrath skin fetish highlighter and balm duo you
apply the cream highlight and then layer the balm and it creates and amplified
shine and more of a dewy look I like this better on natural skin my skin is
not that even to do it without any foundation but if you don’t wear
foundation and you want a complexion boost I would really try out this
product otherwise I say go with the Charlotte Tilbury if you want more of a
pop I always will highlight the cheekbones chin and tip and nose as well
as right beside any contour line style pick up the light and make the look
overall just more realistic and I got a contour that jawline mine is so much
more rounded than Margot’s I really went hardcore with this especially when I was
taking the recreation photo and brows mine are pretty full so I’m brushing
them up and then defining the bottom to be more even with benefit booth proof
little boo oh my gosh goof proof brow pencil in the shade 3 I love this
product it’s so easy to use and you just fade in the head of the brow create more
of a defined arch if you want to and I love that this has a spoolie because it
makes it looks so much more natural when you just give it a comb through I don’t own too many gunmetal and cool
tone shades because I am a sucker for warm Browns and coppers on the eye but I
have this Urban Decay heavy metals metallic eyeshadow palette and I don’t
think it’s in stock currently but all you’ll need is a metallic silver with a
blueshift to it and a metallic black shadow Hartley’s makeup does change I
saw there was a pink makeup look a bear lid with liner with the red lip but I
found the closest reference picture with this smokey eye so I’m going with that
and just building up the black and a V on the outer corner Pat it onto the
outer lid and then into a rounded shape above the crease about halfway I added that for a silver shadow also
above the crease in the space between the black shading pretty easy and I love
to go in with the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray either on my
finger or on a brush and then Pat it into a metallic shadow and apply right
on the center of the lid and it really makes the shadow pop I’ll go in and
deepen up the eye once we have some liner and I can get a better look at it
all together a but also smoke under the lashes with the deepest shadow take any
black pencil liner I’m using one from L’Oreal here but my favorite drugstore
liner right now is probably the Revlon Sophia’s final eyeliner they’re so easy
to use and really bold so if you’re looking for a new one you should try
that one and if you want to get that boldness to the eye with liner make it
pop by using more of a dotted motion it just adds a bit of boldness and then
still using a pencil I took an angled eyeliner brush and I smoked out the
upper lash line as well as tight lining and this helped create more of an almond
shaped eye you can kind of see it closes off my round eye for a bit of a nice
smolder and then curl those lashes apply your favorite mascara I went with
bad gal bang I thought that suited the vibe I really like this mascara and I
focused it on the upper outer lashes we got to do the iconic heart partly
also has a rotten tattoo on the pink hair side and I for real could not
figure out how to write it on my face I was looking through the mirror and
having like a Karen from Mean Girls moment you couldn’t do a temporary
tattoo but overtop a makeup I think that would be hard so I skipped it hearts
cute and the only face tat oh wow and then I decided to go back in with that
liner and I’m just bringing it closer to the tear duct to add more drama and
continue with that more almond shape I’m loving this I look and I don’t have
the wig fully pinned here just for comfort I’ll fix the sides a little bit
later but I do recommend to do the makeup and then add the wig on after
just wigs they’re not the most comfortable thing ever and lips you got
to go with the red I quickly went through my kit and I picked out the
L’Oreal Paris infallible Pro matte liquid lipstick in the shade Matador
this is great shade wise and it really stays put but it stains your lips so
know that it’s like very pigmented and leaves the residue and I also took the
revlon matte Super Lustrous lipstick in black cherry
I love Revlon’s new matte collection and my favorite shade is actually hot
chocolate I posted this on insta and I love the shading for winter but all you
want to keep in mind for the Harley lip is you want a gradient with a bolt
Cupid’s bow as well and you could always use some black shadow to intensify this
and let’s do some touch-ups this wig as I said is from post wigs and
it comes styled with a lace front wigs that are updos tend to slide back more
than a regular wig so you can see my wig cap here before I adjusted it and you
want to make sure that before you take a picture or go to any event that you use
you pins and you alternate directions to make sure the wig is snug around the
hairline and here’s the full cosplay outfit I got
online I’ll have this one linked down below as well as everything else and I’m
actually gonna sell this one for cheaper on my Poshmark too because yeah I did
the video and I’m not going anywhere sorry and this is a size extra small for
reference and I am 5’4 typically an extra small fits me great when I get
stuff online but the overall look was all too big for me so look at the size
chart you might have to do some modifications but this kit came with
everything even the tats that I ruined by accident
love the weapon and I seriously love the overalls I feel like this set was one of
the more accurate ones that I saw and it has like knee pads it’s just really well
made and I hope you liked this full Harley Quinn transformation thanks for
watching I hope you guys like this Harley Quinn look and if you did it
makes you give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more pop culture videos
every week I also have been trying to throw in some more everyday looks that
are quick and easy so last upload I did a pony tail that I were quite often and
I was thinking next up I would do my favorite curly bottom with kind of faux
bangs I don’t know what my hands are doing but yeah let me know if you’d like
to see that next and thank you so much for tagging me in all your photos I love
seeing your styles and I got a lot of pictures from the little women here
smiles tutorial I did so you guys look amazing and I will see you in my next
one you

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