Haunted House Walkthrough | Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas | Graveyard Home Haunt Display

Haunted House Walkthrough | Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas | Graveyard Home Haunt Display

Hey guys i’m Jeana and I’m Chris and we are coming out of the home haunter closet I guess you could say and we just wanted to introduce ourselves to you guys and give you a better sense of who we are a little bit and as an added bonus we have a day time walk through commentary for you guys so hopefully its fun and not crazy silly stupid we’ve been really busy we’re still putting
a ton of things away getting cords and wires all wrapped up we have a lot of footage and a lot more stuff we want to put together a post some more videos for you guys We love Halloween its a hobby of ours and we want to talk about it and share our ideas and thoughts with you guys when was your first memory of Halloween do you remember I don’t remember like my
first memory I just remember growing up in
Alaska its really cold so any kinda time that I dressed up my mom make me put snow pants on and a winter coat over my costume and so
like you know I felt like a super hero under
the fluff How about you My very first costume I had to be three things I was a princess ballerina bunny and
I had hot pink hair and I had a tutu and we went
trick or treating at the mall in Arizona I don’t know why cause it was warm enough to go trick or treating but we went to the mall and I remember my
brother was superman and I thought he was so cool cause hes like a toe head blonde and my mom sprayed black spray hair paint in his hair and I was like you look like superman I don’t remember like I must have been 3 or 4 years old Well very cool well there’s more to come and its so nice to meet you guys and enjoy our commentary yeah Alright so this was a donation table we had for haunts against hunger and we actually collected a hundred and eighty three pounds of food yeah I was going to say a 160 cans and Like over 80 dollars for them too so that
was really exciting and what are we looking at oh this is the grave yard from the driveway oh we’ve had
construction for the past two weeks leading up to
here they kept ripping up the road and we were like oh no but we borrowed the cones and no one parked in front of our house which was kind of awesome, but here’s our spooky graveyard during the daytime we stole a lot of sticks and branches too they came and chopped a bunch of branches off our trees and we were like hey you can just throw those in our yard we actually had the City come out and say hey you know your letting your yard Get a little too out of control but we told them that
was decorations so than they were like oh okay and I was
like yeah cause I normally keep a grave yard in my front yard this is more haunts against hunger stuff
we made a little coffin our rules our times and all that kind of stuff so that was lit at night time so people could see nothings turned on is it? no I didn’t even know you were filming this this is pretty cool should we go through the gate someone left it unlocked that’s a
liability squeek here’s our mailbox we had to move the
mailbox cause the mailman was like I don’t know where to drop your mail off I’m scared I came out one day and he was inside
the maze and said how do I get your front door I was like I’m so sorry its dark in there some cross those trees are awesome I love
putting those up every year but these trees were kinda crazy they were a lot more wicked this year yeah we modified that this year so
we could hang two people instead of one the hang man or the tree the hangman and there’s another skeleton man those skeletons are freakin awesome we love them definitely sold on those ya we bought out Burbank we could only find six and we went to like four different
Walgreens looking for those things did we buy six I thought we only bought four are there to I don’t know about yeah oh yeah we did I guess oh that bulldog bone Christopher carved and my friends
thought that our dog had really died and were like we’re so
sorry no Tonka is still alive it was cool I set
those pumpkins to go off with the lightning machine into
the mausoleum number one well this is actually number
two we had a little camera problem oh the camera just focusing but it will get over it that black curtain that you just saw was
you get to our front door and it was funny because then they that
we opened up on Halloween it was like even though we put a chain there
half the people were trying to go that way instead of going this way that I like
that room it was a cool room it has a lot sticks and branches yeah a lot of zip ties yeah this is the rat hallway and I didn’t show it in the video but if you
look to the wall to your right has it has more mausoleum crypt things but you can’t see it here and right there is a we made a ankle tickler
pneumatic little thing that went off from a motion
detector when you walked by it was perfect and it
got a lot of people it scared me all the time too this guy actually
popped out for the second person that walked by so the first one was able to sneak
past it without it going off this is our huge tomb crypt coffin its kind of dark and you can’t see all the skulls on the walls we made a mold and you can see it in other videos this guy right here has a like a chisel an air power
chisel inside the wall and we have it like basically vibrating yeah nailing against a couple steel plates
and it too runs off a motion sensor so in it really
did actually surprisingly scare a lot of people I was surprised that was the first corpse lady to that you did this was the scariest to people people were like I don’t know what to do
and a lot of people got stuck and I had to go keep pushing through and their like what you mean we were no really literally push your way through yeah that definitely freaked everybody out and some of them would stop well what do we do now this last guy he jumps out yells at you and there’s an air
cannon behind them that blows and ther’s is like a 120 pounds of pressure blowing on you it was fun well I hope you guys enjoyed that the walk through wish you were really here with us to go through it with us and help put it
all away yeah help Chris put it all away alright guys see you later

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  1. Thanks, 2010 was really the first year for getting crazy with decorations but we never really thought about posting videos until last year. We are glad to see so many other Haunters on You tube that its to hard to resist getting in on the fun.

  2. Thanks, It was a blast setting up this year. I have to admit I kept the garden hose close in case somebody threw a lit cigarette into the yard.

  3. Thanks for sharing . You guys should try and come on S.O.P (shadow of palms video chat) . Sunday nights Wednesday nights and Thursday nights. Around 8 pm.cst

  4. LOL!!!! thats awesome the way you did the vid i think more haunters should do it like that !! its always a little disconnecting to me when you watch so many vlog and their talking and you really cant put a face to it !! you guys have a great yard and haunt cant wait to see what you come up with for 2013 and hope to see you guys vlogging halloween build though the winter !! HFL!!!

  5. Glad to finally see you guys! Great haunt! Looking forward to seeing more.
    Make sure to enter the DEAD with Dave Home Haunters Awards!

  6. Hi Gina and Chris. I'm Bill and I'm having a contest over on my channel and wanted to see if you'd like to enter to win the title of the best home haunter of 2012 as well as a custom zombie or old time portrait.

  7. I'm very inspired and your yard haunt tastes are right up my alley as far a spooky and creepy vs. gore.

    Very atmospheric…Thanks for sharing

  8. Thanks! That was so awesome of him to spread the word about us. We ran into our mail man last week and he said he brought his wife Halloween night but she was too scared to even get out of the car LOL!

  9. I havent commented nearly enough on your videos but I gotta say they really are great. Your haunt is amazing and you two are a joy to watch and listen to. Your refreshing and I think your a hit in our youtube haunters world.

  10. Thanks very much, along with having fun that's all we could ask for. We look forward to looking at all the new videos posted from everyone and see how they are coming along with their haunts each day as well. Some guys are already making us feel behind!

  11. Hey i dont see a comments box on your page is it me? I was just on
    HauntersTalkMayhem and we talked about how awesome you2 are u should look.

  12. I was so excited when I got home and saw your face on HTM! Thanks for the shout out. We would love to go on some of these shows but have been getting home so late from the western town build. Where in CA do you live? Maybe close enough for a lunch date some time. I love wine too! Jeana

  13. you guys are like perfect together XD your smiles are contagious or something cause everytime i see you guys smiling or i can hear it in your voice it makes me smile! XD

  14. I love watching your videos again and can't believe I didn't comment the first time. I think I must have been super blown away! And in a rush to get to the next one. LOL. It is fun reading everyone's comments too.

  15. Thanks! It really was a fun year for us and the people that came out to see the haunt really shared their appreciation for what we do which was really awesome!

  16. Fantastic haunt! I loved your realism and attention to detail. Your architectural facades are spectacular. Your idea of "making the house go away" is brilliant! Love it all!

  17. Thanks so much for the nice comments! We are working on some new facades for this year and hope to have an entire town in the front yard.

  18. Hey there from New York! Wow, and I thought my haunt had a spooky overgrown yard.. Amazing job. I love incorporating natural materials too!

  19. Fantastic! Tons of atmosphere, lots of work, and obviously ooodles of heart! I can't believe we hadn't come across you before! I agree, super cool to have found another Husband and Wife Team! Very pleased to have made your acquaintance! 🙂 Would be great if we all lived closer – now THAT would be a party! 😉 -P

  20. That was truly amazing!!! When does the setup start? I normally start my haunt after Canadian thanksgiving and I get lots of looks from the neighbors, check out my Youtube channel JCJMW . Happy Haunting!!!!!

  21. We usually don't start setting up until October 1st or the last weekend in Sept. we will go check out your channel now! =)

  22. WOW! I’m in awe, truly amazing, the BEST haunt I’ve seen. The attention to detail in the décor and dressing is perfect. Such a shame the Mausoleum segment is too dark to see.

  23. Wow, that is just unbelievable! I wish we weren't on the other side of the country, Wife and I would love to go through your haunt. You both do fantastic work!!

  24. Love all you have done… including your Haunt Against Hunger idea. Creepy graveyard and mausoleum! Good job on my personal favorite holiday.

  25. epic! I used to do a haunted house every year. but we moved to what I call a dead zone. meaning no kids came to my house:/ but this is epic!

  26. Thank you, we have so much fun setting up and love to hear of others being inspired to join in on the decorating fun. We are so excited to finish our set up for 2013 and hope it turns out well. Thanks again for the really nice comment. =)

  27. an idea for this year that i have used is to sew together old pillows or bouncy material. Put them level to the ground and cover the pillows with dirt or straw so it looks like part of the walkway. When people walk across, the path will suddenly get bouncy and soft causing them to trip.

  28. You two are so talented!! Amazing job and creativity. I am starting my collection of things this year. I'd like to do our haunted yard as a Disney Haunted Mansion or the Nightmare before Christmas inspired one. Any ideas for basic props, where to get tombstones and skeletons and lighting??? OH! Have you guys ever used low lying fog and if so which machine is your favorite? Thanks!

  29. I'm not sure where you all live but I live in Sacramento California. If you lived anywhere near here I would love to check out your haunt. It looks sooo spooky :O

  30. What is the address of this place because I live in San Bernardino which is an hour away. I want to stop by sometime

  31. Awesome! Start small and focus on which part of the mansion or nbc you want to do. Then build props and set dress. Then when you feel good move on to another scene. I think it's better to have a few real detailed scenes to start with then a lot of scenes without a lot to them. We love fog. We have a few regular party city foggers and one Chauvet Hurricane 1300. We also made a trash can chiller which works really well. If you want we made a video that talks about it. Thanks for stopping by!!!

  32. Those are super light weight styrofoam tomb stones? IF so the wind would blow them over and rain would ruin them but maybe you prepared for that? I'm surprised if nothing was stolen.

  33. Great job….. You guys have got to join my Extreme Halloween group on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/groups/extreemhalloween you would fit right into our group. I'm sharing this in our group

  34. Nice Haunt!!! You two should enter "The Great Halloween Fright Fight" Check it out… http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2014/04/17/the-great-christmas-light-fight-renewed-for-season-2-by-abc-network-orders-the-great-halloween-fright-fight/254928/

  35. This and Boney Island were my favorite houses of 2012. Can't wait to see what you do this year!!!!

  36. Hi guys, I've never had a home haunt w/ actors and no one in my area will volunteer w/out being paid. I would like to know if Home Haunters charge a entry fee to the public and if it's wise to do so? Any advise from any Haunter would be appreciated, thank you everyone. 

  37. Haha, no offense, but if I met you guys in person and you told me you did home haunts, I would not believe you or I wouldn't have though it would look that cool.  Just goes to show, you never know what's lurking on the inside.

  38. Really cool display. mine isn't as cool as yours but take a look and let me know what you think. 2013 HALLOWEEN CORPSE

  39. iam sharing you guys channel i just love your videos.You both are such great people.i wish more people was like you guys.

  40. I saw you both on ABC's 'Halloween Haunts' Special on October 29, 2014! Wish you could have won the $50, 000… but you have a great taste for the 'spirit' of the holiday!!! Great job!!!

  41. That is such a SICK and realistic graveyard! So amazing!! If you don't mind my asking, how much did it cost (even if you give me a range, i.e. between $600-$800) to do this and how long did it take?

  42. It is so cool to go back in time and see where it all began!!

    "Marty….Grab Copernicus and start the Delorian so we can go back to the future……."

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