HE GHOSTED ME | while you wait

HE GHOSTED ME | while you wait

Hey guys it’s Fumnanya. If you’re new here welcome, if you’re
not welcome back. Either way, you are welcomed! I’ve been getting questions to my Instagram
and on YouTube just about the new series that I started and I decided to come on and answer
some of these questions. But I also wanted to do a makeup tutorial
because it’s been so long since I did 1 of those. So it’s gonna be sort of a chatty get ready
with me type video. The first thing I want to address is this
issue of submission. In my video on, I think it was the preparing
to be a Godly wife 1, I mentioned submission and a couple peel were confused. Basically people took it left. The part of the Bible that talks about wives
submitting to their husbands is the part that talks about marriage and it has guidelines
for what men are supposed to do. It says men love your wives and it says wives
submit to your husbands. When I talked about what happened in that
video, I encourage you to watch it, it wasn’t that I had no choice. I could have chosen to go despite what my
dad had advised me to do. But I made a decision to take what he said
into consideration and allow what he said to influence my behavior. Some of the comments that were sort of attacking
what I said about submission were saying do what you want, go where you want to go, be
your own woman. I strongly believe that being your own woman
means making your own decisions. If you decide to take what someone who loves
you and who you respect, if you decide to take their advice into consideration and allow
that to tailor your behavior then that’s being your own woman as well. I don’t believe that being your own woman
means doing whatever you want and not considering others just in the name of showing and proving
your independence. For me being my own woman means that I make
a decision to submit to certain people in my life, who I believe have been given an
authority to speak into my life and to advise me. My father is 1 of those people so if he tells
me I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to do this, I decide to take what he says
into consideration and allow his advice to tailor my behavior. That’s a decision that I made and that’s how
I choose to be my own woman. When I do get married my husband will be 1
of those people. I feel like that should answer all the confusion. Someone was saying they’d love to hear how
I date as a single Christian and I love that question because I feel like that’s a really
good question. If you’re asking to sort of figure out how
you should date as a Christian I think this is something that you need to spend time praying
about and meditating about and just thinking God what would you have me do for this season
of my life? I don’t think that there’s a one-size-fit-all
answer. I will do that video. I just also want to remind you to pray and
ask God what he would have you do for your personality and who you are and the season
that you are in in your life because it’s not one size fits all. Can I just say I love the stories you guys
tell me in response to my preparing to be a godly wife video where you’re like literally
had this situation super annoying and now I see how it’s preparation. I love those stories because it’s like life
is supposed to prepare you for different stages. I honestly believe that God uses every season
of your life to prepare you for the next. So definitely keep those stories coming, I
really love those. The question is I have noticed a pattern that
every time I tell a guy that I’m not interested in him the next one who approaches me has
the same qualities plus more (he’s an upgrade). The most recent guy who approached me seemed
to be everything that my husband is supposed to be (God has disclosed some things to me). Then she says long story short this guy stopped
texting her and left her hanging twice after they made plans, more than twice actually. Things moved really fast between them feelings
wise and then she informed him that she no longer wanted to date him. She doesn’t know how to date as a woman of
God waiting for her husband and she’s a little embarrassed because she was really excited
about this guy and she told a couple people about it. The first thing I want to say is you absolutely
should not feel embarrassed for telling your friends about something and having it not
work out. I feel like this is so common for girls to
say and it’s honestly like why are you embarrassed? If this guy doesn’t act right that’s a reflection
on him, that doesn’t have anything to do with you or how beautiful, you are how smart you
are. Don’t ever let somebody’s son make you question
how amazing you are. If he doesn’t see that that’s an issue with
him. I really don’t think that you should take
it personally or allow it to make you feel embarrassed or less than or anything like
that. Just take it as a learning experience and
say this didn’t work out, God what is it you want me to learn from this, what is it that
you want me to understand from this experience? How can I be different moving forward, if
I need to be different at all. I don’t think people do that enough like you
need to view every season of your life as preparation for the next and just treat it
as a learning experience that God is trying to teach you something through everything
that you encounter. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about at
all. As for dating as a Christian, I will do a
video in depth about that so I don’t want to go too far in depth about that right now. But I do want to touch on a couple things
based on what you said. You said that he seemed like an upgrade and
God had revealed some things to you, I’m guessing about your husband and what he’s supposed
to be like or what he’s supposed to look like and he seemed to meet those criteria. Based on the way you phrased it, it seems
like it may apply to more than 1 person is basically how I understand it, the things
that God told you. I think that’s a little more tough because
then it puts you in this position of oh is that my husband, is that my husband, is that
my husband? You’re looking for something. Here’s what I want to encourage you to do. Try to exercise the utmost patience in this
area. I can appreciate God told you certain things
about this guy and how he’s supposed to be. But I think besides that just let go and let
God. Don’t allow speculation to sort of take hold,
don’t allow anxiety to take hold. It’s great to be expectant and look forward
to what God has spoken to you. I think it’s also important to not allow that
to become a trap for you where you’re always looking for those traits in the men you meet
and the men that you interact with. Then you set yourself up for disappointment
because not every guy is gonna be that. I think just being really patient and adopting
the mindset of when it’s time God will give me further guidance in this area and tell
me what else to do. I would just say be at peace about it. Now I’m going to take my Mac mineralize skin
finish powder and just set my lid area so that when I put my eye shadow down it all
blends together really nicely. You didn’t say kind of what happened as far
as you guys spending time together. But I think what happens a lot of the time,
sometimes when you meet someone new you get really carried away. You’re like oh my gosh this guy is perfect,
this guy is everything that my husband is supposed to be, this guy is saying all the
right things, he’s saying he wants to marry me, he’s saying he knows that I’m the 1 for
him etc. So you kind of give yourself over to him quickly. You can give yourself over to someone in many
different ways. I think the most common way to do it is to
just give up a lot of your time to this person right off the bat. Even if it’s not right off the bat you give
up a lot of your time to this person before really taking the time to think rationally
about what’s happening and what he’s saying. I think this is where the danger comes in
because he’s saying all the right things and you’re spending time with him or you’re talking
to him on a regular basis. You’re not giving yourself space to really
process what he’s saying and process whether or not what he’s saying is matching up with
what he’s doing. We’ve all been there, you meet a guy and he’s
really excited about you, he’s really interested, he’s texting you every day, he’s hitting you
up constantly, he wants to see you. It’s really important to give yourself time
to process your interactions with this person. Give yourself time to think about what he’s
saying. Give yourself time to think about how what
he’s saying is or is not matching up with what he’s doing. Give yourself time to really process how this
person acts and your interactions with this person because otherwise what happens is infatuation
clouds your judgment. Then when to you out of nowhere this person
stops responding to you, this person starts flaking on you, it’s a surprise. I think it’s also important to make sure that
you’re praying. So if you meet a guy pray in the beginning,
like God is this what you want me to do? Don’t be in a rush. The easiest way for the enemy to confuse you
and get you in a position that you’re disappointed and hurt is to send you exactly what you’ve
always thought you wanted. To send you exactly the person who’s gonna
say the things that resonate with you, say the things that you’re dying to hear, who’s
gonna tell you exactly those things that you’ve always wanted in a ma, always wanted for your
future. Don’t think you can look at it and be like
oh he’s saying the right things, he’s acting the right way. No you need to pray you need to ask God, God
I met this guy seems perfect what in your all-knowing capacity what do you think I should
do in this situation? I’m telling you right now this will save you
so much heartache. I’m gonna blend that color out using my mineralized
skin finish it’s just my foundation color. I’m gonna blend under the brow. This is such a common question, someone said
can you make a video about how God talks to you and how you know it’s Him? I’ve been there where in the beginning definitely
of my faith walk it was kind of like God is that you is that not you? It can be really confusing and really frustrating
because sometimes you’re gonna get it wrong. You’re gonna think it was God and then it’s
gonna turn out that it wasn’t. That was hard for me because it felt like
whoa. But the 1 thing that I can tell you is if
you want to understand God’s voice and God’s heart for you and you want to know how do
I hear from Him, you have to spend time in the Word. You have to spend time reading your Bible,
you have to spend time doing devotional. You can’t get around it. This is how I explain it to people if my dad
comes within 50 feet of this building I will know. Even if I can’t see him, the minute I hear
him laugh the minute I hear him talk I will know that my dad is here. Why is that? Because I’ve spent time with my dad, I’ve
spoken to him, we’ve had conversations, I talk to him regularly, I’ve known him for
years and years. So I can recognize his voice. Honestly it’s the same exact thing. You can’t expect to be able to recognize the
voice of someone you don’t know. If you don’t spend time in Scripture, if you
don’t read your Bible, if you don’t do devotional you are not going to be able to recognize
God’s voice because you don’t know Him, you don’t know what His word sounds like, you
don’t know what His heart is to certain situations. Reading your Bible is the best and surest
way to ensure that you’ll be able to hear God’s voice when he speaks to you individually. I have had seasons where whatever reason I
fall behind on my Bible reading and guess what happens? It becomes harder for me to discern the voice
of God. You have to be really intentional, spend the
time in the Word, do your devotions. Some people ask me what does it sound like? Honestly like let me tell you something, you’re
not gonna know it’s God based on what it sounds like, you’re gonna know it’s God through relationship
and you’re gonna recognize that it’s Him once you spend time in His Word and you learn what
His heart is for you then you’ll know it’s Him, through relationship. Just like I said with my dad. There’s no 1 way to know that it’s Him, that’s
the first thing. Secondly he can speak to you in so many ways. When people say oh is it audible? In a way it’s kind of funny because sometimes
God will speak to me I’ll be watching TV and something that person says will resonate and
then I’ll know God is trying to tell me something here, it could be anything. I could be talking to someone and they could
say something that just speaks to something that I was meditating on that morning in devotional
and I’ll know that God is trying to tell me something. Sometimes it’s listening to a message and
the preacher dropped something that’s not even related to the topic of the sermon and
I’ll know God’s trying to speak to me there. Through a relationship you start to understand
the ways that God communicates with you. Some people it’s through worship music and
I’ve had that too. I’ve had that too Some people it’s you know
internal sometimes. I know some people who God speaks to you through
dreams I know people who God speaks to images. It’s different for everyone the only way to
know that it’s God is that you have to foster that relationship with Him consistently and
over time. I’m going to use pink parfait from my pink
sprint palette and this is by sleek. This person says I’m 17 and my friends don’t
believe that kissing is fornication. For those of you don’t know what fornication
is fornication is the word used to describe having sex before marriage. Let me say this your friends are correct on
the definition of Fornication. Fornication means sex before marriage kissing
isn’t sex in the classical definition. There’s back and forth about whether that
should count as sex. So that’s probably where your friends are
coming from and saying that it’s not fornication. I think the question that you’re getting at
though is whether or not kissing is permissible. There’s back-and-forth about that in the community
of Christians. If you know Meghan Good and Devon Franklin
they read they wrote a book called The Wait and in that book they talk about waiting to
have sex before marriage. They explicitly say in that book that they
did kiss while dating, they didn’t have sex but they did kiss. If you are familiar with Heather Lindsey she’s
very vocal about the fact that she had the conviction that she should not kiss the guy
that she dates, that she should wait before marriage. So when she met her husband and he expressed
that same sentiment to her that’s 1 of the ways that she knew that he was the 1. I think that the Bible is very clear about
some things and then less clear about others. This area of kissing, hand-holding, stuff
like that this is one of those areas that are gray. I think the best thing that I can tell you
is you need to pray about it, ask God to lead you and guide you. So the answer to your question technically
are your friends correct? Yes because kissing is not sex before marriage,
it’s not fornication. To the question I think you are getting at,
is it advisable before marriage? I think that’s gonna take you getting into
God’s Word and asking for discernment, getting deep into prayer and just asking Him what
His will is for you. I don’t think that it’s for me to give you
an answer on that. I think it’s for you to sort of do the exercise
of getting into the scripture, praying, meditating and just seeing what God would speak to you
in that area. Then on the lower lash line to kind of smoke
it out I’m gonna use that same cherry cordial color. Fun fact this is one of the first high-end
makeup purchases I ever made, is the Hypnose mascara. I really like it. For highlight I’m using la peach because your
girl is in love with it. (16:56). Then for lips I’m using Steela Notte. This is the finished look. Ok guys, that’s it. I hope you did enjoy. If you have questions that you don’t want
to put out there for all to see, then DM on Instagram is the best way. I feel like that’s what I’m on the most
besides YouTube. Just let me know if you want me to keep it
private or if it’s OK if I share it. Just letting me know before I do another Q&A
video. I love your questions, I love hearing from
you, what new with you and stuff. Definitely keep me posted with that. If you did enjoy this video thumbs up for
more videos like it. Comment any suggestions for topics down below. If you are not already please subscribe so
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say my relationship series. Thank you so much for watching, I love you
guys and I’ll see you in my next video. Bye!

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