Hershey’s Chocolate Makeup… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

Hershey’s Chocolate Makeup… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

what’s up everybody! welcome back to
my channel! hi how are ya?? Alright you guys today
we’re doing the first makeup review of 2020! oh my god
January almost took the life out of me but bitch I’m strong I’m a survivor
and I’m back so today we’re going to be reviewing yes you saw the title baby
the iconic her she’s a chocolate brand they said hi we’re gonna enter the
beauty space move over Cheetos move over Crayola hi sweetie and yes
baby today we are reviewing the Hershey chocolate makeup collection now I just
opened this box now I did buy this myself this came all the way from South
Korea okay so I know I tweeted about this I asked you guys do we need a
review Oh y’all really went off and said yes we do bitch so today we’re gonna try
out everything I bought the full collection of course with my own money
this is not PR it says that it came all the way from the Republic of South Korea
and let’s just open it right here you guys like I mean hi we’re gonna review
makeup let’s review it I just want to say it quickly hello I hope everyone is
doing well I can’t believe that February is already here January was the longest
month I think of everyone’s lives and I think February is the official start of
2020 I am losing my voice a little bit but baby I’m gonna chug a Red Bull we’re
gonna drink 20 waters and we’re gonna pump room you guys I’ve had a crazy last
few weeks I was at this Super Bowl with a ninja and his beautiful wife Jessica
their dear friends of mine and they invited me into the mother fucking Super
Bowl I said hi honey I’m there so we had the best week of our lives shout out to
Miami you are such a fun city and we did so many events and red carpets and cool
things like that and yeah guys I’m in a really good headspace it’s
been really tough but your girl’s back so let the plan some makeup alright so I
have not touched anything in the box yet I did open it up great picture but
everything is still sealed so hi when you open this I really feel like I
ordered some candy from the grocery store or perfect Amazon but this is not
candy this is actual makeup yes so let’s take it all out
oh hi it’s literally this so it came in this tissue with some paper and that is
that honey all right great now okay here is what we’ve all been
waiting for the cookies and cream play color eyes
mini no this is from etude house now it is a brand in South Korea I did review
the KitKat palette before so I don’t know if this is the same consistency the
same lab the same formula we will be seeing how it is today and it does the
smell like the chocolate praise God it better now cookies and cream and maybe
my favorite Hershey bar I know a lot of you we are all different in particular
with our candy but I love cookies and cream it’s my favorite so we got that
palette let’s pump through honey and then we also have the creamy milk
chocolate mini eyeshadow palette I cannot wait to see what this looks like
and then I didn’t know what I was buying I just clicked everything really quickly
because I felt like it was gonna sell out and I don’t know what these items
are so hooks mind up together obviously we know what this is this is a creamy
milk chocolate brush I never thought I’d be holding a Hershey’s makeup brush by
the way and then we have the cookies and cream brush which i think is for eye we
will see in a second now these two items it says creamy milk
chocolate powder Rouge tenth hazelnut cocoa and then we have the almond cocoa
I don’t know what this means is this a has to be a liquid lip or is it a
lipstick let’s open it oh my god so it doesn’t have a seal right here just like
the candy we’re gonna do a little zoom in and we’re just gonna tear it oh just
like I’m so hungry Christian okay now let’s see what this is whoa oh
my god Matt soft-touch oh it feels good it looks really nice – what is this
Matt Ted densely fills the lips with its concentrated chocolate texture and sweet
flavor as like it’s melted real chocolate oh my god okay we’re gonna
stick it we’re diving into the review right now I just gotta see what this is
oh it’s a literally a liquid lip you guys I swear to God holy shit
oh my god I’m so hungry I need some time I need a bowl of ice cream we have to
smell this whoa okay I know we all know what takla smells like I know two-face
did it before but like it’s better it’s dead-on it’s the candy bar like well I
guess I’m wiping off this lipstick in a minute after the eye and we’re gonna try
to look at liquid legs okay so there’s one I got to see the other one right now
mr. almonds okay oh it’s a more like terracotta warm orange a nude okay okay
so this is the almond chocolate oh my god tastes better than the other one
that is a literally like almost like a Oh wipe it off before it dries oh it
smells so good and the packaging is actually really cute enough sometimes
this shit could be cheesy so many people are trying to do license things and I’m
like Cheetos have a seat everyone is trying to enter the beauty space I know
that makeup obviously is a billion dollar industry so a lot of people are
doing little too much do a little too much but Hershey chocolate is so iconic
and it smells so good okay let’s reel it in and open the eyeshadow palettes all
right of course I love cookies and cream so we’re gonna play with this one first
no everything is in Korean and there is a little English here and it says to
apply an even base of color there’s six shades in here and it consists of milky
creamy colors resembling cookies and cream there is no like weight on here
like we all know let me grab oh hi conspiracy we all know that when
you look on the back of anything or packaging there will be the net weight
in how many grams or per shadow this does not say or just maybe it’s in a
different language so let’s open her where’s this seal oh it even says it
right there hi I’m gonna assume that says open I love this oh she’s small she’s a really
small girl it’s like when you open up someone’s news and you’re like I’m busy
tonight suddenly okay little mini so here it is let’s open her up
it says since 18 and 95 I think I was born that year
Hershey’s has been a brand yes trademark okay so we’re gonna open it up oh oh my
god okay so it has the shade names on top similar to what morphe has done
before look at the shades they kind of cute kind of all similar shades of brown
but this is supposed to be more like a wash of color now create makeup is not
heavy drag it’s literally the opposite and I did get red to the ground when I
reviewed the Kit Kat because that was like girl pick pigmentation so little
scarce and everyone said you guys Jeffrey Lynn that’s not how it works
Korean makeup is more soft subdued pretty dewy so I did not expect hot
pinks in here at all but oh my god it actually looks kind of cute is it is it
small yes but it looks like you can just pop
it out and bite in your mouth okay so I got a do a taste test and narnun I met a
smell says I’m so hungry oh my god I got to do my iconic smell test so here we go I’m not getting it I’m not getting any
cookies barely like I’m opening up the other one
while we’re sitting here are you getting anything are you seeing chemicals no
chocolate it isn’t like that at all right okay no okay that’s a little weird
well let’s open up the chocolate one oh wow this looks identical to the axial
bar chocolate it’s crazy the same thing as the other one let’s open her up okay
it’s the more dark version no there’s no chocolate smell what the hell Hershey
that is so crazy didn’t the KitKat eyeshadow palette
smell like chocolate swear to God what the hell did they do this time well
we’re gonna dip into these palettes today and we’re gonna try them out I got
a know if they work so you know me we’re going right in give me a brush thank you
the shade names are hush Hershey’s chocolate without cookies my favorite
chocolate Lucky cookie cookies and cream and Zero Calvary cocoa okay I’m bored hi
what did you just tell me those two brushes I’m sorry I winked in beige oh
my god we have to try the brushes hello okay so this is a cookies and cream
brush a chocolate collaboration provides a more pleasant sweeter feeling with
more applications as if charging with sweets got it okay so it comes like this
it is a little pencil brush some of the brushes are already coming out on the
sides oh hi it looks like a cheap wig ooh okay
it’s a little rough my eye might be bleeding afterwards but we are gonna try
it now let’s see the chocolate one oh it’s a different shade it’s a more flat
brush okay now of course I’m going to assume these are vegan brushes because
they feel very synthetic you guys I think we just go in Chris right like
we’re just going I’m actually going to take oh my god these shade names are so
funny I can’t let’s go in with my favorite chocolate okay I’m just gonna
go right in here okay not a lot of Fallout a little bit but I did go in on
the brush and let’s see what happens I’m gonna do the most basic little moment on
here and then we’ll try something else in here ready set go it is definitely sheer I’m gonna take
this one in the middle right here and just kind of see what happens
oh my god now that sheet is a little invisible
maybe Wonder Woman collab with this I’m not sure let’s go back and with the
darker one oh yeah this is a literally a wash of color like I’m not mad at if I’m
going to the grocery store I’m doing like a quick fuck but like girl this is
crazy alright I brought you in a little closer
now I’m gonna try a bit a little pencil brush here and first of all this shade
is crazy should we try our finger we got to do this really quick I just gotta
touch this what does this shimmer look like oh just kind of comes together and
it’s just like a literal white shimmer got it let me put it on my brow bone oh
my god that’s sheer how does it reading on camera like fairy dust yeah here I’ll
bring it all the way to the brow bone on the forehead hi honey
kinda there right let’s go in with Lucky cookie right here okay we’ll just touch
it with the pencil brush here we go now I’m just gonna drag this on my lash line obviously it’s showing up you guys are
seeing that it’s just so like minimal I’m not mad at it I don’t hate minimal
I’m just like a little sugar cookie cookie cookie okay I’m gonna take this
again and go back and forth yes honey and we’re just gonna pump her right in
there oh my god this might be the most simple I I’ve ever done in my life on
this channel okay we need a real brush sweetie because these brushes are giving
me a little bit of anxiety they they feel really cheap I gotta be honest like
I love a brush that’s affordable but girl these ones
so let’s go ahead with a makeup Shaq brush this is Oh Mitchell left this at
my house okay so hi Mitchell thank you for your brush speedy I got a save for
you let’s just go in there and I’m just gonna oh my god this Chris is so funny
I’m just gonna drag it out have this softest smokiest eye I also don’t hate
it look like this like a lot of people do a quick look like this on the go on
that everyday I do think that it stuck a little weird right in there obviously I
didn’t put on any primer I just had my foundation on but for what it is
I definitely think it’s cute I really want to see this copper shade let’s just
go in with a clean finger that shade is called hush Hershey oh my god it’s
really shit on that finger I mean it looks Kido but let’s just Pat it right
in the center does it show ah Chris stop it’s supposed
to be sheer I think it’s definitely there it’s just not there so I just
turned my head a little bit so we can get to this eye over here and now we’re
gonna dip into the Hershey creamy milk chocolate play color floppy eyes Minnie
I hated the word minions at the end it bothers me okay we’re gonna take this
big fluffy brush right here and we’re gonna go in now I like to use this brush
for contouring but we’re gonna take this and really see what is happening with
this pigment I’m just gonna go my eye socket since we have no brows 2020 you
know I was thinking like do I need to grow my eye like four I was back so I do
have some stubble today but I just don’t think I can do it this blends right into
my big eye sockets okay see for a wash of color
I like this opposed to this but actually I don’t me I don’t mind either
this is just a really sheer okay now I want to go in with the darkest shade
right there that is called real Hershey’s okay so let’s dip in there oh
it looks like it has some sort of pigment let’s go in here
oh okay this one’s are showing uh it’s literally the color of the exact
chocolate like that’s wild so I’m just gonna pack this on the lid
there is a little bit of fallout but that’s normal high is eye shadow all
right now with a morphe exit jeffree star js9 brush we are going to go into
this shade right here it is a warm toned Brown called a chocoholic and I am gonna
we’re just gonna go and just buff into that chocolate and just blend blend
blend now the trick to a good palette is do the shades blend well together a lot
of the times there’s inconsistencies with people’s formulas so if they don’t
blend together we got a problem okay so real quickly I’m also gonna go
back and forth I fall out how are ya there is a little bit more in this one
I’m gonna go back and forth between this and then a little bit of that just so I
can just blend this out a little bit more up to Jesus alright I love how
that’s looking now I really want to see how this shimmer shade works but I don’t
want to use my finger I want to actually try with the brush so we’re gonna go in
with this shade right here the fallout really kind of got in there but I’m sure
once we use the brush it will go away and this shade is called a sweet message
alright let’s wet brush J s24 with a little mac fix+
and let’s go in or right here oh you see what just happened oh my god I touched
it with the wet brush and it like a chunk came out this is so soft
this is pressed really soft let’s put it on the lid I wanna put in a corner
actually the lid let’s see how it looks right in here I
just look on camera yeah it’s cute fallout isn’t too bad for how much that
came out of the pan that was so soft in there like literally
like a chunk came out I got to be honest I’m not mad at how this looks on this
side like that shimmer looks cute what do you think now obviously we do need a
lot under here so I think I want to do a soft little down here this is called a
milk chocolate and I’m just gonna take the same brush and we’re gonna drag this
under my lash line just to create an instant smoky effect to tie in easiest
like I got a go trick in the world all right with Jay s21 brush again we’re
gonna go into that light shade that we first started out with and I’m gonna
take that and just buff it into this crazy blending up here it’s a lot of
color the other side looks so mundane compared to this work of art I quickly
want to throw on some mascara on both sides just so I can give it a little bit
of and then I’ll be right back alright we’re back hi mascara how are ya
now I do really want to try these lipsticks because the formula I’m like
powder Rouge tint we gotta try them so I’m currently wearing a liquid lip shade
a mannequin from JSC this is my morphe collab so it did come in a unique mini
packaging hi those are all available on Ulta and morphe calm I plug all right so
let me wipe off this lip it’d all be alright alright now we have to try these
out of course so I just put a little bit of foundation on my lips we’re gonna try
out which one is this shade almond cocoa flavoring is everything now the doe foot
applicator is kind of more round there’s no angle on it let’s just go in
oh it’s mad all right formula is going on pretty
easy now I did dip once I’m gonna dip again
I thought the round thing would maybe be kind of hard to do the dough foot but
it’s applying it pretty easy let’s see with the top lip okay top lips a little
trick here without an angle on the brush we are dipping a third time now yeah and
the dough foot just lets a little gummy like the product isn’t mixing well with
it not my favorite so far but it’s going this feels so dry like this formula is
really dry um okay I think the color is beautiful applicator not liking it for
the top lip it’s definitely like yeah you need a lip brush with these 100%
they are not even at all but here is almond cocoa let’s try the other shade okay oh I gotta be honest that formula
was dry the house like my mouth is like mmm girl alright so that we’re gonna try
hazelnut choco right now it is the darker shade there’s not the same shade
doesn’t look like this shade I was already wearing there’s the new one and
then there’s the one I allegedly was just wearing oh yeah that’s totally
different yes eh I know do you see what I just did I just put this one in the lighter one
oh I flopped okay I mean listen all you got to do is wipe off the lighter color
dip it in the dark one and see what happens
just a botch I’ve really botched that I botched it it’s okay can I be honest the
first one was so dry it’s a godsend I don’t have to put the other shade on
because this shit was like the desert like I needed a lip scrub a masseuse and
acupuncture after that okay I’m sweating I need to get my final thoughts okay
listen I think that this entire concept was really cute okay I think the
packaging like hi it’s a wrapper this is not magical no it’s been done before yes
Kim K put her makeup in these little bags last year but I think the
presentation is really cute I like that you feel like you’re actually opening a
candy bar you don’t I mean so I like that vibe the palettes are so tiny
they’re really mini I think there’s other things on the market that are
definitely more affordable that you could dive into I think that the
concepts cute if you love candy and chocolate this is a moment but at the
end of the day are you gonna live and die without these absolutely not if
using cream being my favorite Hershey’s bar I was offended at how light this was
but like we said this is Korean makeup so it wasn’t not supposed to be like
insane I think it was all right I was kind of like now that there were bees
over I’m like whatever really pinkies up again and use them in my daily life I
don’t think so the brushes oh my god girl these brushes must have cost one
cent to make because the bristles are very cheap I mean yeah we know when I
shadow brushes come with a palette hit-or-miss unless it’s like at Urban
Decay Naked palette the brushes really aren’t that great sometimes so these
were flops I think any brush on the market would be a little bit better than
these ones you feel me it’s just like oh okay
now the lip you guys know I didn’t even try the second one on this was really
dry drier than most so I’m not sure what the ingredients offer stuff dryer the
most 20/20 vibes here’s the gag I love the packaging but the atutor house her
she’s a chocolate makeup is not jeffree star approved sorry sweetie
it really just wasn’t for me I think it’s cute but we’re not gonna let things
slide this year unless it’s really a I’m not telling y’all something is good
if it’s not not that I’ve ever done that before but I’m really really not playing
games this year okay so I’m starving
playing with all this makeup has really made me crave some chocolate fondue so
thank you guys so much for watching today’s review there’s a lot more coming
we have a new collection being released this month with a big reveal video
coming I have some insane giveaways and so much more so thank you guys for being
with me I’m not gonna get all sappy at the end but 2020 is tried-and-tested me
to the tee and I’m here and I love you guys and I’m just really happy to be
here so I will see you on the next one bye guys

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    I thought it was hella funny when Jeffee constantly mentioned the makeup wasn't supposed to be drag and that he didn't mind a simple look 😂😂 Loved it, lmaooooo

  2. South korea: we are wild about dying are hair like bright colors and pull it off
    America: we are wild about are makeup using bright colors and can pull it off

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