Hidratare Profunda pentru Corp. HomeMade Butter

Hidratare Profunda pentru Corp. HomeMade Butter

Hi everyone!!! I’m Aleksandrina And in today’s video I want to show you how you can do at home A 100% natural body butter A product that will leave the skin of the whole body soft and hydrated This product is very easy to prepare And all we need is here on the table A first basic ingredient will be cocoa butter It will be included in our composition in a proportion of 80% Then we’ll need beeswax We will add this for the consistency And to prevent the butter from melting at the high temperatures Regarding the quantity, it must be in proportion of 10% For extra benefits and properties I will add another vegetable butter Namely, I will use the mango vegetable butter This will also go into our composition in a proportion of 10% In order for our the butter to not come out too rigid We will add a bit of vegetable oil And for the smell we will put some essential oil I hope you will not be scared of the proportions indicated by me as a percentage For convenience I will simplify the recipe So that it can be understood by everyone For a 100g of product I’ll use: 80g of cocoa butter 10g of beeswax 10g of mango butter in order to mix and homogenize our ingredients These should be placed in a steam bath If you want to speed up the process And to melt the ingredients much faster I suggest you put a steam bath on the stove As our ingredients are melting We take care to prepare a silicone shape I will use this type of form Because it is very easy and convenient to remove the butter when it hardens again As soon as our composition became liquid Add the vegetable oil and the essential oil In my case I will add 2 teaspoons of sesame seed vegetable oil Because this oil is considered to be
The # 1 body oil And 30 drops of bergamot essential oil You can use any other oil you have on hand And in the chapter of essential oil – go on sweet essential oils Because they combine perfectly with cocoa butter Also here, if you do not have essential oils You can add very successfully The same amount of oily vitamin E or vitamin A While it is in a liquid stage I’ll put the mixture back in the silicone form And to strengthen it is indicated to place the silicone form in the refrigerator And here is the final result —>I got a super moisturizing body butter Very pleasant smell And very easy to use —>The butter will melt in your hands at body temperature And it will be very easy to stretch and apply on the body It is recommended to use it whenever we go out of the bathroom, after shower or after sauna Between uses, the butter is stored in a glass container You can keep it anywhere you want – in the closet in the bathroom, in the kitchen or even in the fridge The product made by us today can be a wonderful gift idea, no matter the occasion And if it comes to gifts, I want to suggest you take a look at the infobox Because I have inserted there a link to a playlist where we have gathered several gift ideas Which can be done in home conditions From natural ingredients Which I’m sure will be loved by the gift receiver and will be pleasantly surprised Thank you very much for watching !!! I warmly embrace you !!! We’ll see you next time with something new 🙂 Many kisses!!! Bye, byee !!!

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  1. Buna draga mea Aleksandrina , ma bucur mult ca ai postat acest minunat video , m-as bucura mult daca ai spune de unde ai achiziționat ingredientele ptr acest fain unt de corp ! Acum in sezonul rece am nevoie de hidratare ptr corp , multumesc cu recunostinta 🙏 te pupicesc dulce 💖 sanatate multa la toata familia !!!😘💖

  2. Like44…Hmmm…Gustos-enie pentru corp👏👏💃🏿De unde luam untul de mango? Mulțumesc pentru aceasta rețetă !!! Pupici 😘 vouă!

  3. Buna Aleksandrina , am nevoie de un sfat ptr un par uscat , iar pe scalp sunt cojite , ca o matreata mai mare care deranjeaza , sper sa intelegi si sa imi recomanzi un remediu natural , sau un sfat . Iti multumesc mult , te pupicesc cu drag 😘😘😘💖💖💖

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