Historical Figures How They Really Looked | Amazing 3D Facial Reconstruction

Historical Figures How They Really Looked | Amazing 3D Facial Reconstruction

Historical Figures How They Really Looked | Amazing 3D Facial Reconstruction

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  1. There aren't the skulls of lot of this people, how are they sure that these guys had those faces, i mean, 2-7-9-12-14-16-20-21-28-29 don't have any remains 🤔🤔🤔

  2. For people who are asking about Jesus, that supposed ""reconstruction"" is not Jesus at all. That face is just a 3D figure based on a compilation of Jewish features that historians/archaeologists believe that the average man looked like during the time of Jesus.

  3. What the hell is any of this even based on? My opinion of this video however was greatly improved by the inclusion of Owain Glyndwr, didn't expect to see him

  4. I think we cannot potray the faces of the Ancient Egyptian leaders, especially for Nefertiti and king Tut based only from the statues, because is like the standarised version for the statue-maker when making a pharaoh's statue. They tend to beautify and glorify the leader with a wide chest, wide shoulder, perfect face, etc. Unless in the Akhenaten era, where he encouraged the statue maker to make some statues based on the reality (you'll notice the difference between Akhenaten statue and other pharaoh statue)

  5. дааааа..
    у людей раньше жизнь была не продолжительной..
    40-50 лет

  6. Nefertiti looks Pc Afrocentric, partially negroid instead of Semitic Caucasian The lips are far too full for one .A simple print out of both images traced over & compared would expose the artistic liberties taken with her "reconstruction".


  8. George Washington NEVER told a lie, but this video does. Georgie had false wooden teeth , but he lived without teeth long enough for his jaw to get muckle mouthed. "Hey, I made a video and every word is true. The earth revolves around Pluto.

  9. oooh! Evidently NONE of these humans had syphilis. Most humans lost their teeth by age 25, had poor bone structure from bad nutrition, disease, were much shorter in size than shown. Except for Cleopatra, all the Egyptians were dark brown and those in South Egypt were black.
    "I am Naughtius Maximus"

  10. Fiction and fairytales, desparate attempts to whitewash black ancient Egypt. For your information a black statuette of King Tut was found in his tomb and that is an accurate depiction of how he looked like. All the statues and statuettes that were found in King Tuts tomb depict black Africans.

  11. It comes down to the satire in the movie comedy "Tallahassee Nights" : "Cal Naughton, Jr.:

    I like to picture Jesus in a tuxedo T-shirt. 'Cause it says like, I wanna be formal but I'm here to party too. I like to party, so I like my Jesus to party." And "Dear Baby Jesus in the manger…"

  12. Про Христа брехня. Это изображение фейк, показывающий обобщенный образ иудея. Хотите Христа? Туринская Площаница в помощь.

  13. А на каком основании была сделана эта работа. Я видел предполагаемую внешность для которой, сто процентов, нет оснований для компьютерной обработки.

  14. This whole video is silly, these are barely reconstructions, we have no bones of Jesus Christ for one and for second Cleopatra was likely not that tan since she was Greek and that nose is insulting to any human being.

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