How I Got Pregnant By an Officer in PRISON

So, good morning. Today I am going to be telling you the story
about a girl who is a very very very dear and close friend of mine who actually got
pregnant by a correctional officer why she was incarcerated. All the details, what happened, did he stick
around, and all the drama that went on behind the scenes – if the prison found out, if she
got more time, if she got an extra charge, where the baby is now – all of those details. So, if you’re interested in hearing this,
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the story about a really good friend of mine – we were actually in prison together. I wish that I could have gotten her on here,
I asked her to and she was just not comfortable with that, and I can’t do nothing but understand
and respect that. She’s been through a lot, okay. She’s been through a lot, lot, lot. And I don’t wanna give away a bunch of details
about her, but I’m going to give away as many as I can and tell you guys what she said. Because she did tell me that I could tell
her story and she gave me a lot of answers for me to give you guys . So, she was in prison
for quite a while. She got locked up when she was young, she
was involved in something that was, I would say, an accident, basically. It was a terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible
accident,and she got caught into the middle of it and she got quite a bit of time, okay. Now the thing about women being in prison
is, you know, women, most of us, we’re emotional creatures, right? We need attention and love, you know how we
are. I mean, I know not everyone is like that,
but I’m definitely like that. Like, pet me, love me, tell me I’m pretty,
you know what I mean? And it’s very easy for us even if we don’t
want to get into a relationship when we get into prison to get into relationships. Like I’ve told y’all before, even if you’ve
never had a lesbian or a bi experience ever in your life before, it’s very easy to cross
that line when you’re locked up into intimacy, just because we’re looking for something. We’re looking for any little thing when you’re
in there to feel good. Especially when you have a long amount of
time. Imagine having 25 years, you know. If the CO is gonna give you a little bit of
attention, you know, and you haven’t touched or whatever in 15, 20 years and you’ve got
5 and 10 more years to go, it’s very very easy to not care about the rules and go for
what you can get, okay. So she was in prison and she was getting ready
to get to the end of her sentence and she started messing with a CO and she got pregnant,
okay. So let me read you first what she said to
me because she answered my questions. I’m gonna read you first what she said, and
then we’re gonna talk about it afterwards, okay. She said, and I’ll put it up here for you
guys to read: It started with me flirting with him. Then we would sneak around to talk alone then
BAM lol it definitely helped me get through the end of my time. He gave me something to look forward to. We would write each other and every chance
we had we would talk alone. We would wait till the yard was closed and
sneak outside. I thought I was in love with him. I had not been with a man in 8 years. he made me believe he was in love too and
later to find out he was married. I found out because when I missed my period,
he god me a pregnancy test. His reaction was shock and scared of losing
everything. He was and is still there for me. But I know now that he had no plan of leaving
his wife. I only had three months left so I hid my pregnancy
to protect us both. I didn’t want to lose gain time and I didn’t
want him to lose his job. I was terrified, I had night sicknesses instead
of morning sickness, so nobody knew but my bunkie. He is still involved, but he isn’t the way
he should be because he has a family already that don’t even know about her. He comes to see her a few times a year and
pays child support faithfully. Looking back, I feel like a food, but I’ve
grown up a lot since then and my daughter is worth it all. My family believes he took advantage of me
because of my situation, but honestly, I came on to him and him being a ban before an officer
won. He never forced me but did play with my emotions. The other inmates suspected it but didn’t
know for sure. And there was another guard who knew something
was up because he was with my bunkie. And there was a lady guard who suspected something. She would corner me and tell me, “I know what
you’re doing,” and was nasty to me but she couldn’t prove anything. I have remained silent. My daughter is now 6 years old, and no matter
what, that is her father. I will never be the one to ruin his life or
anything. I will never lie to my daughter about any
of this.he is no longer a correction officer. We are actually friends. And though the situation is bad, I need him
and he is always there despite everything. So, basically, the story is, she was in prison
getting ready to get out, and she saw an officer that she was attracted to so she started flirting
with him, and he obviously started flirting with him back. She felt like she was in love with him. And let me tell you something, I wish you
guys could see the inside and see how it is. Us, as women, we cling to any little bit of
attention when you’re in there. Especially you’re like her – she hasn’t been
with a man in 8 years, okay. She hasn’t had any kind of attention like
that or anything, and she sees an officer that she is attracted to, and then he starts
giving her that attention back. And, she felt like she was in love with him,
and he made her believe that he was in love with her too. So, then they start sneaking around and like
she said, when the yard would close, they would sneak out there to talk, you know, whatever. I did ask her where they did it at – she didn’t
feel comfortable telling me, that’s why she didn’t answer it. But, you can just use your imagination. I can tell you one thing: it wasn’t in a bed
with rose petals all over and all romantic. I guarantee you it was a very quickie type
of situation because you’re trying not to get caught. So, when she missed her period, he snuck her
in a pregnancy test. She took the pregnancy test and found out
she was pregnant and he was shocked, and that’s when she found out that he was married. Now let me tell you about this officer – he
is married with 5 children, okay. And he has a wife and 5 children and they
don’t even know that he has a 6 year old daughter with an inmate. And she, you know, I know that there’s gonna
be a lot of people who think that she’s not doing the right thing, but you just gotta
let her do what she feels like is right for her daughter, you know. And that’s the decision she’s making and it
can’t be easy for her, you know. Her daughter doesn’t even know she has 5 brothers
and sisters. And her brothers and sisters don’t even know
that he has another daughter. And his wife – could you imagine being a wife
and your husband is going to work as a correctional officer and he’s sleeping with the inmates. Because I guarantee you she is probably not
the first one, okay. I mean, I don’t know, allegedly, my opinion
– THAT’S MY OPINION! You know, she’s probably not the first one. And, you know what, if you’re watching this
baby girl, I don’t mean to be insensitive to you. I love you and I know your heart and I know
the kind of person you are. You are an amazing, giving, loving type of
person. This chick right here, if you guys knew her,
she is the kindest soul ever. SHe would giver her own shirt off her back,
which is why, in my personal opinion I do feel like he took advantage of her. I don’t care if she was the one coming on
to him, he knows better. When you are in prison, you are a ward of
the state. He knew better. And he’s married with 5 kids. She made bad choices but she didn’t know he
was married until she found out she was pregnant. Now imagine that. Now she has to hide this from the world because
she wants to protect him and protect her daughter. And, like, like, it’s just a crazy, crazy
situation. So like she said, he is paying child support
to her, so I don’t even know how he’s getting away with that without his wife knowing, you
know. Sneaking her however many hundreds of dollars
a month he’s paying her, and, you know, going home and kissing his wife and not telling
his wife. Does she not think that they’re gonna find
out one day? Like one day they’re gonna find out. So he has a lovechild with somebody else. It’s just absolutely bonkers. And, you know, like she said, she feels like
a fool now. She knows that he was just toying with her
emotions. Although, she just doesn’t want to admit or
accept the fact that he took advantage of her because she feels that she came on to
him first. To me, that just doesn’t matter. That’s just like, you know, a child , a young
teenager coming on to an adult because she needs some attention. My friend was in a broken place, although
she won’t admit that. She’s not saying that, she’s trying to take
responsibility. In my personal opinion, she was in a very
vulnerable and broken place, okay. He should have been the bigger man for multiple
reasons. One of the reasons being because he was married. And he’s got kids with his wife. And he’s going home at night time laying in
the bed with his wife, kissing on his wife, and pretending like for 6 years now – it’s
been 7 basically because it takes 9 months to have your baby, okay. Oh my gosh it’s just a crazy, crazy situation. So then I asked her if there’s anything she
wanted you guys to know. Like as far as, for you to know. And this is what she said: my advice would
to be not to sell yourself short for no man, in or out of prison. Know your worth and never settle for less. Know your worth and never settle for less. So, basically, she’s saying know your worth
no matter where you’re at. If you’re in prison or you’re not in prison. I do feel like this was probably a harder
situation for her to avoid. if she knew he was married and had kids the
whole time, then sure shame on you. There’s no reason you should have crossed
that line. But she didn’t. Until he snuck her in that pregnancy test
and she found out that she was pregnant, he never told her that he was married and had
kids. And imagine how that’s gotta feel. Have any of you guys ever been in a relationship
with somebody, or you’ve gotten yourself into some sort of intimacy or whatever and you
didn’t know the man was married or had kids or maybe had a girlfriend, and then you found
out later. If you did, let me know in the comment section
down below because I know that that does happen. Or if you’re a man and you got into a relationship
with a woman and you didn’t know, let me know in the comment section down below. Now, I know that there are certain – you know,
some people have open marriages, some people, you know, do things like that, there’s no
shame in that, you know – do you. I’m not here to judge anything. Like, I have my own takes on things. Me and my husband are our own way that we
do things. But there’s a million different ways that
people do things. But in this situation – obviously him and
his wife do not have an open marriage because she don’t know that he has a baby by somebody
else. And that’s crazy to think about, like your
husband is going to work every day, you’re probably going to work as a wife, or maybe
you’re just at home cooking, maybe she’s a stay at home mom, I don’t know we’ll just
play both ends. She’s taking care of 5 kids, okay. Imagine 5 kids. Some of y’all got 4 or 5 kids, you know it’s
a lot of work. It takes a lot of love and a lot of patience. Everything. Emotion, heart, and grinding, and tenacity
to take care of 5 kids. And you’re husband is going off to work and
he is sleeping with somebody at work – an inmate at that. And obviously without protection because she
got pregnant. And then he’s coming home with that same body
part , y’all know what I’m talking about, and putting it on you. Like that’s crazy. That’s bonkers. And the other part of this is that she said
her bunkie knew she was pregnant and that she was sick because her bunkie was messing
with a CO too. So there’s 2 COs just in this story that’s
messing with inmates. So when I tell you, my loves , that that happens
a lot, it’s not even a joke, it really happens. And also, if any of my wives or husbands of
correctional officers, I don’t want you guys to be worried. I definitely want you to keep an open line
of communication – an open dialogue, but don’t freak out and think that your husband or wife
is doing these same things. Because they may not be. I know I have a lot of y’all freaking out,
texting your husband like “You better not be-” So yeah. Also, I do believe that there are actually
situations where people that are correctional officers fall in love with inmates. It can happen, it definitely can happen. And in those instances, I’m not here to judge
that. Because you have some people that are in prison
for something that they shouldn’t be in prison for. You have people that are in prison and they’re
innocent. you have people that are in prison that have
life sentences over the silliest, silliest little thing. And they, you know, have a crush on a correctional
officer and then fall in love. There’s always different scenarios that happen,
and I’m not here to judge any of that. But in this situation, I do personally think
that she was manipulated and taken advantage of, even though she won’t admit that. Alright friends, let me know what you think
in the comment section down below. Please don’t forget to give this video a like. It’s a free way that you can help ya girl
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very much, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye!

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