How to Apply Eyeliner: Cat Eye Makeup | COVERGIRL

How to Apply Eyeliner: Cat Eye Makeup | COVERGIRL

Hey, guys. Que tal? It’s me, Paulina and
today, I’m going to teach how to achieve that
perfect cat eye technique. I love the cat eye look because
it’s so versatile and classic and on trend right now. So I can’t wait to show you. So to make your eyes really
pop for your cat eye, you’re going to want to use a concealer. So this is my CoverGirl
TruBlend Fixstick in L1-4. I’m just going to use that under my
eyes and on any blemishes that I have. Before anything else, I like to use
concealer all around my eye area to cover up any dark
areas or imperfections. A great trick I use is to apply
my concealer in a triangle under my eyes to highlight
while concealing. This look will draw a lot
of attention to your eyes. Apply a bit of the Fixstick
on your lids and blend evenly. To add a little bit
shimmer to my eye, I’m going to add the CoverGirl Bombshell
ShineShadow in Ooh La Lilac. It’s super shimmery and iridescent
so it’ll add that beautiful finish. The cat eye look is an artistic look
so a bold shiny eye shadow works great. Using a clean finger or an
applicator sponge, apply equal amounts of shadow cream
to the lower half of each lid. Blend up evenly to your crease and
then out to the edge of your eye. You can go as heavy or
as light as you like. OK. So here it is, guys. It’s the moment of truth. We have to go to the
eyeliner part of the cat eye. That’s why I chose a
good eyeliner to do it. I’m using the CoverGirl
Bombshell Intensity eyeliner in Pitch Black Passion. It has a felt tip pen so you can
have as much precision as you want. And it lasts up to 24 hours. Start with a thin line from
the inside of your top lid. Find your angle. I’m going to use my
lower lid as a guideline just following that angle up like this. Once your lines are
drawn and symmetrical, you can layer the liner thicker
starting in the middle of your eye and going out. Don’t be afraid to go thick. Keep a thin point on the edge
for that classic cat eye look. So out cat eye look
needs some bold lashes. So we’re going to use CoverGirl
Bombshell mascara in Very Black. I love this mascara
because it has two wands. Usually they come
separate, but these two work together and
compliment your lashes. The first side provides lifted volume. Start at your roots and wiggle the brush
as you bring it through your lashes. Next, take the second brush. This is for the dark
intensifying top coat. Since this mascara is
water resistant, it won’t come off without an
oil-based mascara remover. So here we have our
finished cat eye look. I really hope you guys enjoyed it. And I hope that this tutorial helped
make your life a little bit more easy, breezy, and beautiful. Subscribe over here to check
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and leave a comment below. Tell us what you would
wear with your cat eye. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. megusta como se maquillo asi yolo ago y los productos no son muchos diosla bendiga y un beso una amiga

  2. Emmm guys go watch other vids of how to do eyeliner this iss very VERY BAD , btw you need to use brush to apply makeup on hands

  3. What a great "cat eye" if someone showed me the end result only and then told me this was a prank she let her 5 yo brother do her makeup I wouldn't doubt it or maybe she let her cat do her cat eye

  4. loved the look…..Im going to try it….It looks so much fun….I hope my eyes look as good as yours did…..thanks!!!!

  5. Helping out a friend who at age 60 is not having an easy time learning to apply these techniques. My Mom sold Mary Kay when I was 11 up to 17 and used me as a guinea pig.
    I'd have my face cleaned, then concealer, base, eye liner, etc;etc; then have it properly removed, cleaned and scrubbed….well, I hope you get the idea. This would happen two, three times a week. I'm now 60,as is my friend and new roommate. I DO NOT look 60!
    Clean shaven I look like I'm 42 to 44. I'm told that I lucked out. Mom wanted to keep me desirable to women all my life. I think she succeeded beyond both our expectations.
    I live in the deserts of New Mexico. Harsh place on a person's skin. So, moral of this story is….Boys, (and girls!) Moisturize, exfoliate, use sun screen,wear a hat, a GOOD hat. And LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHERS!!
    THANKS Momma, I miss you an awful lot.
    And thanks cover girl.

  6. This was terrible. Get an actual make up artist who knows what they're doing, not someone who still does their make up like a 14 year old ๐Ÿ˜‚

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