How To Apply RED Liquid Lipstick Perfectly – Makeup Tutorials for Beginners | Anaysa

How To Apply RED Liquid Lipstick Perfectly – Makeup Tutorials for Beginners | Anaysa

Hello… friends I am Anishka we all girls like to apply red lipstick and as liquid lipstick are in trend now a days most of you girls find it difficult to apply liquid lipstick So in today’s video I’ll show you how to apply liquid lipstick perfectly also watch this video till the end as this will help you in applying liquid lipstick perfectly in just 2 minutes for applying this I am using vega’s angular blender brush or you can also use art and craft ‘s synthetic brush so lets get started I am using “stay quirky red lipstick” this red lipstick is exclusively available on in 20 different shades I have given the link for this in the description box below this has creamy texture which make it easy to apply and it will give you a matte finish look this retails for this is travel freindly you can check its shade without opening its bullet firstly I am applying foundation around my lips this gives finish to my lipstick blend the foundation using makeup sponge now its time to apply liquid lipstick take the product on your hand now pick the lipstick on both the sides of the brush slightly press the brush to remove extra product now I am going to start from the cupid bow apply the lipstick by slightly touching the brush to your upper lips as you can see lipstick is not perfect here so for this I am giving the shape with angular brush now outline the lower lips with the brush now fill the lips with the help of brush now I am giving the final touch up to my lipstick now remove the extra product using a paper like this you can see by following simple and easy tricks I am able to apply liquid lipstick easily so follow these tips & tricks while applying liquid lipstick do like & share my video plz subscribe to my channel & press the bell icon to watch my latest videos follow me on instagram do comment below if you want to see more makeup videos in future will see you in my next video till then take care n bye-bye

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