HOW TO: Cocktail Glam Look | MAC Cosmetics

HOW TO: Cocktail Glam Look | MAC Cosmetics

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  1. This man is 👌🏻 👌🏻 👌🏻.. your videos push me to work even more harder! To afford all these products 😍 hell amazing!

  2. That's correct, Vaishnavi! #MACFixPlus soothes and refreshes skin, finishes makeup, and is suitable for all skin types! Learn more here:

  3. Why did you use NC42. This shade is dark and the model's skintone is very light, she is not dark complexion. I didnt get this plsss explain

  4. Size and thickness can depend on your mood, event or fantasy! Chat with an Artist online so we may recommend the perfect mood (Monday – Friday 10AM – 10PM):

  5. We've noted your excitement for more tutorials! For now, be sure to sign up for MAC alerts: and follow our channel to always stay in the know!

  6. she looked better minus makeup.all that heavy eye makeup not suitable for her already deep eyes. and why mac always takes black gals with skinny faces as models ?

  7. Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Designer Purple was recently retired. We suggest checking with a nearby MAC for availability or check out the next best alternative Technakohl in Image Conscious: Tell us what you think!

  8. This month is the month of reduction. MAC you vouchers worth 200$ to take advantage of discounts.

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  9. The make up was on point! Loved this tutorial!! But i need a huge favor from MAC here. Can i get a full length snap off this model as im really interested in her outfit so I can get the same look for my pre-wedding with the same make up! Pleaseee!!

  10. @MAC cosmetics i keep seeing your annoying ass "makeup hacks" ads on every single video. They annoy me so fucking much that you can guarantee i will never buy your products.

  11. We have a couple locations in Kolkata, India, Partho. To find the closest MAC to you, use our Store Finder here:

  12. Why does he say he uses studio fix fluid in NC42 yet on the palette you see him mixing two shades of foundation

  13. you are suggesting wrong color shade for this model's skin tone
    nc42 is way too dark as im the same color tone as of her, i bought nc42 and that looks too yellow and dark.

  14. MAC, I would love to wear your products, but I can’t, because they aren’t cruelty-free. Please stop paying for tests on animals.

  15. The end result did not match with what was done in the video. The eye shadow looked much darker(smokier) in the end. Sad that I'm the only one that noticed. She looked beautiful though.

  16. Hi.. I want to buy mac products .. But confused what to buy.. I don't do much makeup.. Only occasionally.. So need advice what to buy under 5k

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