How To Contour & Highlight For Beginners | Roxette Arisa

How To Contour & Highlight For Beginners | Roxette Arisa

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  1. I have been doing my contour wrong for so long! the product would aways move and not stay in place and I would get frustrated and I always see girls looking so beautiful with their contour perfect and I always wondered how they did it. So I looked it up and this video came up and I decided to try it out and I did it and INSTANTLY I can see a HUGE difference and it looks so much nicer than whatever I was doing. so thank you for this video I will feel way more confident now 🙂

  2. Can you make a video, more videos about doing face makeup that is more for beginners who are just getting into makeup and a quick look that we can do, as well as include the order of face products and their purpose (primer, concealer, bronzer, etc.) for those of us who do not know what they are actually for…

  3. Hey, I have a quick question mainly because I'm a moron:

    Do you put foundation on before contouring or just no foundation?

  4. BEAUTIFUL BROWN EYES!!! the white part of the the eyes is so clear love ❤️
    she have cute nose & lips!!!
    skin look flawless too!!!

  5. This video seemed perf, it started out really strong but should’ve stopped at 4:52 cause you lost me after that and didn’t seem so beginner and simple.

  6. I just wanted to learn how to do this because I have a black tie event to go to. I'm now going to turn on my shower,and lay in the fetal position while I cry.

  7. I’m a very very slow beginner lol and I can’t seem to really get what your doing lol and I’m literally missing steps all the time lol but I would like to learn and also could you actually show the tools and make up you use not just a brief second at a time before using but yea HELP!! Lol thx

  8. this is good but you speak too fast that it sounds like if youtube were charging you for minutes you spent here.

  9. I have trouble finding the right shade for my contouring, it’s either too dark or too red/orange. Great video very helpful

  10. I would love to have more makeup videos for beginners. I find that yours are easy to follow and very informative

  11. I feel like if I applied that many product I usually turn up looking to pale with brown spots on my face 😭😭😭 help?

  12. How can anyone really need all that makeup on? was lost after about a 60 seconds far to much to take in lol although if I tried this dread to think Wat I'd look like 😁

  13. Before you start contouring, do you use a concealer base or…? And if so details like shade, what type, texture ect. I'm horrible at make up and trying to learn.

  14. Hello girl am 45yrs and i stared using makeup i wolud like a very easy tutorial makeup beginner that can be done in 30 min or less can you please help. I have so much makeup from mac and sephora but i feel lost and sometime i just want to 😥😥😥

  15. Hello, looking for contour and highlight tutorial? I also have chexk this out and subscribe to my channel 💖

  16. even though ive been doing makeup for years, I love watching beginners geared videos to kinda refresh myself and learn new techniques

  17. I tried this and came out of my bedroom my mom was sitting at kitchen table and she goes “omg are u sick, ur so pale”. I turned around took it off and never did it again lmao 😀😅😂

  18. What's the name of the eyeshadow that you have on in this video? I've been looking for a similar nude color and have yet to find one.

  19. Yes, please do a beginner series. Your video was detailed and to the point. I appreciate it. I have worn makeup before but as the times have changed I feel out dated in how I apply and I want to learn the art. So thank you for being specific and willing to post a video like this!

  20. I did everything step by step while I watched your video. I already contour but, I’m no pro lol and I’m looking at my face right now like whoa, these tiny little things I changed made such a difference! Could you post beginner videos? I would love to learn fro you girl 💕

  21. having everything you said written in a big black box across your face covering up everything you were doing was a bummer. how are we suppose to see what you are doing ???? we need to SEE what you are doing , not just hear you,that black box covered up everything you did. it wasn't any help for me……a beginner!!!!!

  22. I have been trying to slowly work on my beauty skills. I just wanna say that I love this video. I love the way you broke it down step by step. I also have a round face and couldn't find a video with a similar face type. Thank you so much and I think you should definitely definitely make more step by step beginner videos 😁😍🤯

  23. Pfft. 2-3 shades lighter than the shade of your foundation. I have a hard time finding a foundation pale enough for my ghostly ass.

  24. I think you are cute… doing a great job, but…you talk tooooo darn fast for beginners. Redo…slomo for real real beginners….PLEASE BC I LOST YOU AND 🤦‍♀️I had to start all over and just left out contouring.

  25. Can you please do a beginner tutorial only using the brand “Elf” Tools and only “Elf” makeup for those who can not get there hands on certain brands or for those who live on a budget or fixed income..I own a lot of “Revlon” makeup as well I would not mind just a tutorial on that brand as well but because you do contour amazingly I would like to see you reach out to others to teach them that they can get this same look as well with a budget income. I think a lot of us would appreciate it more than you know! Thanks again! ❤️

  26. Can you please make a tutorial cut crease for beginners, and thank you for this video I really like how you took you time to teach step by step 👏👏👏

  27. I think I prefer to paint the whole house than learning how to do a make it's so complicated for me. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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