HOW TO: Daytime Holiday Look | MAC Cosmetics

HOW TO: Daytime Holiday Look | MAC Cosmetics

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. Love the look!
    Just a suggestion to list items used with web site. Easy access to shop the makeup immediately. Thankyou 😉

  2. The look is pretty, but looks rushed and heavy handed. I could feel the pain for the model while watching the bushes stabbing on her lids(almost in the eye) and face… And the lip color wasn't even even! Goodness, why?
    But yes, the music is very christmasy, and whimsical, really liked it.

  3. The 231 brush is my all time favourite! It does every job you want it to perfectly well! Concealer, lipstick, eyeliner you name it, it rocks!

  4. The look was beautiful until the lipstick, then it went downhill from there. And this artist needs to be more gentle and careful with her application.

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