HOW TO: Dazzling Metallic Eyes | MAC Cosmetics

HOW TO: Dazzling Metallic Eyes | MAC Cosmetics

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  1. Just did a look with COPPER SPARKLE pigment on my page a few days ago! Gave the look a twist with some blue liner though.. <3

  2. I still can't figure out whether the 242 and the 252 brushes are synthetic or not, and I have them both and love them, especially the 242.

  3. I love learning from true artists. I loved this because I love coppers. Great job and it was very pleasant to hear her speak.

  4. Good job on this one!!! Easy to follow, camera angles showed the product and technique, Fatima told us the exact product names, and it was inspiring!!! Keep it up! ❤️

  5. I'd rather watch a MAC makeup artists than a YouTube influencer!!!!! YouTubers rather make money and do too many steps or products than actually show you how to do makeup. Plus free makeup or free trips to Bora Bora from Tarte cosmetics like Chrisspy. Why? Because they want to make money off of YouTube.

  6. awww omg ur so talented young!!!!! u both are honestly sweet and beautiful.i want to have all these products so how can I go about getting the same items? anyone know? cuz I'm new to make up and I. need all these very same product s😍 ASAP!!!!!!

  7. One of my fav tutorials! Please more like this one. Could you also tell me what lipstick or products did you used for lips? <3 thankss

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