How to Draw a Snowflake Decoration – Jewelry With Diamond

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today
we will draw a snowflake. We begin by tracing a circle
with a compass. We do a few turns, then
using the same measure, we stick it on the perimeter,
and make a mark. We place it on that mark
and make the next one. And we continue like this,
we should end up with six marks. Using a square or a ruler
unite the dots, and we draw some paralel lines that our original lines, look thicker. Good! Like this. And then we trace a couple
of more circles, just as a reference. The snowflakes may very
in different ways, so you don´t need to copy exactly what I am doing. As a matter of fact, I am actually
inventing some of it as I go. Also this drawing is not going
to be of a real snowflake, it actually will be a jewelry piece Like a pendant or a pin,
or something liked that. A Christmas decoration
with the shape of a snowflake. From the main lines,
and taking as a reference the circles that we drew,
we do these parts which are very characteristic of the snowflakes. We draw the tips, and then
with an eraser, we take off all the lines that we don´t need anymore. Like so… And on the middle part,
I will place a big diamond. Right here. To begin drawing this,
we do some lines that go toward the center,
as it will be pointed in the middle as usually diamonds are. We make a sort of square
toward the center, and then with the color pencils,
we start drawing some shapes, especially triangles. Like this… For the diamond I am using
mainly white, black and blues. My light source is going to be
on the top and toward the left, so all the surfaces that are facing
toward the top and left will be very bright, and the ones
on the lower right, dark. These applies to all the drawing. If you would like to learn
to draw jewelry, precious stones and another kinds of surfaces,
of course I recommend you my book! You can find it on Amazon. We continue in the same way
applying white and black, and then for the final touches
for some highlights, we can use a white oil pastel. With this we can achieve
the brightest whites. Some strategic sparkles. The last details, and It´s ready! If you enjoyed it, please give it
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the links are below. And I will see you
on Tuesday πŸ™‚ Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

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