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  1. I like it better without the foundation u know i have these freckles to its so hard to find a right foundation everything looks cakey

  2. she only concealed redness by the nose……….. and then pretty much just averaged the color of the freckles and redness on the cheeks……. also id like to see the undereye and forehead be done lol i am completely unsatisfied

  3. I have a bunch of freckles. I use the MAC Face and Body foundation in N1. It disappears the redness of my face and still shows my freckles it doesn’t look cakey at all. For concealer i only do dots under the eye area i don’t do a triangle cause that will make my freckles to look ugly.

  4. Literally no difference between the start and end of the video…this seems like an awful lot of time to contribute to my morning routine when it does not really make any difference.

  5. She did a great job for what this video calls for, removing redness while maintaining the naturalness of freckled skin. Thumbs up from me.

  6. This is the shittiest tutorial ever! I have a billion freckles and wanted to learn what foundation to apply. She literally looks the same.

  7. Thanks for doing this vdo , So that I ll not buy these products as are totally useless. All freckles are there .

  8. She looks a lot like me!! Ö same skin, same eye color. Our lips looks so simular. She could be my sister. Awesome!

  9. This is lovely!
    I remember when my sister used wax crayons designed to repair scratched furniture to cover her freckles….

  10. I have freckles like hers maybe times 30.. same kinda of skin tone, maybe slightly less fair… more light and neutral undertones… hmmm for one, the model does not look confident with the look taking place or the finished product.. And 2… this mua is talking about my freckles in a way that I’m sure is making her feel bad… I’ve been there. My whole life.. oh #3, her face is looking so shiny/oily cause of the products you are putting on her.. the primer or “serum” and the concealer all wrong for this girl.. this mua failed her client.. I watched this video because it was put out by Mac.. I expected to see quality and maybe pick up some tips.. I just want to hug this girl and then do our makeup together

  11. she does not need ANY makeup she looked so much better without any makeup her skin is gorgeous. it looks stupid with foundation close up it looks yellow…

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