How to Get a Smooth Shave : How to Moisturize Your Face After Shaving

How to Get a Smooth Shave : How to Moisturize Your Face After Shaving

Essentially, we have completed the shave.
But the skin is sensitive. Like I said, we went through surgery, and now you want to
dry off. Dry off with towel…a nice clean towel. And then you want to apply some moisturizer
to the entire area; some type of lotion that will soothe the skin because it’s a little
bit irritable now. Not bad because we didn’t do much. But if you leave it alone, when everything
dries, you feel stiff. You feel like something has happened. So you put on a little moisturizer
over the whole area. And once you do this, you forgot that you even shaved because now
your skin is relaxed again. It gets a little…it’s like when you go through surgery, your body
gets a little trauma. So now you are putting on moisturizer and it relaxes it again. The
skin isn’t tight. You don’t feel like anything pulling. You feel good. You smell good. You
look good. You know? And it helps your confidence. You might get that raise, that promotion you’ve
been expecting because you have a nice good shave and you’re clean. It’s a good image.
And people want to support you because you have a good image out there. And that’s it.

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  1. It will help you get a raise on your Job ? More money because you shave better ? H ah ha ha !!! Joke !!!!

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