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  1. Gad vide om det alle er mænd der har svinet klippet til, jeg syntes det var ret godt, man er vel kvinde?

    I wonder if its all men who thinks this is crap. I think it was pretty good and simpel, I´m a woman after all 😉

  2. I love this!! I made my own mask and exfoliator! Mask = 2 tbsp milk + 1 tbsp honey whisk until cream like consistency and exfoliator = 2 tsp sugar, 1 tsp honey + 1 tsp lemon juice, works really well!

  3. how to get a facial:
    step 1: have a 20 inch dick
    step 2: fap
    step 3: recieve facial.
    Optional: get a friend to give u a facial instead.

  4. the howcast is the "how to" for complete idiots…. or people who were locked up in a basement all there life and know nothing about anything

  5. Instead of the towel and hot water thing just get your dishwasher, put the dishes to wash and dry, then open it the SECOND it's finished drying…. PHEW! STEAMING HOT!!

  6. If you use a towel to dab your face, the bacteria on it will cause breakouts when you wash your face again. Trust me, this happened to me…

  7. Why do people have to be so rude? Why can't they see just what is presented as it is and not give sarcastic comments? The girl or this company are just trying to help out. I think it is nice to have things like this and being able to economize money instead of wasting it in a Spa. Thank you very much for the producers!

  8. me and my cousins used to put the cucumbers my grandma gave us on our eyes but she said no so we did in the basement and she caught us so now she cuts the cucumbers into long, skinny squares xD

  9. how come everytime i watch these howtocast videos everybodyalways disagrees with them and makes fun of them like wtf

  10. i hate the way she smiles. and way the freak isn't she puting any product on her forhead, shes only rubbing her cheeks, it annoyed me.

  11. Spas can be expensive. My parents don't want me 2 give myself a facial @ home. They worry that I might cause a lot of skin damage.

  12. you can make your own by adding a little bit of sugar to your regular cleanser, or using sugar and a little bit of water as a natural exfoliant

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  15. I am currently a 16 y/o male, and i seriously want to clean my face like this, it looks so fucking comfortable and clean.

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  19. I only go the facial spas for these procedures. I won't do it at home, unless my friend is sick. I'm NOT going to tell you the name and it's location. Is there any rule against trying out different facial masks like mud or clay that are rarely recommended when going on vacation?

  20. u shouldve have brought a model with skin problems so we can see the after results , not a damn women with already a perfect skin

  21. I had the best time sharing my tips here in this video! Hope you enjoyed it! Follow this model, who is ME ;), on Instagram @angelarousselot for more tips on facials, skincare, and beauty! Xoxo

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