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  1. makeup looks v nice on beautiful skin….lov her skin ..where less is more…MAC foundation plus powder is perfect for my skin where…outdoor 34°C to 38°C.

  2. Beautiful. Notice how Romero is not caking on the foundation and only applying where needed. I love his technique. I never tried MAC's skincare before, but after seeing Romero using them, I must give them a try!

  3. finally some one else who outlines the lips with concealer. it also helps lips look more believable when you over line line I do 😂

  4. You are so professional and you inspire such excitement, I want the beautiful natural glow. I just wish you would slow down and show more of the products and the steps that you use.

  5. Mac and Luminess are my absolute favorites. Would you consider making a Luminess video? I love love love your style and technique. Please make a slower one for us to duplicate at home?

  6. I was minding my own business. About to watch a VanossGaming video and BAM I saw this in the suggested and just had to watch it. Because DAMN her skin looks beautiful bro. F***…

    AND He is f**** amazing at his job.

  7. Her skin is basically perfect … I want to see you work on someone like me with freckles … large pores…. acne scars and dark spots

  8. highest prestige got the director himself to do her makeup if it's me I'll never sleep and rock the look for the whole day.

  9. Anyone else think the lighting is awful? He did such a great job but all the shadows make it kinda hard to see :/

  10. I would love to see the make up artists use non-models as their canvas. When a model is nearly flawless it seems too easy!

  11. I enjoy watching these videos but I wish they would use a model that has skin that isn't so darn perfect already! I mean her pores where nonexistent!

  12. Why can't the actual Mac employees be like this artist?! So understanding and explains it all– the artists at the store are always in a bad mood and never wanna help and don't clean the brushes effectively

  13. This looks fantastic. You are a talented make up artist. And the model is absolutely stunning. But I wonder how this would work for ugly people like me who have terrible red skin, bumpy skin, and giant pores

  14. It's beautiful but it requires too much time, can we come up with something that takes less time…🙏🏼

  15. i'm so glad that i found this tutorial and artist. this is exactly the type of makeup artist i want to become, a person worthy to put your beauty forward rather than cover it with a dozen products <3

  16. romeo is so in love with his work you can tell that. i think he is the best mua of mac because of his talent and attitude.

  17. you know what i hate when were all in class and teachers that dont like to vibe yell bitch and before you know it your classmate a buried in that hateful word Goud Mc

  18. I’m in love with his eyeglasses. Please share where they can be purchased. I love this tutorial but my eyes went straight to the glasses.

  19. So, basically, you highlight then promptly powder 23 times, but must make sure to then cover everything with foundation, and repeat the highlight+powder technique again 12 more times–simple! All to achieve the desired look that you didn't really put an hour of effort into looking like your face is just naturally perfect and somehow reflects light in all the perfect exact right places but is matte in all the right other places. Oh, beauty standards. hehe You Are fun! They shouldn't bs and faff around so much and reword it. Easy tutorial to perfect glowy skin: 1. have perfect skin 2. apply a highlighting product to the high points of the face we've deemed the right places to highlight. 3. *optional put on foundation before the highlight if your skin is not 100% absolutely stunningly perfect. On a less sarcastic note, I like how he tricked her…she thought he was going to blot her lipstick and he blotted her philtrum skin! muahaha

  20. This is real artistry here. See how completely different this tutorial was from the "guru" videos. Don't get me wrong, lots of beauty gurus are very talented, but they just can't compete with the real make up artists like him. Even on YouTube you can see the difference from (exemples) Wayne Goss, Jackie Aina who are artists and gurus like Nikki. Nikki is great, she is very talented, she's nice and I enjoy her videos, but her makeup is really heavy, social media type, not everyday type of makeup. I wish girls would apply the "less is more" rule for a daytime. But a the end of the day, it's just makeup, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone who cares. Just my opinion.

  21. Beautiful work. I see MAC hasn't improved their formulations on mascara though as it's really clumpy…And it seems to go on rather messy as well. This stands out because the rest is perfection.

  22. I’m sorry but as an asian with black hair I really hate using a warm brown on my brow. It looks weird to me. I wish Mac would come out with cool tones or something deeper than a super warm fudge.

  23. it's funny how people in korea reduced their jaw and cheekbones with surgery but cutting the bones. I think western faces look better with cheekbone and jawline but for asians they like smaller cheekbones and jawline

  24. MAC artist here… There’s a misconception that MAC makeup is cakey and heavy makeup and this video shows that’s not the case. There are some makeup artists that sadly stain MAC’s image and reputation by doing horrible makeup. Love this tutorial and his voice is so soothing to the ear.

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