How to Lift Sagging Cheeks Naturally using Facial Exercise

How to Lift Sagging Cheeks Naturally using Facial Exercise

hello thank you for dropping in from
wherever you are in the world I really do appreciate it
today this video is going to be the cheek exercise that goes along with
exercise along with me series two so by now as you watch my updates and watch
the videos you’ll find that you’ll start to understand that these exercise are to
be done as part of a full-face routine now this exercise goes in to the
exercise set of exercise along with me series two then once you learn the
exercises what you do is then follow the program now the program is the
repetitions and how many you do so the program goes 50 repetitions for two
weeks a 100 repetitions for two weeks and
150 repetitions for two weeks so you do the whole routine of series two like
that and then when you finish you take a week off you learn the next set of
exercises that go with series three which is 50 repetitions for two weeks
a 100 repetitions for two weeks and 150 repetitions for two weeks
and then you just keep following the series as you go that’s what the amazing
thing about this program is is that there’s so many different exercises to
be done as a set and by doing it that way it certainly does start to lift the
face muscles and really exercise those face muscles that don’t normally get
exercised so let’s get to the exercise this is the total cheek toner in series
2 and I’m going to be doing the update because I have found some new things to
be able to add to this exercise to make it so much more effective so what we do
is we place our fingers in the corners of our mouth and we isolate the muscle
around here which is the Orbicularis Oris so isolate them then purse your
lips together so without isolating you can see that pursing your lips means
pressing your lips together now when you do that you will activate your chin
muscles as well which is great because it also exercises those two muscles but
of course by using the Focus Technique that I’ve created here go
but go and have a look at that later you will be able to focus all your attention
on your cheeks so let’s do it so we purse our lips and as we push our
lips our cheek muscles naturally go upwards now when you were doing this exercise it
is best to be laying down and I do say to people if you can lay down and do
your exercises that’s fabulous and this exercise is really much stronger if
you’re doing it laying down now when you do the exercise what you need to do is
focus on all of the cheek muscles of your cheek but in particular when you
squeeze your cheek muscles you imagine energy running up to the top of your
cheek so as you’re pursing your lips and
you’re using your focus to focus all of the energy to run up the muscles of your
cheek and end up here and this way what you’re doing is activating your
mind-body connection to help the muscles be more energized when you are doing the
exercise focus is a really important process of this whole program and I do
encourage you to go watch that video afterwards because you will find that it
will be something that will really teach you how to pinpoint your
focus and I know that our minds are very scattered these days we’ve got so much
happening and we tend to be just all over the place what this will teach you
is how to focus your mind onto an activity and stay focused while you’re
doing that activity and in this case it’s focusing your your mind up along
the zygomaticus muscles of the cheek the other thing about this exercise is again
talking about focus is you must not wrinkle this part of your upper cheek so
if you do you are doing the exercise incorrectly what you’re doing if you’re
going like this it’s completely wrong because you number one are not
distributing the energy properly and number two you’re actually not squeezing
all of the cheek muscles properly so you watch the difference to this one it’s not how you do it and I
want you to really go and look in the mirror when you’re learning this
exercise have the mirror there in front of you and watch the video as you’re
learning the exercises because then you will see you’ll see yourself crunch up
your eyes and then you’ll hear me say if you crunch up your eyes you’re doing it
incorrectly so these are the things that you need to do you need to watch these
videos over and over and over to understand how the exercises work also
when you finish a series and move on to the next and start to rotate the series
you need to come back to the exercises and look at them again so you can
remember how the exercises work so that’s the Total Cheek Toner for
exercise along with me series 2 remembering that you need to be doing a
full face routine with my Facerobics® Exercises and when you do you will have
amazing results the other thing I’d like you to do is subscribe to the channel
because when you subscribe you get all these updates that will really help you
with your facial exercise and creating a much better process and a much much more
effective exercise for you to do so do subscribe to the channel also remember
to like the channel because that really helps me as well now the other thing is
I do have my premium Facerobics® Gym here is the link just go ahead and put
that into your browser and it will take you to face aerobics comm day you and
then just follow the prompts and have a read about what you get in the gym now
those prices are going to be changing soon there’s going to become a 3-tier
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some of the things in the gym depending on what here you are paying for so
that’s something that you might want to do now is go and have a look get in now
and it would be much cheaper for you ok so you have a lovely day wherever you
are in the world and I’ll see you next time bye

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  1. This is an awesome exercise. I can feel the muscle moving upward. Yes, laying down is great way to enjoy this exercise !

  2. I just started doing series 2 exercises a few days ago, so I need all the extra tips I can get. Thanks for making this video, Peta. This helped me understand the exercise much better. The only thing I need clarification on is the next exercise in series 2 where we push our tongue to roof of our mouth. I don’t think I am doing it correctly. Thanks for your help 🥰

  3. Always stunning Peta.i am actually doing the exercise right now.feel like burning in my jowls and cheeks.Fabulous! May be because I am working with conscience .you are a blessing Peta.,🙏🙏🙏

  4. Just on time im on the Second series 150 Reps. Peta alot of times when im doing them your face and the way you do them come very clearly in to my mind😄
    Thank you for all that you do, you are a life changer, my looks and confidence is stonger after seeing a terrible decline in them.Im a small face person and when I decided to loose weight all the fat from the face went with it, I had a tired, angry, flat face apperance. I found you learned and stuck with the program, put in the hard work and I could not be happier. No surgery, fillers, botox or other unnatural and expensive methods. I did all 5 series and started all over and im on series 2 again with the awesome updates. When I began the second round of the series was when I vegan to see more volume on my face, so to anyone out there don't give up. Im a 43 year old female! I had to rename my account to my son's name because he loves to make videos (Lol) LOVE YOU Peta🌹😍🌷

  5. I’m doing the facial excercises for 4 weeks now and I don’t see any difference on my face, can anyone tell me how long does it take before you notice an improvement. I’m 59 yrs old. Thank you

  6. I love your videos but you always do that pointing thing, and there's never a link to a video! Am I missing something?

  7. Dear Peta thank you so much for these amazing videos and advice.. i have been doing deep muscle face massage using thumbs and my face feels so relaxed and nice. I am 21 yrs old so is it okay for me to that every day? And what type of massages/exercises should I start with because I find some of exercises difficult to perform. Thank you ❤

  8. Hi Peta how long do we have before the prices change in the gym.. I wanted to join today but only have half of it saved.. As I do not want to miss out?

  9. Peta, just a quick question. On all exercises that involve pressing the lips like this one, do your teeth touch or should they remain relaxed and slightly open?

  10. Bless you Peta, I can really see that this is exercise program is your mind child, you put so much efford into it and shared it with the world, I know a lot said it before but we re super thankful, and after years of sickness I had, it makes me more confident, and also more relaxed towards aging. I wish you the best and much love from Indonesia to you <3

  11. Just confirm please, if we go to the playlist we go straight to the updates, I've been finding it hard to piece this together, that means ignore the older series 2 videos, and just focus on updates. Thank you.

  12. Peta, I've tried all of the major facial exercises and I must say that your system is superior to all of them! It is more detail oriented, more subtle, more concentrated, much more powerful!! It take a while to learn to do the exercises because some of them are rather complex. It takes time to feel and visualize exactly what muscles you're working on. But it so worth the time! Thank you for this gift! It truly is life changing and I can say this after only been working for a little over a month. My face already looks more lifted and sculptured. Can't wait to see what changes the future brings.

  13. Hello mam
    I love ur exercises an the way u explain
    My smile has become ugly 😞 becoz wen I smile I Dnt knw wat it’s called umm may b dee line around my mouth corner and
    my skin around my mouth is sagging
    Dnt knw it’s jaw sagging or it’s due to cheeks sagging . M just 27
    Do help me what should I follow
    Can I get back my toned face back .
    These problems jzt coz of my back surgery I was inactive for about six months
    Do help me.
    No one reply on YouTube channels
    Hoping ur reply thanku mam

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