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  1. I made a bowl of oat meal and sliced a banana on top with a glass of milk for breakfast and my sister mixed it altogether and put it on her face while I went to let my dog out
    There goes a perfectly good breakfast

  2. I just got done using this facial. it dried out parts of my face. I had a lot left over and I was wondering if its ok if I save it or should I just throw it out?

  3. If it works so much how come u didn't put it on your Face why on your hand its not a handcial its a FACEial

  4. first you should cover your face in hot water to open up the pores, then you use these ingredients, i would also suggest using honey and lemon, they both help your skin in numerous ways too. At the end you should rinse your face with really cold water or you could put a towel in the freezer and dry your face with the cold towel, this means that your pores will be closed again preventing anything from contaminating them.
    You could also use toothpaste to remove blackheads.

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