How to Make a Zipper Wristlet or Makeup Cosmetic Bag Pouch

How to Make a Zipper Wristlet or Makeup Cosmetic Bag Pouch

(Intro music.) Hey, it’s Vanessa from and
I post weekly crafting and cooking videos here on YouTube. I recently found out about
the MyCraft Channel that’s coming this fall and I thought I’d submit this video tutorial
for the Fresh Faces Talent Search competition. We’re working on a sewing and quilting tutorial
this week that also incorporates a technique that a lot of you beginners have been asking
me about, and that’s how to sew a zipper. This is a great project for a beginner to
first learn how to put in a zipper. This is also completely customizable, so you can leave
off the little wristlet part and turn it into a cosmetic bag, you can make a small one and
make a coin purse. So it’s really versatile and I hope you guys enjoy it. Now let’s start with the supplies we’ll need
and jump right into the project. (Music. 2 outer fabric pieces, measuring 9″
by 6.5″. 2 lining fabric pieces measuring 9″ by 6.5″. 2 batting pieces measuring 9″
by 6.5″. 1 wristband fabric piece measuring 2″ by 10″. 1 8″ zipper. Coordinating thread
of your choice. Rotary cutter, mat and rulers. Fabric glue stick, I use Lapel Stick. Pins
and chalk or fabric marker. And a sewing machine!) The first thing we’re going to do is match
up one of our fabric pieces that we want to be on the outside of our pouch, okay. Whatever
you want on the outside, those are the pieces you want to grab. One up with one piece of
batting and do the same thing for the other. And I like to take my Lapel Stick at this
time and put some just around the edges of the fabric piece, and it’ll keep it from moving
so we can quilt it. I like to smooth it out from the center out so everything lays flat.
Repeat this on our other piece here. (Music. Now you quilt. Remember to sew with
batting side down. Diagonal lines, or cross hatching, or whatever you want! Quilt both
outer pieces and set aside.) Now we’re ready to make our wristlet strap.
Lay it in front of you with the ugly side of the fabric facing up. You’re going to fold
it in half lengthwise and press that in place. Then you open it back up, and you’re going
to fold each of the sides, the long sides towards that center fold. Then refold it again
down that initial fold you made the first time you folded it in half, and you’re going
to press that in place. And in order to keep it shut, you’re going to take a basic straight
stitch and just stitch right along that open edge. (Now the fun begins!) The first thing you want to do is take one
of your lining pieces and put it with the pretty side of the fabric facing up. Then
take your zipper, put it with the zipper pull side facing up as well on that right-side
edge of your lining fabric. Take one of your outside pieces, the one that’s
been quilted, and lay it with the pretty side of the fabric facing down. You can put some
pins in here but I like to use the Lapel Stick. So I’ll just put a little bit on the edge
here of the lining fabric, and then I’ll lay my zipper on top, and then I’ll do the same
thing on the fabric side of this top piece and do the same thing right there. Now you want to go to your sewing machine
and obviously you want to keep in mind where the zipper pull on the teeth are of the zipper.
And you want to come in only about a quarter of an inch if you only have a regular foot
on your machine. If you have a zipper foot, go ahead and use that so you can get nice
and close to the teeth without actually sewing over them. And make sure that my needle is
lining up somewhere in the middle of this zipper tape, stitch all the way down and then
backstitch at the end as well. (Music.) Now we’re going to repeat this to the next
side, and to do that you want to take your lining piece, pretty side facing up. Then
you want to take your quilted and sewn piece already with the zipper tape — again the
zipper pull is facing up, but this time it’s down here at the bottom. And then you’re going
to take your quilted piece and, again, with the pretty side facing down, line it up on
that right-side edge. That’s going to be where you’re going to be sewing, and again I’ll
take my Lapel Stick and do the same thing I did to the first side. (Music.) You can see the zipper looks nice and neat
there. What you want to do now is press this open here and you’re going to stitch through
all these layers here and that’s to keep this fabric from getting caught in the zipper teeth
when you’re opening and closing it. Now we want to open up our zipper, almost
all the way open. Then you’re going to take both of the outer pieces, separate from the
lining, and put them together. This, and then your lining pieces are going to be together
here. And as you’re lining up these raw edges and getting ready to pin them in place, what
you want to do is make sure that the teeth, the zipper teeth in here are going towards
the side of the lining. So as long as I keep that there, I’ll be okay. Then you want to line up your edges and start
pinning these in place. And continue to do this on the side of the quilted pieces as
well. Now we take something to mark with and on
the lining side here, make a mark about two to three inches in length. And reminding ourselves
not to sew here because we need to leave a hole to flip all this inside out.
Now we need to put in our little wrist strap. What I like to do is to feel around here and
feel where my zipper pull is. I can tell that it’s here. Meaning that when it’s open it’s
all the way down here, and when’s it’s closed it’s all the way up here. Where it’s closed,
that’s where you want to insert your wrist so that when you have your pouch and it’s
fully closed, you’re holding it on the side where the zipper pull is. So I’m going to remove this little pin here
and you’re going to slip this in with the folded side in towards the center. Just open
it up in here, till you get to the point where you have the raw edges on the raw edge here.
You can also leave a little bit of it out, just so you make sure that you catch all those
layers. And I’m going to take that pin again and put it right back there. And I like to
do it just about an inch and a half from the top. Now that everything is in place, we’re going
to start on one end of my pink line here, backstitch to secure those stitches, come
down to the corner, pivot across and go all the way around, till you come back here to
the top of the pink line and you’re going to backstitch to secure those stitches there
as well. (Music. After sewing we trim. Flip it inside
out through lining opening. Fold opening edges in and sew it shut. Tuck your lining inside
and you’re done!) So our quilted wristlet pouch is complete.
And I hope you all enjoyed my tutorial and will consider giving this project a try. If
you do, be sure to upload pictures to our FaceBook page, you know we always love to
see what you make from the Crafty Gemini tutorials. (Ending music.)

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. this is awesome and looks easy, I'm going to try it. Do you sew over the pins? Is it ok? I'm afraid ton break my machine needle.

  2. Vanessa, you're an AMZING teacher. You seem to have so much patience- what my mother a professional seamstress lacks. She didn't want me to end up working in a factory like her so she put me through college. I love crafts and sewing and asked her for my very own sewing machine for the holidays; well she got me the machine but doesn't want to teach. God bless you, because although I learn pretty well on my own, you seem to teach me the little tricks here and there to produce quality work.

  3. This is great, what I like is the LACK of waffle, so many of these video's have "blah blah blah" like the poster loves the sound of their own voice. This is concise and seems do-able ! I'd like to give it a go. Thanks for sharing

  4. My father is a horrible teacher as well. He is a professional photographer and he admits he just can't explain stuff in terms I understand. It's cool.. some people just aren't made to teach. It sounds like your mother is awesome for putting you through college.

  5. Hi Vanessa, thanks for getting back to me. Just one question, once the zipper has been sewn in and you're at the part where the pouch has to be sewin all the way around except for leaving those three inches for the filliping inside and out, do you sew around and over the zipper part? My needle would get stuck at that spot and I hate to lift the foot and pull out the item and continue beneath the zipper to go all the way around. Can you help with this? thanks.

  6. I get mine online. You can use 7" or 9" too. Just cut the fabric that will be sewn to the zipper at 1" longer than what the size of the zipper is. So, I used an 8" zipper and the fabric measurements were 9" x ….. Do the same for yours- if you use a 7" zip cut the fabric 8" x …. or if you use the 9" zip cut the fabric 10" x….. Hope that makes sense!

  7. I did it I did it!!! I made one and I'm so proud!!! Thank you Vanessa, your tutorial was so awesome. I had to replay a few times but I did it!!! Now my daughters want me to make some more. I'm just tickled pink!!! Now I want to see if I can make more and be a little faster in completing them. I am too excited.

  8. You make it look so easy!
    I really have a hard time getting all my pieces to be the same size 🙁
    I especially have a hard time with linings and zippers, will be trying this tonight though!

  9. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I just finished my own zippered bag and love the results. Everything you said was very clear. Again, Thank you!


  11. What kind/brand of batting do you use? I'm relatively new to sewing and there are just way too many options out there!

  12. hi there, I just want to let you know that I finished my first sewing project and it's your POUCH!!   I skipped the wristlet part, The whole process started with disasters,  what material to get, no batting, zipper too long and stapled it shut… uneven edges, cloth coming off the raw edges…. could NOT get the thread to catch with the bobbing, all the disasters you can imagine for a first time sewer..  >.<

    but then I finished it (total time with shopping for material ~ 10 hours!) and it's so FORGIVING!!!!   I ended up with a much smaller rectangular pouch (cutting mistakes, etc)..  and it's BEAUTIFUL!!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, (I watched this video 20+ times along the process) and just want you to know that your video taught another person something useful and keep up with the good jobs. 

    IDEAS:  maybe make a companion instruction sheet with the material measurement, time estimate, levels of difficulty (beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc).. and step by step instructions in words so people can reference that along with your excellent video!  (do keep the video edited short as you do now). 

  13. Your videos are amazing!! I'm so new at this and you have made my first projects a breeze!! Thanks again!!

  14. What a very good teacher you are, thank you.  No waffling on about anything.  Straightforward, concise, clear.  First class.

  15. My zippers are all way to long, so when I shorten them and sew them my corners aren't square, not sure what to do unless I go buy correct size zippers. Theses are fun and easy to make though.

  16. Eff me I should have watched this beautiful tutorial first before I decided I was a pro. This makes it see easy!!!!! Fml

  17. I had never touched a sewing machine before and 6 hours later, I finished a cosmetic bag for my wife. Now I have to make 2 more for my daughters. Thanks for the video.

  18. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! I had made bags like this 16 years ago for my daughter's b-day.  She is getting married and asked me to make something similar for the bridal party.  I have a book on how to do them but really appreciated the video!  Here is the link for my picture. I have never uploaded a pic to YouTube so aren't sure what will work.

    not sure which one will work better:

  19. Brilliant: You are the first tutorial where the details are given, such as, which way to place the zipper when sewing the lining. These are the type of "tricks" that help newbies get it right. Well done.

  20. SUCH a welcome relief to have found you!!!
    I suffer from OCD and your clear, methodical, no waffling, step by step instructions make my life so much easier 🙂  Youre a great tutor THANK YOU XX

  21. Thank you Crafty Gemini! I used this video tutorial to make four memorial hand bags for my cousins. They last their sister last week and I made a lap quilt for the widow, but wanted to do something for the sisters too. I had never worked with zippers before and your video made it "sew" simple! I was able to complete 4 hand bags in one evening. I would like to share a photo of them for you to use, if you would like to. 

  22. Thank you so much. Loved this. Easy, perfect!! I made mine out of a leg of jeans. Red zipper and added a divider in the middle!

  23. Hey Vanessa….Once again."Coach"  you've got a WINNER of a tute here….WOW….this is a Great quick gift for basically anyone…Even for guys, when using guy type fabrics…..I am Ken…I enjoy making alot of quilted items, no stranger to sewing for relaxation…after building houses LOL….I am good with a ruler hehe…
    I enjoyr your videos SUPER MUCH if i might say that….Right to the point and moving along….no….Ummmmm…..ummmmmmm…..ummmmmmmm…all the way thru it…You know exactly what you need to say, nice and loud and clear……and slow or fast…we have the option of "rewind" on our computers LOL…
    Thanks again Vanessa for yet another fantastic tute…..
    I am making them for all of my grands and my sisters and sis n law too….no special occasion, just because I love them is all…..
    I am already making bags…I do pockets and dividers…so these will be easy to install into these pouch bags…WOOF!!!
    God BLess
    Ken from Orlando, Fl

  24. I absolutely loved this video. I had never put a zipper in and now I can say I have and it looks great!

  25. I am a huge fan of your work. I basically watch your videos every single morning with my coffee lol. Thnkx for your tutorials.  Your instructions are greatly appreciated.

  26. I woke up feeling crafty today and asked myself, what can I make?  You are my go to expert!!  I want you to know that you have made me a better sewing person.  Every time I don't know how to sew something or I am intimidated, I look for your videos.  Thanks for being so great and for sharing your knowledge.  Keep up the great work.

  27. This made it so simple. i literally followed you through step by step, pausing to follow asKing. Thank you so much! Took me about an hour but my project came out super cute!

  28. I was going to spend a ton of money on diaper clutches and organizer bags for my diaper bag. Instead I am so excited to save alittle money and make some custom pieces for myself with this tutorials help! 🙂 Thank you so much!!

  29. Love all your videos! You really inspire me to do so much. Please do a diaper bag tutorial! A unique, but useful one!! Thanks so much for considering it!

  30. My granddaughters each made one. Since my memory is short are the directions written out that I could print instead of going to the video each time? Such a great gift idea. Thanks

  31. In 2010 I took a class for zippered pouch and sold over 50 bags … about 3 years ago I got bombed with requests for over 30 zippered makeup pouches in vinyl, leather, laminated fabric, linings, pockets, etc. I had honestly forgot how to lay the right side down, lining, etc. so I jumped on YouTube and found this video. 3 weeks ago, after 2 years I got a request for 2 zippered pouches … I'm back. Thanks for this video!

  32. I flubbed up the make- up bags each time I had begun to drive. Either the facing, zipper or quilted piece were placed incorrectly. Then, I watched the video and everything turned out ok. I tried it again, and I flubbed again and had to start again. I went back to the video and everything turned out ok. Now this went on  several times, and I finally took out my notepad and wrote a cheat sheet transcribed from your video. Thanks….great job. (I'll post a picture )

  33. Hi Vanessa! What needle size do you recommend? Thanks for your videos, much appreciate your assistance. Very easy to follow along!!! 😉

  34. Can someone please help me? I like the pouches that have some strong stiffness to
    them, not the flimsy ones. When I used interfacing, even the fusible interfacing, the
    pouches were still flimsy, especially if I use fat quarter type fabric. I tried using canvas
    as the lining and that wrinkles and is too hard. Can you suggest a stiff interfacing and
    tell me the name/number for it please.

  35. Great video and tutorial. I have sewn for over 40 years but needed a little refresher on lining a purse/bag/pouch. This covered everything I needed to know, Keep up the great videos. I'm subscribing.

  36. I taught my sister's 9 year old granddaughter how to make this bag tonight. She watched your video, paused it, and did each step (except for the strap). Thank you for such a detailed, yet simple video.

  37. Hey Vanessa, my GO-TO girl. Needed to whip up a few sports themed wristlets and your video is quick and gave me the perfect sized wristlet. Only mod I did was adding a removable strap.

  38. Hi there,
    Thanks you so much for the handy tips on zipper install. I have to make 19 make-up bags for my daughter's sorority in PA. I have an industrial Juki sewing machine and it is a work horse. I love it! Thx Again. I will see if I can upload some photos to your FB pg

  39. Hey there CG, I just want you to know that I’ve been quilting and making handbags for 5 years and it was YOU who taught me to sew. Thank you from Kelly in Arkansas

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