How to make decorative tree pot (With English Caption)

How to make decorative tree pot (With English Caption)

Hello! This is a tree pot made using cement for garden decoration It’s a leaf style pot. I take the help of a big leaf to make it this one is also made the same way now I will show you how I built this pot from the beginning this is an aluminum net I am using this net so that the soil doesn’t move out through the hole present in the pot you can also use bricks piece instead of this net now I am spreading some wooden husk over it over that, I am spreading some soil this is the mixed soil which I generally used in tree pots I am planting this plant here, for now separate some soil here to set it now you can decorate it by spreading some gravels over the soil, it also helps in keeping the soil intact, I will do it later now see I will plant a cactus plant here I have made the plant at home. this is a very easy process. just take these small buds that are coming out from the sides and plant it but please do it very carefully, it has many thorns over it which may pierce your hand.

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  1. Nilkanta Halder, You are doing great !!! If I can add? When you were making a large vase. It was necessary to immediately release 3 – 4 wires. And skip these wires between the bottle and the sleeve (which you plastered with cement) Then the design would be solid Like mononlit And take the bigger bottle Split it and make like a glass (Y) (at the bottom narrowly And at the top wider) Try And so everything is fine !!!

  2. অনেক ধন্যবাদ, আপনার কাছ তেকে অনেক কিছু শিখতে পারি।

  3. আপনার কাজ আমার খুব ভালো লাগছে ও অবাক হচ্ছি আপনার প্রতিভা দেখে . গুৰুদেব মানুষ আপনি

  4. Nilkanta Halder good day ! You do not want to experiment? Try grafting a mango on a grapefruit. I have one mango. It is young. 135 cm tall. It has no side branches. And then I would try. And you have a lot of mature trees. And you can do it better than you (graft). sensation There will be a lot of views, there will be many likes And a lot of advertising for you. Please try to do it !!! And the film can be made on 2 – 3 series. I think people will be very interested.

  5. Nilkanta Halder Good evening ! Tell me please What do you think about my second comment? What about mango and grapefruit grafting? Thank you in advance

  6. আপনাকে দুর থেকে দেখছি কিন্তু আপনার সঙ্গে জোগাযোগ করতে খুব মন চাইছে ! হয়তো আপনি নাও চাইতে পারেন

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