How to Make Green Glitter Slime – Halloween Decoration

How to Make Green Glitter Slime – Halloween Decoration

Today, i’m gonna show you a really simple way to make Glittery Slime, perfect for Halloween. And we’re gonna be using this Green Glitter Glue from Elmers. We’ll thin it down with some water then add some Sta-Flo Liquid Starch to turn it into slime. Start by removing the lid from the glue and squeeze out the whole bottle into a bowl. When you’ve got as much as you can out, fill the bottle halfway up with some water, put the lid back on and give it a good shake to clean out the bottle. Then tip it into the bowl. And use a spoon to mix it together. Next we’re gonna add our Liquid Starch. Start by pouring in a small amount and you can always add more later. What i’m pouring in here actually turned out to be too much and i’ll show you why. Once you’ve poured in your starch, start mixing it with a spoon. And you should find it starts clumping together and turning into slime pretty quickly. Then start kneeding it with your hands. You’re trying to get a nice smooth consistency. You can see this is actually become stringy and not very nice. It’s fine if that’s what you want but it’s actually not what i’m after. I left it alone for 5 minutes and it became sort of lumpy and broke into pieces as I squiged it through my fingers. I think it’s beacuse i added a little too much Liquid Starch. So I tried to rescue it by adding a bit more water. I filled the glue bottle halfway up again and tipped it into the bowl. So i’ve now used 1 bottle of glue and the same amount of water. It took a little while of squidging into the slime to mix it all together. But after a few minutes it turned out just how I wanted it to. And it’s great fun to squeeze and stretch. You can stretch it over the bowl and watch it as part of it sinks and part of it bubbles. It’s got a nice shiny sparkle in it because of the glitter. And it’s great for making or playing with at a Halloween Party or for using as part of your decorations. You could cover some of your decorations with it. Or make some creepy spider slime by adding plastic spiders. Or I’m gonna go once that further and use it to decorate this pumpkin which I carved out earlier. Pretty cool, huh? If you’ve got any slime leftover you can keep it in a jar and use it again another time. Or you could do what i did last year and stick a glow stick and spiders in the jar to make a creepy glowing spider slime decoration. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video if you want to see how to make Magnetic Slime which doesn’t use Liquid Starch or some of my other videos you can click on the links or take a look of my YouTube channel page. Stay safe, have fun and as always thanks for watching. *Music and video ending*

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  1. I have a recipe.

    Ingredients: glue, baking soda and contact lens solution

    First pour in your glue. You can use any glue you want, except gorilla glue.

    Add in some diluted baking soda.

    Add a little contact lens solution at a time.

    Nead well until not sticking.

    Store in a container.


  2. Yeah, why anyone wants to use a glitter glue to repair old toys etc. when they can make a slime out of that? :I

  3. please can you make slime without any borax , even in the ingredients contact lense solution ect is not gonna work since it has borax in and i cant get it

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  6. Ok kids I’m going to show u how to make gross green slime

    First pick out ur booger’s and mix it around then ur done

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  9. I like to know who was bored enough to just think about what would happen if you combine those two together just to see what would happen. Way too much time on their hands. Seriously who was the first to have this idea in the first place? Makes you wonder if they were thinking of that just to see what happens or was it an accident that some poor chap spilled his starch on his school glue? Maybe got gluten his shirt and he wanted to get it out with starch. Or maybe just threw it in the wash and when he poured in the starch slime was made for the first time at home!! Probably worked for Nickelodeon! Lol 🤣

  10. Nostalgia, it reminds me of when i was like 8 sitting next to my old cat watching these vids..(ps my old cat died nearly 2 months ago so these vids r so many nostalgic memories for me)

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