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Welcome to Pins and Things. Today I’m going to show you guys this awesome life hack of how to turn vertical blinds into curtains without hurting anything. It’s super easy and cheap Hope it’ll look awesome. Okay, I am so excited I have wanted to do this ever since the first day that we moved into this house because I don’t like it. This might be hard to show because the lighting is really loan out outside and dark inside Let me try my hardest to show you the vertical blinds And then we’re gonna change off the curtains with this awesome life hack I know. Also check out my fireplace I decided to paint it white because it just looks so much better. This whole room just feels so nice to me when it’s all clean and beautiful They have the couch that fits in here perfectly With the white carpet that I feel like helps the fireplace stand out a little bit more too and then over here we have these vertical blinds. You can see them right here I’ll pull them open. So I’ve never really liked these in any of the places we’ve stayed a lot of rentals that we’ve been in have had this type and the kids just destroy them. You can already see lots of them are missing, some of them are broken in half here They’re not very durable when it comes to having kids in this house So I decided to look up on Pinterest and see what I could find for redoing Vertical blinds for cheap and easy and this is what I came up with 84-inch sheer panel, has a little bit of design in it but I did want it to stay white because I feel like that brings in a lot of diffused light. It even says it on here So this is the other thing that I bought that you’re going to need. Rings with clips on them and there’s seven in each pack and I got four packs I’m not sure if this is the right amount I’m going to need but I have more windows that also need curtains So that’s okay if I have some left over. This is what the hardware looks like underneath. I’ve got Charlie playing in the curtains proving my point That kids destroy these things huh Charlie? Yep, yeah. Cool. So we’ve got this hardware up here if you look on this side, push it up Or just pull it all out at the same time. So this piece can come off, and that’s what we need we need this little piece because that’s what’s gonna hook up our curtain because it’s out It’s easy to just push the whole thing back in but while it’s out I’m actually gonna take it and show you how to hook up the curtain. Also, i’m gonna get ready and take all of these down Finally. What’s cool about the way we’re doing this, is you can totally, totally do this in a rental if you want to or if you’re in a rental and you can’t destroy the curtains, just make sure to be very careful as you’re taking it apart so that you can put it back together when you leave your apartment. Wow I really picked the perfect one. Look, taped back together down here and right here It’s got a huge crack in it, so we’re gonna just pop this little piece off You can see how it holds itself on there. It kind of hooks in onto itself there We’re going to just take that little plastic piece off. So you can do this one of two ways, you can either leave the little clip in the ring, or you can pop it off. I have another one here You can see, it super easy to clip right back onto the ring if you want to. Either way, will work if you want to just use this. However, when you try to pop the ring, the whole ring in, these rings are actually quite thick. Try to just push this ring in here like that and that will hold it up really well too, and then the ring if it has the clip on it then you can just clip your curtain on from there, or I think what I’m gonna try is actually just having the piece That’s already popped off and just pushing that in and then it holds it up really nicely from there and then you can just clip your curtain on right away, so that way you’re not gonna see these rings hanging down lower then the hardware on top that covers up these pieces because this will make the curtain hang down lower So I’m just gonna take away the ring and use these. I’m so excited, I get to take down the vertical blinds What a mess Let’s clean it up All right all cleaned up into one nice pile So that’s easy to tape and just set aside if you’re not going to be using them until you move out of your rental or If you just want to throw them away like me, maybe I’ll do that. So I’m making sure to put them up every other one. All right it’s snowing outside And I have done the first half of the curtains here. They are awesome They look so beautiful And now I’m going to show you how I clip them up on this half So I have my curtains all unpackaged, and I’m gonna put the inside so the inside towards the outside of the window I want it to look beautiful in here. I made sure to put a separation here because this is where they pull apart this way So I just I actually clipped it all the way to this one and then it wouldn’t open What I’m doing here is if you look at the bottom, its barely touching the ground and that’s exactly what I want And that’s what this folded over, just like that So i’m just gonna put it there like that While I’m looking at the other curtains, I’m spacing it about the same. So on each curtain piece, I have about four clips. When I get to this part, where I want to connect another one I actually just overlap them, and then I fold them in half and clip it up and I think that is really helpful so that there’s not a huge gap in between the two curtains So this is the final product, so cheap, easy and it doesn’t hurt anything so if you’re a renter, It’s perfect. I’m gonna open them up Beautiful So I hope you guys like this awesome life hack especially if you’re a renter This is very handy to not hurt anything and to be able to put it back just the way it was before Thank you guys so much for watching I hope you like this awesome life hack. Make sure to subscribe, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I’ve been posting to Instagram a lot lately so make sure to check it out. Also watch my stories because there’s videos there that you aren’t going to see on The Beach House or Pins and Things. It’s pretty special. All right, we will see you guys next time

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