How to Moisturize Locs with 2 Products! Moisturizing Dry Locs for Daily Shine and Softness!

How to Moisturize Locs with 2 Products! Moisturizing Dry Locs for Daily Shine and Softness!

what’s up guys t renee here and welcome
back to my channel today we’re doing a video on moisturizing your locs I’m
only going to use two products for this video I use the rose water with glycerin
and the Jamaican mango and lime cactus oil so let’s get started the first thing
you want to do is make sure that you kind of section off your locs so that
you can make sure that the oil and the rose water is evenly distributed amongst
your locs from root to tip so I start by sectioning out my locks very gently
you know you don’t have to pull and tug on a hood just very gently section them
out and the first thing you want to do is
you want to kind of get them a little moist and soft to you so to deal with it
manage so you take the rose water and you want to start by spraying your
scalp all the way down from the roots to the tips not drenching your locs but
getting them wet enough so that you can feel them soften you can feel them kind
of damp so that you can apply your oil you never want to apply oil to dry locs
because it’s not really moisturizing oil is a sealant so as soon as you put the
oil on your locs is sealing whatever is there this is why you want to wet first
dampen it first and then use your oil as a seal make sure that you spray as
evenly as possible rub the rose water through your locs so that you can get
each and every loc all the way from root to tip make sure that you massage
it in and that you can actually feel that your hair is damp next what you want to do is take your
cactus oil and you want to spread it throughout your scalp it has a nice
little dripping tip on the top that you can spread it through your scalp and
then massage it in like so so make sure you get all areas of your scalp you
don’t have to drench it in oil because the little goes a long way here so just
a drop here and a drop there and then use the palms of your fingertips to
massage it through your scalp I really really love this oil because it is not
too thick like a castor oil oh and it smells so good but it’s not
too thick it has a lot of good ingredients natural ingredients that are
going to help revitalize your locs as well as keep your scalp oiled and
maintained so that you don’t have to worry about itching or dandruff
throughout the day it’s going to keep it moisturized your locs are going to be
shiny not oily but have a nice Sheen going on this oil just works really well
with that rose water and glycerin and it does a lot for my luck so a lot of times
I get questions about why the locs are so shiny why do they look like I’ve just
like received a fresh retwist and really I haven’t it’s just the oil that I use
and the rosewater that keeps my life soft nice and shiny
and looking like new make sure that you rub the oil from root to tip sometimes I
even take the oil and put a little drop not a lot just a little a small drop in
the palm of my hands and I rub it together and I make sure that I rub it
on my locs on the tips getting every area of the locs so that nothing is
missed and all my goodness it smells so good guys and it feels so good on the
scalp as well so once you have that done and you’ve
made sure that your oil your scalp is oiled your locs are oiled I typically
will do a few two strand twists in the very front not all of them but just a
few in the front and it’s my way of not necessarily palm rolling but keeping my
locs looking fresh it’s the best way for me to describe that so I just take two
locks and I just twist them and you want to go in the direction of the way in
which you palm roll I don’t palm roll I actually interlock
I’ve done a video on my loc journey to show you know just my process and my my
stats where I started and where I am now with being a year and five months in but
you want to make sure that you do all you can to keep it as fresh as possible
in between retwist and of course if you just like the rough look then you’re
okay to rock that to me personally I don’t always want to rock a rougher look
with a lot of new growth because of my profession and I have to make sure I’m
looking neat at all times so I do a few two strand twist on a few locs at the
very front so that I can pull them back and tie the rest of my hair down before
I put on my wraps or before I put on my turbans or whatever it is scarves
whatever idea is that I may be wearing as an accessory that day it helps them
to lay down they look neat they look well put together also there’s no need to really use any
rubber bands or anything on the ends of the locs because this is kind of like
freeform so really what you’re doing is you’re twisting for the sake of neatness
you’re not looking to keep those ropes in there like that I don’t keep mine in
I typically take them out at night or I unravel them maybe the next morning and
redo them if I have to if I’m not wearing a bun or anything but definitely
you don’t have to make them look well put together by putting or clipping
anything on the ends you can let it revert back it’s more than fine now what when I do these this typically
has helped me to go even longer without a retwist I don’t try to push it but
sometimes I do because I just don’t have time a lot of times to go and get a
retwist the way that My loctician would like for me to so I do this to
kind of have some time in between those to keep my hair still looking neat and
intact as I said I do actually interlock and a lot of times too when I go and I
workout if I’m sweating the ropes actually helps to keep my new growth in
place I don’t use a lot of products like edge control and things like that
because I have issues with dandruff so a lot of those products that have either
alcohol in them or some type of ingredient in them that will just
basically agitate any dandruff problems that you may have so because I don’t
want to create more problems I just simply don’t use edge controls and gels
and things like that and my loctician doesn’t use that stuff on my locs either
which I really really love about her because the less product the better I’ve
been taught that the way that your locs really thrive is by making sure that you
use less products and focus more on retaining focus more on cleansing focus
more on moisturizing focus more on caring for them and just leaving them
alone I think that’s the beauty of locs is knowing that you can get up every
single day you can go on about your day with no problems you can do whatever it
is that you want to do with your hair because it’s so versatile and I really
really love that about locs I fall in love more and more with my
locs every single day from the day that I got them all the way up until now a
year and five months later I just absolutely loved them and I’m so happy
with the decision that I made to grow my locs because it just makes my life more
simple and easier and I’m all about simple and
all about whatever works and whatever is convenient and my locs are definitely
convenient if you love them and take care of them they will love you back
definitely I can say that I’ve seen a significant growth ever since I’ve had
my locks my hair grows literally like weeds and sometimes when I get a retwist
I’m amazed by the level of new growth that I have knowing that I get retwist
every eight to nine weeks I still have a massive amount of new growth and I think
that really comes from doing very little to them but still maintaining them so
typically what I will do is after I do a few ropes I will pin back my hair and
tie it up like so I may put a few more if I notice that there are a few more
that may need to be tied down but ultimately I tie them back and I put on
whatever scarf or turban or a wrap that I want to use I really really love the
head wraps if I can find some really cute ones they’re very hard to find I
really really love the turban look – depending on the day so yeah I just
wrapped do my ropes put my wrap or whatever on my head and I go on about
the day and I typically try to get turbans that
are you know satin try to stay away from cotton as possible don’t want my
locs to snag so there it is that’s the final look super cute super easy all of
ten minutes thank you guys for watching this tutorial and I will see you next
time t’luvs loves out

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