How To Relieve Facial Stress

Hi once again this is Vincent Woon from
In this video I’m going to update you with the Stressed Out Stress Free FREE video series
video. First of all, I would like to apologize for
the delay because the first two weeks of the year I was down with a cold. Just when I thought
I was ready to get back on my feet (that was two weeks ago), I was hit by a fewer an on
the same day my mom has to go to the hospital. That day was funny because at first I thought
it was the cold coming back I feel a little stuck on the nose and I a little light headed
and I thought it was just the cold and after the emergency and later on I found out thatI
had a high fewer. Anyways, so what happened was my mom has shortness
of breath so we decided to take her to the hospital and what they found was she had a
complete heart block. Basically what that means is that the electrical system of the
heart is not functioning properly, the top valve of the heart and the bottom valve of
the heart not pumping at the appropriate rate and it brought her pulse rate down to 40 and
I was told by the doctor that a normal person would be 60. 61 and up. She has to be observed
for a couple of days and the doctor decided to put a pace maker in order to help her heart
function and beat properly. Thank God! that helped her pulse was back
to 60 and up. All of last week we have follow ups with doctors and at the end of the week,
I have to go to a funeral of one of our beloved American pastor who spent 40 out of 83 years
of his life spending his time with the Chinese people.
Basically that’s what’s causes all the delay and what a way to start the new year
Right! Now all that’s behind me, right now I’m
going to focus on working on the video series and try to get it out as soon as possible
to help you guys. During this period of time, I personally felt
stress yes. I noticed that when I’m stress, I tend to crunch my teeth or when you stress
you do the hmm and you don’t realize that you are tightening up your teeth and your
jaw. As you stress, you facial muscles just tightens up. I’m going to show you how to
loosen them up. Once you are your muscles tighten up basically
your jaw tight, use the pad of your finger tip and just rub softly, softly. As you rub
you can feel the muscles loosen up. Rub your forehead, rub slowly softly, softly
and you’ll feel the tension going away.
Also what I always like to do is loosen up the neck because it might be tighten up too.
You can do this is do this stretch and turn your neck around and move your mouth to loosen
up the jaw muscle especially when you crunch them it’s tight.
Just move it up like this, looks funny but feels good or you can also do a little facial
just tapping on your face tapping all over slowly, softly not banging banging on yourself,
just tap gently like this. tapping like this, tap underneath the eye brow, your nose, the
mouth, the chin, forehead and if you want just tap on your head like this. Just to loosen
up all the tension on the head just softly. Thank you very much for watching! Sorry about
the delay but I’m going to go back right to work so that I can get the video series
out for you guys. Thank you and I see you in the next video. If you haven’t sign up for my FREE Stressed
Out Stress Free video series.which will teach you how to identify stress, cope with stress
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