How to Remove Cosplay Makeup

How to Remove Cosplay Makeup

hello my beautiful nerdy people today
I’m going to show you my cosplay makeup remover routine cosplay tip number one hydrate hydrate
hydrate we keeps you from dehydrating in your cosplays and also keeps your skin
healthy and clear water so first you want to make sure you take your hair
down and remove all of your bobby pins you ladies know what I’m talking about make sure to get it up and out of your
way so you can clean your face first step I’m using oil-free eye makeup
remover by Neutrogena this will help me remove the makeup from my face but first
I forgot remove those falsies Sting’s taking a makeup pad I’ll apply a good
amount to it and then use that all over my face to remove the makeup next I use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser
to help remove the leftover makeup I find this particular cleanser works
really well with my oily skin and helps keep it less oily where my acne control
I use st. Ives acne control apricot scrub I find this works really well boom scary
so now that your makeup is removed it’s time to wash that hair I mean I love my
Wonder Woman pajamas so soft my current go-to is Tresemme keratin
smooth shine serum for my hair it helps hydrate my hair and keeps the flyaways
down just realize how aggressively I brush my hair geez after a long day at a convention you
have to make sure to moisturize I use beyond belief night moisturizer it
hydrates my skin really well without bringing that oily skin back last but
not least my mojito lip balm there you have it guys my after cosplay makeup
remover routine let me know in the comments below what you use is it the
same products you’d use different products or do you have one that you
would recommend for me to use let me know thank you so much for watching and
remember at dishes and stitches we put the confidence back into cosplay

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