How to Shave Coarse Facial Hair | Gillette

How to Shave Coarse Facial Hair | Gillette

I’m going to show you how to make
shaving course, tough facial hair easier and more comfortable
with a few easy steps. Let’s talk about the
preparation before shaving. Before you start to shave, it’s
important to always wash your face. Use a face wash, or better
yet, a facial scrub. This will remove oil,
dirt, and dead skin that can block the razor’s
path across your face. After rinsing the wash
or scrub off your face, you can further hydrate your hair
by soaking a towel with warm water and holding it against your
skin for up to three minutes. Thoroughly hydrating like
this will soften your hair and really reduce the
force needed to shave. Next, you need to pick out
the right shaving prep. I like to use shave gels
like this one, because they tend to lead to smoother glide. When picking out a shave
gel, make sure to find the one that’s suited to
your skin and hair type. For course hair, you’ll want
a gel that softens your beard and helps prevent cuts. Now you’re ready to start shaving. Check the indicator strip on
your razor before you start. If the strip’s white,
that means it may be time to switch out your
blade for a fresh one. If your razor doesn’t
have an indicator strip, consider changing your blade
at the first sign of tugging or when it feels uncomfortable. On multi-blade razors
like this one, the blades are placed close together to
reduce the pressure on each blade. Glide the blade over your face
using light gentle strokes. Let the blades do the work. Too much pressure can
cause cuts and razor burn. Many guys feel that first shaving
with the grain of your hair– that is, in the direction
that your hair grows– and then following up with
strokes in the opposite direction provides the best shave. However, since facial hair tends
to grow in different directions, you’ll almost always be shaving
both with and against the grain. So as long as you’re using light
strokes and reapplying shaving cream before you go back over
with your razor, you should shave in the direction
you’re most comfortable with. By shaving your neck last,
you’ll allow the shave gel more time to soak in and
soften the hair on your neck. The neck area tends to be the
most sensitive skin on your face. There are some areas that are harder
to reach, like the area under my nose here. For those, I simply flip
over the razor and shave with the single blade on the back of it. I also use it to trim my sideburns. Now let’s finish you off right. That means using a
moisturizing aftershave lotion. This one will help your
skin recover from the shave. Easy enough. Right? And it’ll get even easier the
more you stay on top of it. Tough, course beards
will be easier to shave if you shave them more often, because
you’ll be shaving shorter hair. Just remember these easy steps. Prep right. Use a shave gel and a multi-blade razor. Finish with a moisturizing
aftershave that soothes your skin. Thanks for watching. And be sure to check out our other
videos for more tips and information.

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. Here's a suggestion: Buy a safety razor. It can even be a Gillette like an Aristocrat or Fat Boy. Plus, it's more masculine and easier on you're wallet. Hear that Gillette, you and you're over priced blades of irritation and greed.

  2. If you shave that beard with that razor >>>> bloody or no shave at all.
    Nothing beats wet shaving……DE or SE …… they're the best.

  3. Anyone notice the guy has a beard at the beginning of the video but when he actually shaves he doesn't have the beard anymore.

  4. but you dont need to waste water like the man in the video,  just have the tap running slightly, OR,   put water in the bowl,    jesus if thats how most of us use water then no wonder we get droughts.    no common sense any more.

  5. A method I use for beard prep, because I shave after a shower is to rub a little hair conditioner into the beard while showering…this simple step has improved  my shave.

  6. I dislike shaving…and hate facial hair (on myself)  i just wish it wouldnt grow….is that too much to ask -.-

  7. nothing is better than a straight razor shave, full control from start to finish, not to mention shaving become a joy not a chore

  8. the cartridge razor (multiple blades) will tuck and pull your heavy beard, is an unpleasant experience

  9. Guys, if you use double edge safety razors like I do this will give you the best shaves ever. My expensive boar and badger brushes and shave soaps are sitting unused since I discovered Gillette ProFusion Shave Cream. Not surprising when you consider Gillette had been a leader in shaving in over 100 years.

  10. Turn off the water while shaving. Fill the bottom of the sink with a few inches of water to rinse your razor. Saves three gallons each day.

  11. i got one easier for you guys doing gillete a favor here. get yourself a gillete fatboy safety razor, some gillete 7 o clock double edge blades , a brush, gillete shaving cream and a gillete after shave . thats about it

  12. Use a single blade and a traditional wet shave, you get a great shave and lose many of the issues. Gillette sells over seas many wonderful double edge blade. Forget the hype and great a wonderful shave.

  13. Not only the "character" "shaved" before "shaving"… It is not even the same guy! Nice job finding a teenage boy with no facial hair Gillette. Look at the arms…first one has hairy arms, the other one doesn't… That's false representation Gillette! Lol

  14. You literally used two different people for this video. The first guy has incredibly hairy arms, and dense facial hair, the second kid has no hair on his arms and you never see his hairy face. Lol just get a safety razor.

  15. On 0:51 a guy has an earing on his left ear and next scene there is no earings and hair on arms change… really Gilette?

  16. I have strong beard only Gillette works saves me time .15 years ago I had to use two razors .Bic or willkonson got no chance

  17. My beard can dull a razor within the first few strokes. I have to use hair-clippers to cut it back, then upwards of 3-5 razors to cut it down. I rub the razors down with wet face cloths, but it only lasts a few strokes. Even the clippers only last a few months, my beard is that hard.

  18. Ha I'm half Armenian and this is very tough for me. My facial hair is insanely coarse. Also my tan makes it difficult to see the hair which is dark. Feels bad man!

  19. I wondered who´d ever recommend shaving foam a multi blade scraper as the best shaving option and then I noticed it is a Gillette video.

  20. Did I miss a step did he? When did he from 3-6 day beard length at the beginning of the video to baby face killa before shaving… Buddy… You were shaving nothing with those strokes

  21. They left out the most important step wich is the first, If you been leaving you’re facial hair that long you need to take the bulk down with clippers before you use any multi blade razor…. Only concern Gillette has is making a buck with these advertisements.

  22. No need to shave , the second guy was just fine !! Next time you have a rough beard and want to shave swap your self and then shave

  23. I remember the first Gillette commercial I saw about 30 years ago. And the slogan “The best a man can get”. In the commercial the guy’s facial skin went from level “hobo” to “baby face” in 0.3 seconds as he swerved the razor to his face like a ninja.When I do the same: "Someone, call 9-1-1"

  24. This razor is inutile against a tough beard. False marketing. This guy's beard was already trimmed afore he started shaving. Buy a safety razor and it will last ye forever and even yer grandkids will also use it.

  25. Assalam o Alaikum 😊
    Really a very silly video…. When boy rinse his face after use facial srub…… He has shaved…….. Hunnnnh

  26. Just because the strip fades coulor dosn't mean u need a new blade.youll get much longer from a blade.they just say that so u you'll use more blades so you'll have to buy more.

  27. Disgusting that Gillette sponsor a stadium owned by a man arrested for trafficking and prostitution. Gillette have no respect for women and I'm calling them out on it and standing up to them as a corporation supporting such disgusting behaviour. Women should be helped to escape a lifestyle of prostitution and Gillette should not be funding men who visit such places and perpetuate slavery.

    🎶Gillette – depressed a man can get 🎵

  28. Also if your hair is really long and a razor can’t cut all the way through trim it down with a electric trimmer then shave.

  29. That's how u shave guys use an unshaved older guy at the start and replace with a hairless teen at the start of the shave, the usual Gillette lies to sell you their overpriced plastic garbage

  30. Use a safety razor with a brush and a natural soap gents it's so much more economical for your wallet and truely a joy I will never use their plastic garbage ever again as well as their toxic chemicals in a can

  31. Isn't this a misrepresentation of a product? The guy has already shaven his beard before starting to shave…. a new low for Gillette.

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