HOW TO: Strobing for Dark Skin with Romero Jennings I MAC Cosmetics

HOW TO: Strobing for Dark Skin with Romero Jennings I MAC Cosmetics

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  1. I really enjoy the MAC tutorials but this one especially since the model actually got to express her opinion and also the makeup artist seemed very passionate and just overall friendly instead of being all robot-like.

  2. ummmm. Im not about to do that everyday and get to work on time.
    Can someone tell me what to use for light coverage everyday look? one and done in no more than 10 minutes? Does waering make up really take about 40 products?

  3. I think she looked so beautiful at about 3:37, he should have stopped there. She is naturally beautiful, doesn't need all that makeup! Her skin is gorgeous.

  4. I love how makeup artist show their passion while explaining what their doing. I also think his voice is so relaxing . I love this

  5. I know this is a make up video but dang! The model is not only beautiful, she also has really toned arms!

  6. I could watch MAC videos every day!! Beautiful young lady. I liked everything he did until the strobe lotion. I think it added too much red tint too her face. She looked wonderful without it. But she is still lovely even with it. Thank you Romero nice job

  7. Romero is an artist most makeup artist get nervious doing dark skin. He toke the challege and made a master pieace notice she still looks like herself the makeup is not too heavy or unnatrual.

  8. Beautiful lady and beautiful technique! I’ve never thought to use the strobe cream after I’ve applied my full face of make-up!

  9. Love him! Felt like I was watching the process of a painter painting on his canvas. Felt like I was watching art. He is awesome and sounded peaceful!

  10. Loved the personal touch to the model! The results were pretty enough, cheek and lip gorgeous! Honestly also, this lady barely needed a thing! That bone structure, lips and smile.. Amazing!

  11. Is Redlite good only for deep complexions? I am around NC27-30. But I want to give it a try. I can't find any reviews on that.

  12. I love this make up simple and gorgeous for party, work and everyday outings. Am going to keep using this method

  13. OMG! I was SO distracted watching this. Every time he would dab the makeup across his skin then transfer onto her skin—felt so gross and un hygienic. 🤢🤢🤢🤢. Crunch-worthy, use a palette next time.

  14. I love how whenever Mac artists use Mac brushes it never shows the bristles falling out but whenever you buy them for yourself they constantly fall out 😳😒

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