HOW TO: Strobing for Light Skin with Rebecca Butterworth | MAC Cosmetics

HOW TO: Strobing for Light Skin with Rebecca Butterworth | MAC Cosmetics

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  1. This has to be one of my favourite makeup tutorial by Mac. Rebecca has a beautiful way with words and I loved listening to her. very informative. The selection of the background music was amazing. well done!

  2. This is how people should highlight in my opinion. This is natural, not just a glitter/frost line on your checkbones like the beauty gurus does. Go MAC! <3

  3. I think that that blush is too pale for her skin, it makes her skin look ashy, a nice warm peach would look much better.

  4. I'm glad mac has come off its high horse and begun sending influencers samples/demos. I think with more tutorials and listening to their customers they can begin to make a comeback.

  5. Wish there were maybe some after photos in better lighting or outdoor lighting. The lighting was horrible and felt like florescent lighting in a basement interrogation room or something.

  6. Great totorial, Not as artsy with the cameras like they have been doing in a long time and i mean that in a good way. I just have one wish, that the lighting was better.

  7. I'm wondering why she used prep + prime highlighter wich has brush, right on her skin, what about hygiene standards? It looks like it was used before… :/

  8. For video and other editorial features that show working directly on the skin, a brand new product is used and often given to the model. Be assured that at locations we enforce the strictest good counter practices to ensure client safety.

  9. this is the best tutorial mac has posted by far! it was pleasant to watch, she was so detailed and informative. really lovely!

  10. Rebecca's voice is so soothing and I want to have her do more tutorials because I just love hearing her talk xD

  11. Love MAC makeup, love the looks featured, but please include people who do not look like they're professional models or will be seen shortly on the runway. A lot of women have fuller faces and a significant proportion of them who can afford these products are over 30.

  12. Did this make up artist just fall out of bed?It looks as if it has been out all night and what is with the put on accent?

  13. Lovely! I wish you could teach MAC store assistants about the art of 'less is more', I've yet to step into a MAC store where the 20-odd year old assistants aren't caked in an inch thick layer of foundation, it's really off-putting. I enquired/seeked advice on buying a foundation and the assistant matched up my skin under the harsh shop lights. I had to ask to see it in natural daylight (in front of the huge shopfront window). Makeup is about enhancing, not covering.

  14. I fell in love with Rebecca's style of doing makeup after I watched her in the YouTube channel "English Heritage" in it's History Inspired makeup series. I absolutely love her and Hindash as makeup artists. Check out the "English Heritage" channel. It has positivity, happiness and just lovely people.

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