HOW TO: Stunning South Asian Bridal Look with Ambreen Ahmed | MAC Cosmetics

HOW TO: Stunning South Asian Bridal Look with Ambreen Ahmed | MAC Cosmetics

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  1. I love the simplicity of this look. Most South Asian MUAs nowadays overdo the products so this was refreshing to watch

  2. All these people are like too much makeup…blah blah blah. We like this kinda look on our wedding day. The makeup has to last all day under Intense lighting. This is how we do it and how we like it so jog on!

  3. I'm a quarter Indian and have a tiny bit of Japanese in me. I consider myself part Asian thanks to my Indian heritage. I don't get why people are offended over the word Asian. Indians are Asian too. When I have my natural dark hair I always get asked if I'm part Asian. 🤷‍♀️

  4. It has too much brown under the looks like ..she is tired…..sorry too much bottom drag…you put way too much powder color over and over the face

  5. These Western bitches company wants to take EVERYTHING from India. First they stolen our materialistic wealth, our knowledge , tried everything to destroy our civilization,culture Now don't don't even want to term this as Indian bride look . FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU !!!!

  6. everyone fighting over her being asian but goddamn she can really just stay being desi WITH THAT BEAUTIFUL FACE WITHOUT SURGERY & TATTOOED BROWS DAMNNNNNNN

  7. Asia is a continent not a race… if your country is from there..then you are Asian.
    Indians/Pakistanis/ Bangladeshis/ Sri Lankans are all SOUTH ASIAN.
    Middle easterners are West Asian.

  8. This is coming from an Indian don't say I'm racist. Asian weddings are always extra af I would know cause I've been to a thousand

  9. I know indians are apart of asia, and are called asians, but I DO NOT think this can represent the average "asian" wedding look. When majority people think of "asians" you already know they think of the oriental side (chinese/japanese/korean) etc. PLUS there are a majority of the "asian" group. I believe you should of done a more oriental based makeup rather than this. Because the eastern asian (oriental based) represents the "asian" race/ethnicity more

  10. NC 40 is way too dark for her skin tone!!! She should be wearing NC 25, NC 30 at the darkest, Beautiful make-up an in the end the base looks fine but ONLY because she blended extremely well. The actual color is way off but this is the problem with white make-up artists who do Indian skin. They themselves wear foundation too dark too appear tan and then on us apply foundation even darker 🙄

  11. It's been almost a year since this was uploaded and I'm still so obsessed, I don't trust anyone to do my bridal look for me so I'm gonna just do my own makeup to this tutorial lol

  12. Such hardwork wasted on deep set hooded eyes, I mean most of the shadow wont even be visible for most of the time.

  13. Too much products used. This look can be achieved with minimum makeup and less time. Have seen other videos of MUA working for MAC.

  14. MAC, I would love to wear your products, but I can’t, because they aren’t cruelty-free. Please stop paying for tests on animals.

  15. Loved the final look but I feel the foundation was too dark for the model. It didn't match her neck or her ears. Perhaps mac should start hiring actual indian models with normal indian skin tonesnofnnc 40 and 42. This girl was easily NC 30

  16. Generally speaking, Asian bridal make up in UK is called this one. It is just a common name and people interested in usually know it´s this type of look which they can expect.

  17. I’m not gonna go for the asia war here rather I’ll focus on how much sexy this bride is looking, or is it just this models look? A bride should not look this sexy but she look pretty. Oh lord not this sexy.

  18. I wore ruby woo on my wedding day and i ended up hating it, it looks so good on everyone else but its not the best red for me. The cherry lipliner by its self though looks bomb on me😁

  19. This bride representing India 🇮🇳…. and,I'm from India… This make-up artist also belongs to India..

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