HOW TO: Wedding Party Makeup with Mickey Contractor I MAC Cosmetics

HOW TO: Wedding Party Makeup with Mickey Contractor I MAC Cosmetics

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. In times likes today when people are going way over board with makeup, school girls looking beyond dramatic, classic looks like these are a slap on their face.

  2. mickey contractor is brilliant. humble yet so talented. i was browsing through the lip colours and loved Mehr. i just found out he created it… i wish he could come to Mauritius to make my face!

  3. by the way why is the Prolong Wear compact foundation phased out??? that was my best foundation ever (for combination skin people living in tropical humid countries like Mauritius)

  4. this woman has that 1990s era model vibe about her. something in her face is very Cindy meets Christy. it's absolutely beautiful and natural. Great choice MAC.

  5. Sir, u r my favorite makeup artist. I learn so much things about light or natural makeup. Because, nowadays indian brides nt want loud makeup.

  6. I need to buy star violet after watching this, although mehr looks pretty on her, on me it looks ridiculously pink, and i'm not a fan of pink lippies as it is, considering i prefer peach and nude lipsticks.

  7. Finally I know the story about Mehr lipstick and Mickey was the creator. I have heard so many ways people pronounce it, and now I know.

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