Husband does my makeup 夫にメイクしてもらった

Husband does my makeup 夫にメイクしてもらった

Hi! Hi~ Haku, please help. That’s not how you do makeup! Hey guys! So we’re gonna do “Boyfriend does my makeup” today. Except, he’s not my boyfriend. He’s my husband. Yep. For those of you who still ask us that. Which is surprisingly more people than I would have expected. Yeah, right. So on Patreon, one of our reward levels is people can pick a video subject for us to do and the video that was chosen for us this time is the “My boyfriend does my makeup” tag. This will be the first time in my life to do the makeup thing. I’ve cut your hair, I’ve cooked for you… But no makeup. After this I guess I’ll never have to do anything myself again. You can just do it all. All right, let’s get started! Should we do a close up of my face so they can see no makeup face first? This is not the best way to do this, I don’t think. So these are the tools that Rachel will let me use today. Thank you. And this is actually from Melodee-san. Thank you, Melodee-san! And that’s Haku. Can you close your eyes? K. First, I’ll clean your face with this. [CAT ATTACK] This is not relaxing. What does “BB” stand for? Blemish balm. I don’t know what that is. There is cat hair on your finger. Please don’t put cat hair on my face. This looks very dark compared to your skin. Yep, it all is. CAAAT CAAAAT Don’t eat the brushes! NOOOO No! You are not allowed to do that. Hold the brushes. I don’t know how much to put. Do what you think is… what… good… Sorry, could you say again? Just like… do it the way you think would be good. Okay! Thank you 😀 Brightening Powder Natural Can you do blowfish face? Thank you. Now I wanna just put some red powder on it and make you look like pikachu. First of all, this isn’t actually brightening my skin, but if that WAS brightening my skin and you were putting it on the spots
where I was making a blowfish face… You got a problem, bitch? What are you planning to do with that? I don’t know. Sorry. Oh, I do this first?
This is for eyebrows? This is… brown? This looks black. Let’s do black. No, let’s do brown. I believe this is a lip liner
but that’s okay. EH?! Should I read these? Oh, it is. It says “Lip Liner.” Eyebrow. Okay, so this is… Ohh? That’s eyebrows, not eyelashes- Wait. This is eyelashes, right? These are eyebrows… Wait. Waitwaitwait Eyebrows is “mayuge.” I don’t think I’m doing this right. Stop testing me! I don’t know anything about this!! These are for your lips, right? Yep. For your lips. All right. I don’t know what this is. You should probably just read everything. I can’t tell what you’re doing because I can’t see… but this does not feel right to me. Uuuwoooaagh Can you open your eye? OHHshi What is that?! What’s “OHHH”?! Your face is red! What did you do to me? Keep, keep… close your eyes. I don’t know what I’m doing at all. That’s not how any of this works… Next, let’s do your lips. Can you open your mouth a little? Can you make it even? Do this.
[mashes lips together] I’ve never complained about you taking a long time to do makeup because I know it’s a hassle, but I didn’t know it was this much of a hassle. Well it’s not usually this much of a hassle. So guys, you can’t really complain. This is freaking time-consuming. Anyway, am I at least pretty now? …No. Oh god. I mean you are pretty, but this makeup is not pretty. Uwwoooahhh It’s super thick! Why are there so many colors? Then… yellow? Yellow? Not yellow. Green? Okay, I’ll go with this teal-ish color. Woah! This is wrong. You’re looking like a peacock. A male peacock. I like peacocks. They’re pretty. This is a mess. If I looked like this when we first met- You mean with this peacock thing? Yeah, this- all of it. Would you still have asked me out? Hmmm… …Maybe. Like, on your right side of your face it’s disaster, and on your left side of your face it’s less disaster but it’s still disaster. Why are you using a different color on this side? Oh, is it different? Sorry. It’ll just keep getting worse and worse. Okay. How do I look? Horrible. Kiss me. It’s awful. Is it that bad? It’s pretty bad. Can I see? I haven’t seen any of this. What is this? What did you do to me? This is umm… Wow. Okay… Well… I’ll just take a picture of this for record. Lookin fantastic. I got like sideburns, like uhh… like part of the way through a werewolf transformation here. That’s kinda what it looks like. It kinda looks like I was a prostitute who got bit by a werewolf and I’m part of the way through my transformation now. That’s what I’m going to go with. That’s this look. Jun will get some practice, and we’ll try this again in the future. I think I can do it fine next time. Okay. All right, looking forward to it. Thanks for watching, guys! I’ll see you later! Bye! UGHHH You’re ruining it!! YOU’RE RUINING IT Now what are you gonna do? Now what? It’s stuck to your foot! You don’t care anymore?

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  1. He tried to do something for perfection to her maybe contour more likely and bright face with shine colour and lips it is alright you're not ellipses days alright but ice is too little of your face but could be described your your beauty

  2. You guys are too cute !! 🥰🥰🥰
    Edit: I find it funny how precise Jun is with everything he touches. Girls on the other hand would just grab it and throw on their face. 😂😂

  3. You 2 are crazy, but you make a good couple. (A couple of what I'm not sure). Joke /
    your cute together.

  4. レイチェルさん化粧しなくてもとても綺麗😙💕

  5. I know it's been 4 years, but Rachel you are so real and sweet here. And beautiful. And brave, cause yeah, the makeup could be way, waaay better. Come to think of it, it's the first video where I've seen Jun suck at anything. Love your videos!

  6. Jun: Can you…close your eyes for a second?
    Rachel: Okay…
    Jun: [holds up Haku and uses his tail to “clean” her face] 😄

  7. You guys are so cute 💙 “the right side is a disaster and the left side is still a disaster just less of a disaster” 🤣🤣

  8. Ok so can we just talk about Rachel's weight? Or is it just me who is concern that the cat weights more? O.O

  9. I need my own Japanese man lol
    An attractive man who is shaped and tall and has great face features and character.

  10. Brilliant look from Jun, when you put your face up to the camera the before look, Jun wasn't looking at your face, he was looking at your assets.
    Excellent moves Jun has,
    your the man!!

  11. I love how Haku is then vs now. I'm discovering this video and it feels odd not hearing Poki or seeing Nagi in the background.

  12. "On your right side of your face it's disaster and on your left side of your face it's less disaster but it's still disaster ." 🤣

  13. Girl you are blessed with that eye color. Mine are dark brown with gold flecks. SO pretty. You don't need makeup, but then you are young yet.

  14. Rachel is so naturally bootyful and Jun.. unf. Something about the Japaneseee 😩 Yall are gonna make some smexy looking bebes. But for now live yalls young fulfilling life and enjoy it while you can! Especially with the fur babies!! ❤❤

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