I Do Holiday Makeup While In Line To Meet Santa

I Do Holiday Makeup While In Line To Meet Santa

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  1. Hi Mikey! This is Millie I met you when you filmed this video! You were super nice and cool! I love your channel! Thank you for always making such great content!!!!🤩😋🤗😅🤪


  3. Hahaha why am I only watching this now!?!?
    PS… I always laugh when you think we are to young to get your quotes hahahaha
    "Sssuperstar….." hahahahahahaha

  4. Superstar is one of my favorite movies of all time ♡ just wanted you to know you're not alone, but I'm also one of your older followers. Lmao

  5. Only Mikey can do Christmas makeup in line to see Santa on a time crunch and still sleigh!!!!

    See what i did there?

  6. When she held up the “face chart” it bought the eyelids said queen and I thought “hmm I wonder how she’s going to do this?”

  7. I know 10 things about you!

    1. You are watching miss bee
    2. Your reading this comment
    3. You didn’t notice the grammar mistake
    4. You went back to check
    6. You are not laughing at yourself because nobody does that
    7. You didn’t notice that I skipped 5
    8. You’re not laughing at yourself again
    9. You just realized there is only 9 facts because I skipped 5
    10. You are becoming an expert at this

  8. I was so happy for the superstar reference cuz literally no one knows what that is when i talk about it, also im watching a year later even tho i watched it last year cuz i love her sm lol!

  9. Your so down to earth and ALL personality, I love it! I've been watching your videos forever and somehow missed this one last year! So a year later here I am! And I love how you haven't changed a bit!! Xoxo

  10. I once fell over an American flag in colonial Williamsburg (long story) and immediately stood up, lunged, threw my arms up, and said "superstar!"….it was captured on no less than 3 home video cameras by the many people gathered for the ghost tour we were about to go on. So, I am not too young and I IMMENSELY appreciated your Superstar reference. Merry Christmas!

  11. Went to get photos with Santa with my lil cas and we were all wear matching tops for a photo over are close I took mine off to show a AC/DC to for the next photo and Santa asked what my favourite song but them was and I should take a listen to there new stuff just wanted to tell u. Lol

  12. When she asked if she had lipstick on her teeth at first glance she looked like Cheryl blossom from riverdale also i love you mikes ur content is great ❤️💕

  13. Love the many holiday well wishes! I'm watching like over a year later, in heckin spring, but when I heard winter solstyce my heart soared. <3

  14. Morton and when I was like eight no I was six and I already was watching stupors Superstar I love that movie

  15. My only thought would be that maybe next time go with red eyebrows and white stripes – but other than that, it's GREAT ! ! !

  16. Santa thought she was part a cult called YouTube and the followers were called zombaes, which let’s be honest is kind of true

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