I Froze My Face For $400 | Beauty With Mi | Refinery29

I Froze My Face For $400 | Beauty With Mi | Refinery29

Wait until you’re– Stop moving! *laughter* Hey guys, it’s Mi-Anne and this is Beauty with Mi. Last month I got to see what it would be like to live like a celebrity for the day and I actually went to Joanna Vargas’ spa in New York and tried her body peel. While I was there I discovered that she has a new facial, called the Super Nova facial, that she’s been giving to all the celebs
this year. Everyone from Betty Gilpin to Greta Gerwig to Jake Gyllenhaal to Mandy Moore. So I was like, “Can I please get the facial
too?” And I did! I recorded the entire process because it was very, very cool. Literally. So before I get into it though, please remember to hit subscribe down below, the little red button. Beauty with Mi comes out every Monday at 11am. I headed over to Joanna’s spa again. It’s on Fifth Avenue in New York. And I laid down in her super comfy bed. Super Nova Facial, let’s go! So step one, I am going to do some exfoliation. So she used a machine that has bit of a tube on the end that very gently exfoliates your skin. It uses suction to lift dead skin cells away
while also penetrating the skin with a serum. This is so much more gentle and instead of a dry exfoliation, this is really making the skin hydrated from the start. She did that all over my face, and then she cleansed. So she used her vitamin C cleanser to really get all the gunk out of my pores. Then she removed it with a really relaxing
hot towel before moving on to facial massage. Face massage is something that’s very traditional. Not only does it relax the client, it actually
exfoliates further and it assists in lymphatic drainage. So after Joanna removed the oils from my face with a hot towel, she took out a dry sheet mask, which she cut a little nose slit into, put the sheet mask onto my face, Bye! and then she doused the dry sheet mask with a mixture of medical grade collagen and peptides. This is the type of collagen that’s used
in hospitals in Europe because it’s so helpful in stimulating collagen production in your
own skin. I go over the lips and everything because
obviously you have fine lines there, around the mouth. The lips also get super dehydrated. Same thing with the eye area. So after laying down the first mask, she actually followed up with another mask. I am going to cover your face with a bit of
gauze. This is a molding mask. So this mask is gonna go on your face wet, and it’s gonna dry into sort of a rubbery consistency. The purpose of this layer is really to make sure that the collagen mask underneath stays completely active the entire time it’s on your skin. This mask holds in hydration in the skin and pushes it back into the dermis. So this is gonna stay on the face for about 20 minutes. You can actually feel it. It feels kind of like silly putty in a way. Now we could bounce things off of your face. *laughter* Now we are going to take off your mask and unveil your dewy, glowy skin. Woo! That was so cool. It was really cooling. Yeah. It felt really good. So after the collagen facial, Joanna moved on to a micro-current device, which she glided all over my face, especially into the contours of my face. And basically what micro-currents do is send micro-currents through your skin, causing your muscles to kind of tighten and contract. And the effect is supposed to firm up your
face. Have you ever had a client come in on the
day of the event with a huge zit on their forehead? Yeah. One Oscars I had that. Really? I basically put my exfoliating mask on the
one break out at the beginning of the facial, so I left it on there for over an hour. It has clay in it so it sucked out some of
the bacteria and toxins and it flattened it enough so it could be
covered. Then was cryotherapy, which honestly was the part that I was most excited for. People are always scared when they hear that I’m gonna do cryo on their face, but it actually feels good, doesn’t it? Yeah, it feels like an ice cube. This machine is really cool because it’s
pushing the cold deep into the dermis. It increases your circulation, therefore it
oxygenates the skin. Does it work kinda similarly to cryotherapy where because it’s so cold, it’s forcing a lot of blood to that area? Absolutely. Joanna made a really good point that when you use ice cubes on your face, it does cause a lot of redness, and the cryotherapy device doesn’t at all. So in terms of this facial which she developed for her clients to do the day of a really big event, it’s perfect because there’s no down time. You are glowing, girl. I feel already less puffy. So the final step of Joanna’s facial is
the oxygen treatment. It is a device that is 98% oxygen and she
just kind of dusts it all over your face and it’s supposed to really make your skin
look super glowy. So once the oxygen treatment was done, Joanna just put a bunch of skin care on my face. And she started with her daily serum. This is the ‘green juice for the skin’
serum. Smells like a creamsicle. This one is just my daily hydrating cream. It is great to lock in all the moisture that
we put into your skin. Alright girl. My skin feels so smooth! You’re dewy and ready to face the world. So all in all I really enjoyed the facial. It made my skin feel super smooth. I think that makeup actually did apply pretty nicely over it. The facial itself cost just shy of $400. I do think it’s a really amazing facial to get before an event. So if you’re going for a wedding, or you
have a really big party, obviously if you’re a celebrity and you are going to walk the
red carpet, it might be a good facial for you. Joanna has a ton of celebrity clients and
I kinda feel like I kinda walked among them today. I hope you enjoyed seeing this facial. Let me know in the comments below if you would get it yourself. I’m very curious. And I’ll see you guys next week. Bye! Thanks so much for watching, guys. Let me know what you want to see next on Beauty with Mi in the comments down below. And click here to subscribe to Refinery29,
and click here to watch another episode. Bye!

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  1. i watch these types of beauty videos not because i support but because it angers me and i have more motivation to care about trying to advocate against such unnecessary excess.

  2. Why do people assume that just because something is from Europe, it becomes better? Spoiler: Europe isn't perfect. It has the same problems as the states have.

  3. How are any of you fashionistas going to become the first female president of the United States when you
    spend soooo much time fixating over every square inch of your bodies? When you add in all of those hours
    you spend shopping, it does not add up…Oh booo-hooo!!! Life is such a bitch eh gals???

  4. She has to start using models with problem skin. She has no loss of collagen or any other damage and might as well advertise the bottle or the menu of the establishment. She is a buzz kill for the business itself as every viewer probably right's of the product due to insufficient proof of it's performance.

  5. That looked horrible! Fancy but quite a waste of money. And 'cold' doesnt increase blood supply to an area… NONSENSE!

  6. well kryotherapy for more blood flow doesnt make any sense.. if an area of he body gets cold, the veins constrict in order to reduce the blood flow so they dont give away the body temperature. thats the oposite effect..

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