I Got My Makeup Permanently Tattooed

I Got My Makeup Permanently Tattooed

– I am so excited to have
24 hour makeup on all day. (techno music) I take about 30 minutes to
about an hour to get ready. And with my daily life, I need more time. I have a startup company with my husband, and our days consist about 12 hours of workdays, seven days a week. Anytime that I could eliminate from fixing my hair or makeup would help. I have been putting makeup
on now for almost 20 years. I started wearing makeup to
feel confident about myself. Ever since I was young I watch
my mom put her makeup on, and I watch her transition
into this beautiful woman. I wanted to feel that as well. When I’m not wearing makeup, I feel like I’m not complete
or I’m not finished. And I just feel more sure of myself. I’m extremely excited to
have permanent makeup on so I can just hit the ground ready in the minute that I wake up. (thumping music) – I am Michelle Wu, the master therapist. We specialize doing semi-permanent
makeup in the salon. So the eyebrow, we’re
doing the Microblade. We use the Microblade to scratch strokes by stroke in the epidermal
layer of the skin. The eyebrow it looks
very natural and lively. For the eyeliner and the lip,
we use the machine to do it. It’s different from tattoo because it’s elastic to
penetrate in the skin but it can last to three to five years. (bouncy music) – First, Michelle
started with my eyebrows. (bouncy music) I didn’t feel a thing,
I felt like sandpaper or something drawing on my face. I was tearing up more when
she was plucking my eyebrows. (bouncy music) When she was poking me in
the eye for the eyeliner, it felt uncomfortable in the sense of that felt like somebody was dragging along the hairline of my eyelashes. The pain was like somebody poking you several times in a row. (thumping music) When Michelle was doing my lips, I did feel my lips starting to swell. Almost immediately after I
got the numbing cream put on. The pain on the lips felt like someone scraping
consistently on your lips. I felt every needle, I felt every stroke, I felt every little thing that she did. I think it’s as painful as ripping of a bandage slowly but I also knew that I was gonna get the
results that I wanted so I didn’t complain,
I soldiered through it. I know by tomorrow, I’m
gonna be a happy girl. (techno music) I just got done. I’m really excited to see
how everything turned out. Huh, yes. Oh my eyebrows look fantastic. And the eyeliner, you
did such a great job. I love it Michelle, thank you. Coming here and anticipating for all of these things to be done, I was nervous, and skeptical and excited
all at the same time. And as I was laying here, I was anticipating on how
things were going to turn out. And when Michelle handed me the mirror, it was everything that
I hoped it would be. If you’re thinking about getting Microblading eyebrows done, do it. If you’re thinking about getting permanent eyeliner done, do it. If you’re thinking about
getting permanent makeup done, I would do it and the
results are worth it. (lighthearted music)

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. I would do the eyebrows, eyeliner and maybe contour. Just because those take up most of my time. I do want to do lips, blush, and eyeshadow myself though because I do new colors everyday.

  2. The makeup in the beginning of the video is the make that takes 30 minutes to an hour or what? ๐Ÿ’€


  4. Why people donโ€™t like to have their natural beauty? I mean cmon, she was so pretty with her natural eyebrows and natural lips.

  5. imagine being 80 years old and having black eyeliner and red lipstick.
    โ€œbut im just trying to look youngโ€๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  6. U look terrible… It's so like cartoon, u look so fresh and pretty without any makeup…Why don't ppl feel confident in their own skin !!
    Why are pol so much into makeup ?
    If u don't wear makeup for a day will the society kill u or something..
    Or will u lose your self respect…
    Don't let makeup be a barrier and hide the real you !! ๐Ÿ˜ข

  7. Ok I might consider but Iโ€™m too much of a chicken to go through the pain๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ”

  8. Like what's the point of permanent eyeliner when you're just going to cover it all with eyeshadow and then have to paint eyeliner on top of it again, was this even thought through? Please do an update video three years from now and let us know if she still loves it and would do it all over again!

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  10. Before and after picture look weird , the after pic have more lighting and makeup around the face while the before look dull and depressed eyes

  11. Apparently, permanent makeup fades into grey/blue over time. So u might be walking around with blue eyebrows later down the line

  12. I have big lips – not very big- And everyone would make fun of em- Would you remove those puffiniess if you were me?

  13. I'm interesting in doing this but is it harmful or painful? I'm worried that they could mess something up.๐Ÿ˜•

  14. Wow! How perfect. The eyes are amazing. I would love to have this. Spending a lot of time on make- up every day is such a drag. Michele Wu seems to be a real master at her craft.

  15. I want my eyebrows done but what if the girl doesn't know what she's doing? I want this exact tech from the video lol

  16. It's kinda sad that she feels like she needs makeup to feel beautiful and complete, but I support her empowering herself if that's what she needs to do it!

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