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  1. Laura so you know how you made a video where you talked about having sunglasses that you designed, well i was watching this video and a commercial came on abut your sunglasses!!! So proud of you, keep up with the great work! Loveyou!!!!!!

  2. Does anyone have any blush suggestions for me? I'm pretty fair skinned with a cool undertone and I can't seem to find a good blush that doesn't make me look like a clown

  3. the powder is a foundation. basically, it is supposed to be something you wear to keep it light.

  4. The foundation is supposed to be light coverage but I agree the foundation is waxy but hurts bees is associated with honey and syrup etc.

  5. The foundation is not very coverage because burts bees is for a very natural look to just to slightly enhance your looks. In my opinion i have tried the eye shadows and they are nice but they may seem low quality because they are all natural and don't have the chemicals or stuff in regular makeup

  6. The tinted moisturizer/BB cream is actually legit fantastic – been using it for beach days and errand running for YEARS

  7. I like Burt's Bees products and I purchased them all the time for me and I will be purchasing some of the makeup products for my teen girls pretty soon

  8. I love the natural make up look! This look is probably one of my favorite look out of all the videos I've seen. I like the natural look, not so heavy on the face, soft eyes, no heavy mascara, keeping the lip light! Also my face is sensitive so having burts bees come with a make up product line really saved me! I've tried other brands from sephora and ultra, I kept breaking out. So thank goodness burts bees came out with a makeup line, I've been waiting for it since forever! Your eyeshadow look is what I always go for and the simplicity of your look is my overall look! Thumbs up!!!

  9. You inspire me tbh. I’m so gonna purchase some of the products. This is really far from the time you reviewed it but I was just bingeing videos soo…

  10. Love the packaging on this collection.. I don't care for the smell of the foundation, the blush in Shy Pink is my absolute fave… so is their eyeshadow trio in Dusky Woods. The mascara is ok if you want a very natural lash look.. they need to come out with a highlighter already though! Like seriously, what are they waiting for??

  11. I feel that it smelled sooo bad i couldnt even cover my face w it! Just cant get past that terrible smell!!

  12. Never purchased Burt’s bees cosmetics other thank a lip gloss but it is a nice everyday makeup look but I wouldn’t purchase this makeup line 😘

  13. I bought ALL my make up from KIKO cosmetics, been wanting to see a first impressions of that for ages but can't find anyone else that does it, hope you'd consider doing one 🙂

  14. it doesn’t look as full coverage because you used a brush and a brush tends to make product loose coverage.

  15. okay let’s be honest, the foundation was medium coverage at least. it wasn’t as light coverage as she said. idk why but i just feel like she’s overreacting just a bit.

  16. FYI you can find it in store at Walmart. Also, it's slightly more expensive than other drug store brands, but it's worth it due to the non toxic ingredients! The same products that charge both half and triple the price of theirs are filled with toxins.

  17. Hi Laura, I’m such a big fan of u and I used up all my data watching ur videos when we had a house problem. I sing the subscribe song every time I watch ur videos. Ur such a beautiful inspiration and I wish I was like u, kind beautiful funny and the most inspirational person I have seen. I love you Laura plz notice me it would make my day as I’m ill today 😣♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️xxxx love u forever and always! From Erin

  18. I think with this brand of makeup you should go with more of a natural lash just because Burt's Bees is a very natural company but other then that i love this look! looks great!!

  19. I did and I love it!!! It didn't feel caky or gross. I didn't try the eye shadow so thanks for the heads up!!

  20. I’ve really been looking for a makeup brand I could wear as a natural everyday look that isn’t going to ruin my already healthy skin. I think after watching some reviews I’m going to get the foundation and the eyeliner. I already have the lip products which I like so yeah :p

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