i tried following a dodie makeup tutorial

i tried following a dodie makeup tutorial

I’m not sure if people are still doing
this but there was this like trend of trying to follow makeup tutorials and I
thought oh my gosh it’d be hilarious if i did that cuz I don’t- I haven’t
done makeup since I was in like ninth grade I don’t really watch a lot of like
makeup people but I watched dodie you know I feel like I’m being a fake if I
just choose someone else makeup tutorial cuz like I don’t really watch their
videos and just like I’m trying to get views let’s just use this random
popular person for materials I wasn’t gonna buy anything because you know not
all of us are rich youtubers who can you spend money on videos okay I just have
the makeup that goes back all the way to like… Elementary School? with strawberry
shortcake lip gloss [humming] i watch a lot of review
videos i was thinking of maybe like making review stuff on this channel but like I
also don’t think my opinions matter that much like none of their opinions matter
either but [laugh snorting] every day makeup yeah from one week ago dodie:hello malone: everything is just so
calm in her videos and like really aesthetic looking mine is just like hey
here’s all that disgusting yellow in my room and here’s me scream-whispering because I don’t want my family to wake up dodie: I haven’t done this for a while lil
makeup tutorial–tutorial? I’m not really teaching you anything am i? first things
first I like to do my brows i use this dark color here you can tell i use it a lot
just matches my hair and i put it in my brows i normally use a pencil but as always my favorite pencil has run out malone:okay so I
learned nothing apparently it’s supposed to match my
hair but how am I supposed to check that I guess ohhhhh I can’t see wow this is a good look for me so I have
no idea what I’m doing maybe I should like shape? I don’t know
shape to do. oh no oh no oh no i know you have to blend them I look like a clown. oh that one looks good I feel like every human who actually can do
makeup is cringing watching this train wreck [grunting] yknow what this is how we
gonna live my life no nooo it’s way too dark for my face dodie: i get clear mascara
to kind of brush them all up but Turner women is so I’m just gonna use a brown
mascara instead malone: do I have a brown mascara? let me do like the makeup
people okay so it’s dark okay so I guess we’re going to use this one to go
through my brows I guess (grumbling) whatever that means dodie: hopefully they’ll thicken them up a bit
as well boom my natural brows are very soft I like
them feeling a bit more course you know malone: have I taken my glasses off on camera
before what am I supposed to be doing here because I’m not really sure what mm listen we all expected this to be a train wreck so I mean you’re not here to
see me succeed this is a glow down okay now that we managed to ruin my face more dodie: I like to
kind of mix some things together my favorite foundation it’s like a serum
lightweight they certainly got the glossier perfecting skin tint and then
I put in some kind of SPF as well to you know protect myself from the rays because
it’s been sunny recently make a nice little concoction on my hand gonna mix
that up mmm malone: I have never bought a foundation so
I have my sister’s old BB cream and a concealer in fair glow and then a
concealer that used to belong to my mom that is no where near my shade
so I’m just gonna combine these two i don’t need that much oh my gosh dodie: I usually have
spots all around my cheeks and I don’t mind them being there? so I go flat under the
eyes and around the nose bing bing bing I like leaving out my nose because I like the freckles
and the kind of natural discoloration so we gonna get rid of this shiz and this shiz oh my
gosh l ran out (whines) i ran outtt why is my face so red (distorted) and my brows so black. and let’s just fix that shiz she said not to do the nose i’m just gonna dodie; gonna set that with I don’t know basically whatever
powder you can find I used this Bobby Brown one because it’s got sparkles in
it malone: stole one of these it was the first one i saw I actually have
powder I didn’t have it before in my life but now I do
it’s from my sister I guess that’s what she did how’s it look [crash of makeup falling] dodie: next I’m gonna do some
highlighter and if you want the best highlighter in the whole world this is a
little bottom from lush called optimist it is just so sparkly I usually shake it
so I can get a little bit on my little finger (baby voice) my widdle finger put in on the inner corner of my eye, on the tip of my nose and obviously on my cheeks bam bam bam highlighter just did not exist when I
was a teen malone:I felt like it didn’t when I was a teen but here we are this is from
when I was a teen I mean technically I’m still a teen but I’m also an adult which
is really weird I’m an adult and I’m lookin like this put it on the inner corner yeah that’s not a good look i definitely got some in my eye [wheezing] I’m in
so much pain [wincing] at least now my eye boogers will glow ah [cries] alright so now that ruined everything am I gonna go blind I think I’m going blind okay she said little finger but I
just like shoved my whole hand in there can I die from getting highlighter in my
eye boom i’m like literally dying
bam! should i like call an ambulance
just kidding no my insurance probably won’t cover it no idea if I’m doing this right or if it’s supposed to do anything cuz it just kind of looks
the same [crying] Oooooh [crying] sparkle sparkle sparkle I’m in so much pain I’m genuinely trying hard guys but it’s not going the way it should dodie: now I’m going to take the same color that I
used before put it on the outer edges of my upper lash line it makes it kind
of like smokey eye liner you see look flick out a little bit malone: oh I forgot that
actually had it on it okay it is not supposed to go up that much okay [instrumental of My Face by dodie plays] my eye is soaked dodie: just bought i’m the
glossier mascara you can’t see it and I wasn’t a fan at first but after crying
four times in one day this stuff stayed on you can just build and build and
build you just a layer after layer more and more your lashes just look bangin’ malone: it smells like chocolate
we gonna use the fancy one because we fancy up in here i’m still crying so that’s….good [instrumental of My Face by dodie plays] how long am I supposed to do this for because this is just….. long time ah! [slowed down] aah! okay we gonna stop oh my gosh I can see
my lashes this is weird. dear god. I’m so sorry dodie:this um popbeauty bronze powder bronze boom I
basically exploded and so I just poured it into a little pot and I dip this in
and turn it around and I tap it all blew it off to my cheeks right where my
cheekbones i also love doing the tip of my nose I just think it makes it look
cuter malone: ok do I have any like bronzery colors cuz I don’t own bronzer we’re just gonna…see what happens! oh this is way too dark makeup is my calling dodie: for my lips I just put on this lip balm from butts bees It’s just tainted
and it’s just the exact color I want my lips to be [pop] malone: i got a tinted lip balm It’s tinted…..and it’s lip balm [cry-laughing] dangggg who are they ha dodie: this is pretty much I’m what I wear all day ohhh I look like Donald Trump just whapped
his greasy little hand on my face is my eyes still red ohhh it’s so bad so yeah I hope you
enjoyed my suffering this is a learning this was a learning experience and what I learned is to
never do this again let me know if you like this new camera
I hope you do because it cost a lot 5

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