I Tried Parenting With Kylie Jenner Nails For A Week

I Tried Parenting With Kylie Jenner Nails For A Week

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  1. Chile y'all gone let these white folks confuse you.. those nails are normal in the black community.. if you are use to them, they don't get in the way

  2. The thought was nice for a video but can we get someone that has actually had nails before period..like how do u not know to use your knuckles for buttons or peel a fkn biscuit tin, come on ..maybe the video should have been ‘ I GET NAILS FOR THE FIRST TIME’

  3. I've had coffin nails I was so scared of being a nanny with long nails caude id scratch my cousin i take care of you proved that its ok to function with them 🙂

  4. Lol I’ve had my nails done since we came home from the hospital (1-22-20) it’s so easy to me but maybe because I don’t know any different 🤷🏾‍♀️

  5. My father once had an trainee girl with super long nails. And because they wanted to show her that those nails were very impractical for the work they were doing and that she was going to do, they assigned her with sorting through a gigantic box of small screws and nails and what not. She had absolutly no problem with storting everything, she went through it, like it was nothing. My father was very impressed and noone said anything about her nails anymore.

  6. I’ve always wondered how anyone functions with those nails; thanks for show us!
    And now I really want that recipe for the meatball bake. That sounds DELICIOUS!

  7. I remember I got long acrylic nails for the first time and went to ATM and couldn't get my card out the machine so it took the card in and said it would be held until I pick it up… only problem was the bank was closed that day 😫

  8. I currently play violin so I can’t have long nails but I’m quitting after this year and switching to choir so I’ll actually be able to have them and I’m so excited haha

  9. Loved this video! But If you are a user of long nails before having a baby it’s waaaay easier! When you have nails you already do things differently!

  10. People have to remember that when you're used to wearing long nails.. you can do anything because you're used to them. But when you are new to it.. you're still trying to get used to them so it will be more difficult until you catch on to it. I'm horrible at explaining but anyone know what I mean?

  11. Also keep in mind that Kylie was living for a couple years with those long nails before she had Stormi so chances are she was probably just used to having them before the baby was born which Im guessing made it a lot less complicated vs someone who has never had them and is getting used to them.

  12. I don’t like long nails while I have a small baby because if they’re chocking I like to be able to clear their throat with my finger only have had to do it once with my niece thankfully. My sister has always had long nails since I could remember and she does everything perfectly fine.

  13. I'm not a mom yet (I'm barely 2 months rn) and my nails grow incredibly fast even before I got pregnant so I get super lazy about cutting my long as heck nails every week. Which leads to complications, like the nails getting in my way when I cut up stuff while I'm cooking, or I have to constantly clean under my nails Because I take care of plants and when I cook or i have to clean simple fabric fluff stuff from under my nails when I scratch my jeans when my leg itches. Without a baby my nails make everything a mile stone. So, I don't even want to imagine how my life will be with my baby and my dragon claws for nails haha

  14. people have to understand that most moms who have long nails like that have worn them for a long time and adjusted to simple tasks before having their children

  15. Kylies child is literally with her all the time. And what is wrong with a baby. A nanny is the equivalent of a child spending time with their grandparents while at work. 🤷🏽‍♀️ so whats the issue. Kylies mother is super busy so boom nanny duh. Think about it. Let it sink it.

  16. When you're not use to having long nails,then from one day to another you have very loooong nails…of course they'll get in the way of things that you do.
    If you decide to continue to get them filled, new application, etc. over time we discover ways of doing things differently.
    Personally, I don't think there's a problem for a mom to have long nails,as long as 'mom' is cleaning them (including underneath) and can do everything without the baby getting scratched etc. Because after all…..mom's want and need to take care of themselves too. And that includes doing things for 'themselves' that makes them feel and look GOOD!! So whether it's getting their nails done,their hair done,getting a new outfit or taking an hour away from everyone just to be left alone or whatever….. I say to all mom's….. ''INDULGE, and do something for yourself or by yourself! You earned it so you deserve it''!! <3

  17. Use your knuckles instead it makes your nails break less and it’s just easier… this is coming from someone with extremely long nails

  18. The little AirPods struggle is so freaking relatable😂 but I found out if you put your nail in front of the airpod in the case and push back, it pops them right out

  19. I get my nails done like this and I have a 6 month old! Once you learn how to change the way you do things they’re actually not hard to have!

  20. for 24 years of my life i had short nails. than i discovered a good nail tech an my extension nail got longer and longer. i have progressively got used to it, it's a completely different experience if you are used to them

  21. Kylie Jenner probably didn't had to "pull it off" though. Rich people raise babies with nannies and stuff. Of course "normal" moms have long nails and work it out fine i don't think she has to.

  22. I don't think kylie jenner or her siblings actually look after their own kids. They probably have nannies and other people looking after them.

  23. Look I'm not a mom, but i got long acrylic nails for my birthday and i could not last a week while working. Mad props to people who rock long coffin nails – they can rule the world

  24. The tip when doing this with nails to remember is “don’t use your actual nail as a tool”. Makes things slightly easier but nails are just difficult let’s be honest y’all, lol ✨🖤

  25. she is a BILLIONAIRE! she can have someone put on the kids shoes another tie up stormy hair may be a personal stylist another change her diapers. probably does!

  26. I can say it is that you have better people around you and following you than she does. Tons of support for trying and not giving up. The gloves really are a must if you have long nails and diapers that need changing.

  27. I know lots of women who live their lives with nails like this. Hate Kylie Jenner but it's mostly a matter of being accustomed to the nails

  28. The first time I got my nails done I got them too long and I went back 2 hours later to have them shortened. I couldn't function at all

  29. Omg when you were fanning over your nails I thought "just wait til u have to use a car seat" you immediately vented for that reason. Then while you were figuring it out I was motioning my thumb bone as if u can see me 😂 sure nuff you DID IT!! Too funny, that is my main reason why I cant do long nails. I panic thinking omg what if this was life or death!?

  30. For everyone saying that Kylie has nannies and that’s why she can have those long nails… I thought the mom shaming was regarding her not being able to completely fulfill her motherly duties and uses nannies instead because she’d rather have those long ass nails???!

  31. idk i wear nails just a tad shorter than those and i dont have issues with my baby but then again i've had them for years and know how to work with them and live life with them- i can see where it may be hard if it's not a part of your normal life to begin with.

  32. That's because she has nannies. Do we seriously think, she she's a normal momma like us? No, however, I love you are a true mom. Xo

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