I Went To @makeupbyariel’s Masterclass + I WAS SHOOK!! Kylie Jenner MUA secrets, tips, & techniques!

I Went To @makeupbyariel’s Masterclass + I WAS SHOOK!! Kylie Jenner MUA secrets, tips, & techniques!

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  1. i would really love to see celebrity MUA’s do like “regular people’s” makeup ya know? like people with fine lines .. texture … acne .. discolouration. just find obviously celebs have top skin care & get regular facials done so i would love to see the same techniques AND products used on regular people. ALSO love how you did this look !!

  2. You should turn down your lights a little so it’s not so bright. It’s hard to see the reality of the make up! Nice job 👍🏼

  3. Where is there info on this Ariel masterclass? There is nothing online about an event in 2020 just London last year. I wanted to read more about it.

  4. U did good..but LADIES..KYLIE HAS HAD THINGS DONE TO HER FACE and BODY!!!! Makeup can only do so much…The work she has had done is A1 done very well… just remember this dolls!!

  5. Please I beg you please answer this question. What camera do you use girl??? Please I beg you help a sister out and let me know pleaseeeeeeeee

  6. he really does give amazing advice! he taught me to set your eyebrows with a powder after applying a pencil on them

  7. “Ariel said that the forehead is the smoothest part of the skin”
    feels all the bumps and texture on my forehead
    Maybe If I was Kylie 😭

  8. I wanna try this but I feel like my pores are too big and I have too many lines and just, that my skin is too crap for it to work haha.

  9. So YOU bought all the things… which then made ME buy all the things. 😬😫 But not quite as much. So excited though! 😃

  10. This is how I learn how to do makeup at makeup school. I always use brush to apply concealer on my clients and myself. Watch Wayne Goss he has been showing the blush technique application last year. It’s a very old technique call draping. We r all use to watch influencers makeup on YouTube but unfortunately that is not how it works in real life.

  11. Roxette ma’am , if your a MUA and you got your Instagram portfolio why haven’t you gone to Naimes and Nigels in LA and sign up to get your pro discounts to get 40% off makeup forever smh lol

  12. What MUF matte velvet powder did you use to set the face at the end? Was it the same color as you used under the eye??? Thanks! Beautiful. 🖤

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