In Your Face: Confronting Tattoo Prejudice (Face Tattoo Documentary) | Real Stories Original

In Your Face: Confronting Tattoo Prejudice (Face Tattoo Documentary) | Real Stories Original

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. Using the word prejudice is insulting. Prejudice is against people of color who are born at a disadvantage because people think they are sub human because of their race. You chose to get tattoos and you go in knowing people will judge you. Yes people will judge you but do not equate that to the struggles of people who really face injustice

  2. This is a little odd survey, especially regarding changing £10, mainly because everyone knows people forge notes. I’ve completely no problem with tattoos, only one myself, but I don’t think there’s any wrong with them. But anyone asking me to change a note, won’t happen. Maybe think of a better survey 🤔🤔🤔

  3. 1. you have to realize not everyone understands your mental psychosis reasoning for getting excessive/facial tattoos –
    2. tattooing purpose and designs have a deep cultural history – which has no significance in modern-day fads
    …absolutely none. People who are stupid enough to get sloppy face tattoos have made a reckless choice to shove themselves into a certain class of people whom are looked down upon by society. And if you don't care about that – that itself is the problem.

  4. If Becky stopped me in the streets, there wouldn't be any prejudice. I'd probaly ask for her number, if I could pluck up the courage 😊😊, got a major thing for beautiful tattooed women!

  5. why do i need to put the word freedom in my fkng yawbone to see it every day? i kreate my own kind of freedom every day…

  6. People with tats dont deserve discrimination, its definitely unfair. I dont like the look of heavily tatted faces, but its their body and choice.

  7. I want to build a new life
    in the United Kingdom
    I have a tattoo on my forehead
    can i Live and feel free
    With a regular job?

  8. thx for the video. i wanted to get sleeves for over 7 years but wasn’t sure if i want them when i m like 50. this video showed me how much better people look without tattoos.

  9. I worked for the government (USA) and the policy was NO visible tattoos while in uniform. A lot of applicants could not be accepted because of neck, face and hand tattoos.

  10. That guy's name is Skat? I am pretty sure skat is another word for sh!+. Or, I could be wrong. If that's his real name, his parents have been trolling him since day one.

  11. As face tattoos become more prevalent then like tattoos in general, they'll become less of an issue. Certainly not a taboo
    Also pragmatism comes into play. For example the British Army says a visible neck or face tattoo will preclude you from joining. A sizeable minority of infantry that've served tours of Afghanistan have roses on their necks, tear drops on their cheeks

  12. I got my 4×4 stuck in the bush one afternoon by myself. I walked 2ks back to the highway at 8pm at night in a singlet and shorts. I'm not covered but am very tattooed. Not a single person would stop for me. I was standing on the side of the road with a head torch and people would slow down then speed away. Finally a man stopped, He had his entire neck tattooed. He helped me out and I got home that night. Really made me think how much people see an image and think the worst.

  13. As a wheelchair user, I would love to see how quickly these same people would be asking if they could help me with anything, whether or not I asked.

  14. Its not the tattoos for me…its peoples non verbal and verbal language. If you look intimidating people with react accordingly..
    Tatoos or not.

  15. Ich bin selber Tätowiert und daher schon nichts gegen Menschen mit Tattoos.
    Und wer sich Hals und Gesicht Tattowieren läst, soll das machen.
    Ich persönlich würde mir aber nicht den Hals oder das Gesicht tättowieren lassen.

  16. "People think it's a mental illness, but obviously it's not".

    … and here I am on the autistic spectrum, jobless, because no one wants to take me in on due to my mental illness… even though I am a hard worker and have a good resumé… and you're fighting 'prejudice' due to a choice.

    FYI people can say anything they want about autism, but I never judge anyone based on any physical features. I think you guys look fine, I don't see an issue.

    Also, people also tell me to apply online and I have no tattoos.

  17. Not trying to be rude but i think people react to the lady the way they do is because she is really defensive and you can tell she is already thinking shes gonna be discriminated


  19. I personally think tattooed faces are beautiful but people must be really careful about what tattoos they get tattooed on their faces. It's like in one of the last scenes when one of the friends asked the tattooed guy if that cross under his eye was because he was a murder , and of course it's not, murders get a tear under their eyes , it must be a tear not other thing but people can easy misunderstand it and some (who don't know the real meaning of different tattoos) can get a tattoo which owns to a specific criminal group without knowing, and that's why people avoid them ( cause they didn't search for information about that tattoo and just because they liked it they got it).
    But yeah I can imagine how difficult it is for tattooed people to be ignored or rejected just because of their tattoos but also we have to try to understand that nowadays people are more scared of other people, I mean we don't know who is a murder, an assassin, a kidnapper, etc. and cause some of them still believed tattooed people were on jail they really believe all of them are criminals when that's not true , so they can be cruel trying to protect themselves. It's sad but it's what it is., not all tattooed people are criminals and not all untattooed people are good people (a good example, churches are full of rapists)

  20. White people ruin everything.
    Tattoo were an African, Asian, latin American tribal marks
    White people, do it for the attention. All the rest of cultures look beautiful, but you on this docu look disgusting!

  21. This is not discrimination based on race, sexuality or disability. These people are actively choosing to ink their faces with ridiculous shapes and patterns; they have no right to complain.

  22. Unless they are for cultural reasons I consider these people morons. How many intellectuals/professionals have this ink? How many crims have ink? Nuf said.

  23. Further……the simple fact that having these tatts stops you from obtaining suitable employment just confirms their morons. But hey we all need ditch diggers.

  24. If you do something extreme like tattoo your face, chrome-plate your teeth, or dye the whites of your eyes, it it your decision and you need to own it, m8. For Christ's sake.

  25. 16:27 The old lady is so disgusting and fake i can hear in her voice "is beutiful" i'm sure she would never stoped at him and help if she would know how he look, even more that she was mean saying "you have way much makeup on your for a man" why you would care if someone has makeup or not. She basicaly judge you by looking.

  26. Moral of the story, don't do face tattoo folks. No matter what, people will always form an opinion whether they know you or not.

  27. Face tattoos and piercings, at a minimum, show lack of/poor judgement. I just steer clear of these people. Some might be just peachy nice, but FAR FAR too large a percentage of them are people to be avoided at ALL COSTS. SO, I just avoid them all. DISCRIMINATION IS LEGAL against people who CHOOSE their situation. Best advice my father ever gave me was NOT to get a tattoo.

  28. Put on a pair of vampire fangs then wonder why people avoid them…. HAHAHHAHA NOW I know many of the TATTOEES are STUPID too.

  29. Ok!! So this video proves ppl with tattoos can t take care of their emotions so they are insane in a way. Yeah!! That s why some are criminals, can t handle emotions, takes the easy way!

  30. They all look better with their tattoos. it's part of who they are and they it makes them beautiful and unique. people need to stop being so judgmental.

  31. What do these people do for a living? They all seem cool but I would NEVER hire any of them. Tats are cool, but when you cross the line to areas of the body that can't be covered, you lose. Sorry, I've got a business to run.

  32. These people are so immature. They sound like teenagers. You tattoo a dagger on your face to shock people, then feel morally superior when they react how you wanted them to. The world is such a messed up place and this is how some people choose to spend their energy. Imagine if they focused that energy into something that mattered instead of creating drama with strangers.

  33. I worked at winnebago with felons. Most of which had face and head tattoos. All of which are super nice. Tattoos to me dont throw me off. I actually like looking at them. If I'm hanging out with someone who has tattoos I usually need to look closely at then cause my eyesight is getting. Bad

  34. They do not look disgusting, but if i saw one of them at night i would run away asap… Thats too much, why would somebody do this one their skin. I know that sometimes we want to feel unique whatever, but come on, thats stupid. I would give them an opportunity to show they are good humans even though their physiques. But humanity scares me most of the time. >:v

  35. I don't care about tattoos myself, I don't like a pain but I kinda like them on the Guys, sorry for the loss of the little baby, life is tough. I totally get how the tattoos helped with the grief. Most of my nieces and nephews got tattoos but not on their face probably because of work. Don't see anything wrong with them . They all were nice . Had to laugh where I live they don't ask for a change of a tenner but have you got a tenner .

  36. when you treat people like a criminal and trash they start to feel like a criminal and trash and then start acting like that. its sad

  37. El prejuicio de la gente siempre va a existir, soy médico acá en Mexico y trabajo cubierta, no se me ven, tengo 14, pero cuando me ven fuera de mi trabajo se sorprenden y me han dicho “ una dra tatuada!?!? …Y eso queee???!!! No merma en nada mis capacidades!! Pero la gente tiene el chip te tatuaje = delincuente,desgraciadamente eso no cambia, pero soy feliz así y amo mis tatuajes.

  38. I dont think that is because the tattoos. I just think that is because people in UK dont use to be polite or helpful with unknown people

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