Indian BRIDAL Makeup – Episode 01 | दुल्हन MAKEUP सीखें | Step By Step Tutorial | #Anaysa

along with face wash Micellar water too is important in Bridal Makeup as it removes the dirt & impurities if left after face wash Now its time to Skin Prep.. Before doing makeup Massage your face with serum this works as skin protectant means due to this makeup products doesn’t get enter inside the pores now need to apply cream to nourish skin follow all these steps of skin prep before doing Makeup to make your skin shiny & glowy along with skin needs to prep lips as well so apply lip balm now give your skin pores a bonus security by applying primer can also use brush to apply foundation but this damp sponge helps in blending the foundation so well you need to apply light strokes for even distribution of foundation just like that of Shruti is doing you must apply the foundation on neck as well here we apply concealer as a corrector this help to hide the under eye darkness as here we’ve chosen a slight orange coloured concealer over that applying another concealer of lighter shade which will give highlighted look if you need high coverage on your under eyes then use brush instead of sponge apply loose powder well so that concealer to avoid creasing of foundation and remove the excess later on its must to learn the contouring techniques and for that your contour brush needs to be look like that there are two ways of contouring 1. Cream Contour 2. Powder contour here we’re doing cream contour and that needs to be done before applying loose powder this thin brush helps to give edgy look hit light strokes using a flat brush wherever you’ve created contour all Makeup will ruin if you don’t do contouring well so on forehead do contouring from up to downward down to upward at jawline

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