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  1. Wish MAC's videos were much longer & more in depth considering all the amount of "Limited Edition products" they come out every week! Shame😕

  2. i use the same technique on me and on my clients and a little trick for the girls who dont have brow gel and use brow shadow is to wet the brush. in this way you have more flexibility to drow your brows

  3. Lovely! Just the way I do mine as well. As you can see, there is no need for light colored concealers that create ghostly shadowy halos over the brow!

  4. I wish this were a one shot kind of video.  All the different camera angles on the screen make it confusing and hard to watch.

  5. OMG!!!
    i love M.A.C its expensive but hey its worth it hahahaha.I believe in my heart M.A.C is the best makeup store in the world…I went in valley plaza here in bakersfield this lady did my hair and we were talking alittle bit i didnt talk much because i was shy and nervouse but she did a great job with my makeup.

  6. Hi! Great video!!!! Wondering what the song is👍🏻 what brow pencil do you recommend for natural but defined brows?

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