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  1. You should list all of the products in the description. I know she said what she used but it would be helpful to list them, too.

  2. Dear Mr MAC why don"t You Update all your videos with the list of products? It should be very useful And more "social" . Thank's

  3. I loved this. So you did the liner and then smudged it upward on her lid? And is there rules to a water line? Color to use, is age a factor? I heard it may close your eye up, make it smaller ( maybe an old mom makeup myth)? I am 47 and trying to find the correct way to do my makeup.

  4. I also wish they would tell you the product numbers as well as brush numbers. I own so much MAC and that smudge brush is awesome. Of course I have five other smudge brushes, can't find my MAC to give the number. The Mascara she used is 874 and I always use that after I use A43 as a primer.

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