hey guys welcome back to my channel so
today I’m so excited because if you know me you know I love for answers I love
being bronzed I love feeling bronze I love that glowy look so today I’m going
to be doing a first impressions review of the it cosmetics bye bye pours
bronzer this is in the shade Beach it’s point three fluid ounces and how much
was this this was $28 actually I think it was 30 but I got a discount so $30
and I absolutely love the packaging the bronze packaging with the black lid it’s
just so pretty hopefully it goes on really well all I
have on right now is the Becca foundation the ultimate coverage
foundation I’m doing a review on this too so if you guys want to check out
that video I either posted it before this one or
after this one so you might have to just wait and see but I really liking the
foundation right now and by the way so let’s go ahead and get on into the video
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notified when I post new videos so with that being said let’s get on into it looks like it’s so beautiful I’m gonna
swatch a little bit for you guys on my hand it’s just a very natural glow and
it has a little bit I mean a little bit of a sheen to it but no sparkle
whatsoever I think it’s just so beautiful with so
we’re gonna see how it is on the skin how it performs and hopefully it’s not
patchy or anything I’m gonna just be using my morphe brush it’s just like a
fluffy powder brush so we’re gonna see how this goes bronze me up mmm it smells
really good too it’s almost you can’t smell it in the packaging actually but
when you put it on your brush it smells like coconuts and I’m really liking that
glow is this like the most natural glow I have ever seen and guys I’m not just
saying that it’s really pretty and it’s easy to blend out like there’s no
patchiness whatsoever you guys this looks so natural and beautiful I
literally think this is my new bronzer and it’s not hard it’s not like easy to
overdo you kind of just like brush it on and you get like a nice beautiful glow
and then if you want a little bit more you can add it up and build it oh my
gosh I think I’m obsessed it’s like a perfect
shade too it’s not too orange it’s not too Brown it’s beautiful
okay so enough talking about that because I think you guys are gonna think
like this girl’s really crazy but I’m gonna put a little bit of blush on and
see how it layers over top of this so for blush today I’m going to be using
the Sephora blush palette and I think this palette is so pretty like for
summer especially I love the bronze II shades and you can also use it for
shadows as well which is really nice and they
have some highlight shades too I think I might be using just this matte blush you
guys okay so I just put on my blush and I cannot say enough good things about
this bronzer I am truly obsessed you guys it looks so natural and beautiful
it blended out perfectly my blush layered over it magnificently guys I
have not been this excited you’ve got to go check out this bronzer so this is so
lame that I’m getting this excited but go check out those bronzer I have the
hardest time finding bronzers I feel like the is it two-faced that has all
that yeah like the chocolate Soleil bronzers I like him but I wasn’t ever in
love with them like they were just good they were good enough they’re fine and
then of course I love the butter bronzer as well you can tell that I’ve used a
lot of it but I mean this was just kind of like okay I like the sheen I like the
smell of it but you guys this one is amazing please go check it out and let
me know in the comments down below what you thought about it maybe it’s just me
and maybe I’m having a great skin day but I am loving this so let me know what
you guys think about it in the comments down below thanks so much for watching
this video and I’ll see you next time bye

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