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  1. The definition of legal blindness is the measure of your vision WITH THE MAXIMUM POSSIBLE CORRECTION IN PLACE. There’s no such thing as being “legally blind without your contacts” when you see fine with them. I’ve had 20/800 vision for 40 years but it’s correctable so I’ve never been legally blind. And neither are you, James.

  2. Hebwas doing great up until he got to remembering the shades still love both of you james and molly☺😊

  3. 9:58
    He did really good, he just mixed up the green shade and the dark blue shade lmao
    Better than I’d be able to remember
    Okay, yeah true. But a close second for me, if not my first thought, would be, “WHAT DOES MY CAT LOOK LIKE? HAS SHE GONE WHITE?? DOES SHE STILL LOOK LIKE A LITTLE PIXIE OR DID SHE GET BIGGER??”

  4. OMG MOLLY you are such a HUGE Insprasion to me anda sooooo many other people you just keep on doing you and everyone Will love u

  5. Omg I laughed so hard you guys are so cute “it’s in my lash line” “that sounds like a personal problem”

  6. At first I was like gosh remembering all that she just has a crazy rain man type memory. But then I remember the 80’s and 90’s and I could remember several hundred phone numbers. Now I don’t even know my kids phone numbers, LOL (like really I don’t!)!! So if you think of it like that, you remember what you really want/need to. I still think she has an amazing memory though!! Like amazing!! Lots of love to Molly!! 💗

  7. If James wasn’t gay😭😭😭
    I ship the hell out of them. They would make an amazing couple. They’re both petite and adorable!!

    I wish molly Could see how freakin gorgeous she is.

  8. Being legally blind myself now is extremely limited vision and tunnel vision on most I am going to put on my YouTube how I do my make up and I’m going to have somebody describe in detail for you Molly and for anyone else who is legally blind on what I’m doing what colors I’m using and off for my make up that way you can see what I do with my own make up and how quickly I do my make up which everybody will probably be very jealous because I can do all of my make up in less than five minutes

  9. Molly: u are in my lashe line
    James : that's your cheek bone
    Molly: your brush is in my lashe line
    James : that sounds like a personal problem
    Me: bahahahahahahahahahah 😂😂😂

  10. OMG! This video made me laugh out loud! The results are so funny! I'm seriously impressed with Molly's ability to do her own makeup, and I LOVE her for it.

  11. I’m going to upload a cousin does my makeup challenge in a couple days so u should subscribe to me and watch and LOVE YOU MOLLYYYYY

  12. I would punch him in the face if he ever called me sister and if i was his brother i would just start making fun of him if he called me sister

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