Jeffree Star | Before They Were Famous | UPDATED Biography

Jeffree Star | Before They Were Famous | UPDATED Biography

Before Jeffree Star would clock in over 16.8
MILLION subscribers on YouTube, over 15.3 million on Instagram and almost 6 million
on Twitter Before Jeffree Star would build his own empire
and ultra successful makeup line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics
Before Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Makeup Collection of ONE MILLION UNITS would
sell out in just 30 minutes, setting records Before Jeffree Star would be dubbed the 5th
highest earning YouTuber both in 2018 and 2019, earning 17million or more per year These days – Jeffree remains one of the
highest paid YouTubers according to Forbes and has made himself quite the fortune. His net worth is an estimated 50 million and
we know Jeffree’s never too shy to flaunt that lavish lifestyle. Jeffree is probably one of the most, if not
the most, successful spawns of internet fame. Either way he’s an original. He’s been famous on the web since 2005 back
in those MySpace days, where he was pretty much the most popular user. He didn’t get onto YouTube until late 2015
but it was almost no time at all before the blew up. I mean the dude already had a huge online
fan base. Jeffree is one unique celebrity and although
he identifies as androgynous for the sake of this vid we’re gonna say “He”. Last time we took a shot at this I just went
with Jeffree and the whole thing just turned out a little awkward. Plus this is a story worth taking a second
look at as Jeffree has since spoken more openly about his childhood and given us more info
about his mom. It’s a bit of a tear jerker so buckle up. What’s going on guys? It’s your boy Michael McCrudden documenting
the life and career of Jefferee Star prior to fame, here for you on Before They Were
Famous. Some recent drops on this channel include
Brother Nauture, Shane Dawson, Ashnikko and plenty more. As always, be sure to let us know who is next
in the comments down below and I’ll see you guys after the intro. Jeffree Star was born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger
on November 15, 1985 in Huntington Beach, California, So at the time of this recording
he’s 34 years old. Jeffree’s father named Jeff died from suicide
when he was only 6 and there was a history of alcohol abuse in his family too which would
explain why Jeffree doesn’t drink. If you’re wondering, Jeffree prefers sipping
on Redbull and smoking weed and hes never had a sip of alcohol in his LIFE. He said
“I’ve never tried alcohol before which people don’t believe, I’ve just smoked weed…I’ve
never tried coke, ecstasy, nothing. I’ve never sipped a beer, never tried wine… Jeffree was raised by his “mom” BUT recently
we found out that the woman we thought was his mom ALL THESE YEARS isn’t actually her. Her name is Laurie like it says, but yep. That’s Jeffree’s aunt. She was like a mother to him considering he
was never that close with his real mom – although these days they are in touch after not speaking
for 10 years. Sadly when Jeffree got ahold of his REAL mom
he found she had NOT been living her best life over the years they had been apart. Jeffree had no idea until they spoke that
she was living out of her car, homeless and had been dealt a bad hand. But besides his family secrets, Jeffree knew
who he was from an early age or at least had a pretty good idea. He started experimenting with makeup at the
age of 12 and even as a young boy he was starting to discover he was different. Jeffree has never identified himself as gay
and doesn’t want to be put in a box. He told Paper magazine: “I am attracted to both genders and I have
been with transgender people and I just don’t even know if there’s a name for it. And even with all these new labels out there,
I still am just like, ‘I’m Jeffree, and I’m attracted to whoever I want to be.'” But you probably know that at the time he
has a boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt. And it’s been 4 years since Nathan slid
into Jeffree’s DMs and locked him down. Anyways, By Junior high Jeffree was already
wearing makeup and flashy outfits to school. As soon as he finished high school he moved
to LA from his hometown of Orange County, California. Once he was out on his own he made money through
makeup, modelling and music gigs. Not to mention he was already on the scene
being social thanks to his Fake I.D. Jeffree teamed up with Hustler [Porn] for
a year and worked with bands on their music videos. When MySpace launched in 2003 Jeffree wasted
no time and used the platform to build his network and persona and quickly garnered a
lot of attention. It wasn’t long at all until Jeffree gained
a massive fanbase being called the Marilyn Manson of Makeup and MySpace. It was all about the Emo/Scene culture back
then… and this group was definitely looking for someone to idolize… Jeffree fit the bill. In 2006, Jeffree was named the most connected
MySpace personality and he had over a million “friends” on the platform. Jeffree was one of the first to see the opportunity
of transforming an online following into a career and turned MySpace into his 9-5. He interacted with fans from all over the
world, hanging out with bands and as a result he too started to experiment with music. If you go back and listen you might think
some of Jeffree’s music was trash but he already had loyal listeners thanks to all of his MySpace
followers who seemed to love his Electronica and “pop” sound. Jefferee started up Popsicile records and
continued to release music including the studio album Beauty Killer in 2009 and landed a spot
on Warped Tour that same year. His first and only studio album Beauty Killer
from 2009 featured a collab with Nicki Minaj and it even charted at number 7 on the Billboard’s
Electronic Albums chart… but with songs titled We Want C*nt, Eyelash Curlers & Butcher
Knives, or Legs Up I guess that might be part of the answer as to why he didn’t go mainstream? In 2010, Jeffree even signed to Akon’s label
Konvict Muzik and Akon described him as the next Lady Gaga. But after a little while Jeffree left the
music biz all together while Akon was facing some legal issues. Later, Jeffree would call signing to Akon’s
label “the biggest mistake” he’s ever made. Despite the flop music career, Jeffree continued
to leverage his online fame into more mainstream appearances. Nowadays Jeffree is pretty versatile and wears
many hats such as makeup artist, beauty YouTuber, entrepreneur, singer / song writer, model,
DJ and more. But years back he was still trying to get
his name out there, appearing on shows like LA Ink with Kat Von D who was one of his best
friends at the time. Ultimately, Jeffree and Kat Von D’s would
go onto have a famous feud that became so public and sever that it severed all and any
chance of the two ever being friends again. According to Kat Von D their feud was due
to Jeffree’s drug use, racism, and bullying. But that’s just Kat’s side of the story
and Jeffree says she detached from him after he launched his own cosmetic line. Speaking of his which, this was the next big
chapter in Jeffree’s life. In 2014 he launched his online makeup store
and brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics for which he spent his life savings to get it off the
ground. With no more music career, and no money at
the time, Jeffree had no idea where his future was heading. And he certainly had no idea that Jeffree
Star Cosmetics would soon be a multi million dollar company. His first cosmetic release was a collection
of velour liquid lipsticks which he’s known for now, then highlighter palettes, lip scrubs,
eyeshadow palettes, and eventually branching off to accessories and other merch. Although Jeffree’s YouTube Channel says
he joined in 2006, he didn’t start using the platform consistently until 2015, so he
was technically a late bloomer. For someone who’s now one of the highest
earning creators and banking over 17 million annually from YouTube ALONE you probably wouldn’t
have guessed that. A year later in 2016 the channel already had
surpassed daily views of over 1million and over 2 million subscribers. Jeffree used his videos to promote his cosmetic
line and also for what he does best: Makeup tutorials. Jeffree still does these, as well as his infamous
product reviews, vlogs and more. These days his channel boasts over 16 million
subscribers and over 2 BILLION views. Jeffree’s considered one of the richest
and most successful beauty influencers of all time and Bustle magazine called him “a
musician and onetime MySpace celeb that reinvented himself in the YouTube makeup tutorial space.” Well you already know one of the other uber
rich beauty influencers out there is Kylie Jenner which reminds me of all Jeffree’s
drama. His beef with Kylie was that she copied his
product packaging and also dissed one of her makeup brush sets
that was bad quality. Over the years, Jeffree list of celebrity
feuds has become pretty long. Aside from Kylie and Kat, he’s butted heads
with the likes of Nikkie Tutorials, Laura Lee, Kim Kardashian, James Charles and those
are only a few. But as they say in show business any publicity
is good publicity and these headline making feuds have only further spread his notoriety. He continues to reach new levels of fame every
year. In 2018, Jeffree was featured on Shane Dawson’s
docuseries and the episode was titled “The Truth About Jeffree Star.” This led to The Secret World of Jeffree Star,
a 5 part docuseries created by Shane himself. It followed the life and career of Jeffree,
as Shane got familiar with his “world”.
7:52-8:54 Well it was
a hit considering this year in 2019 the two
embarked on second YouTUbe docuseries together. The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star again
created by Shane followed Jeffree’s life, and as documented Jeffree and Shane designing
their makeup collection together. The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star ran for
seven episodes from October 2019 til the end of November 2019. The series generated a total of 130 million
views and the trailer ALONE got 10 million views within the first week. And That makeup collection Jeffree and Shane
were working on? Well that was the Conspiracy Collection which
ended up selling out 1 million units of product in only 30 minutes. This set new records for both Jeffree Star
Cosmetics AND the beauty industry altogether. It’s obvious Jeffree has come a long way
since being bankrupt and starting his cosmetic line. Now he makes the list of top few highest paid
YouTubers every year it seems. Jeffree has worked hard to build his empire
worth like 50 mill, so I’m sure he’s only gonna keep climbing. As for the rest of the story, well we will
have to wait and see because this is Before They Were Famous. My name is Michael McCrudden and I know that
this video was a little different from the bio’s we usually do in this channel but this
YouTube game is only getting bigger and I’ll continue to share my spotlight with those
who are famous. Check out these other videos, hts subscribe
and I’ll see you in another video.

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