JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS HAUL | Fall 2019 | Haul, Try-On & Review

What’s up guys welcome back to my channel hi how are ya that was fun but I don’t even have a mirror like this is a lipliner this is the most Jeffree Star I can get so anyway as you may have seen in the title I have done Jeffree Star haul so I’ve recently been watching the Shane Dawson series the beautiful world of Jeffree Star and have become huge fans of both of them so in the second episode they revealed how much it costs to make Jeffree Star cosmetics products and I was shook like I’m pretty sure everyone was to be fair so anyway a week later I got an email from Morphe saying that there was 20% off the collaborations so I ended up picking up myself the Morphe x Jeffree Star set and refresh mist in star berry scent love that strawberry on the top and then a couple days later I got an email from Beauty Bay and they were giving me 40% off so I ended up picking up two glosses and a lip liner so I feel crazy about the prices that I paid it was so low considering how much it costs Jeffree to make these products and I managed to get 40% off I feel like I’ve robbed him but living as a student like I really need these prices so you’ve gotta get in there and like be on top of your emails ready to purchase things so anyway first thing I want to test this set and refresh mist so I already used the Morphe standard one but obviously this is a strawberry scent and it’s Jeffrey star so I’m excited to try it [Music] oh my god this smells amazing my god it smells so good the normal Morphe one smells really nice but this one smells so good as well and you get a little strawberry and well sorry star berry on the top the packaging is just so cute feels really nice cooling refreshing I read online some reviews saying that the formula’s really sticky on the face I’m really not getting that kind of feeling but maybe that’s because my makeups quite matte so maybe it’s absorbed it but anyway I’m loving it so far it feels really nice and light as well quick thing I just want to talk about how cute the packaging is so you’ve got these everything pink packaging I was surprised how much these are similar considering this is a collab with Morphe and this is like Jeffree’s own stuff so the only difference is this has got pink with gold and this has got pink with silver which I think it’s really cute so anyway next product first of the Jeffree Star cosmetics products I’m using the Jeffree Star lip liner in the shade androgyny so obviously it looks crazy right now but the formula is so smooth and easy to apply which is not the case with all lip liners some like really drag your lips and it just goes everywhere but this just glides on really smooth and doesn’t really seem to smudge a lot either to finish it off and make it look less crazy than it does right now I’m gonna use the Jeffree Star velour liquid lipstick in the shade Gemini which I already had so that’s it it applies so smooth it feels smooth on the lips even though it’s like a matte sort of texture it’s kind of a little bit sticky where I’ve used liquid lipsticks in the past it gets like sucks all the moisture out of your lips then you end up with like these lines in them I’m not getting that from there this is so wearable yeah comfortable like you really get what you pay for I think with Jeffree Star cosmetics so next up I’ve got one of the glosses in the shade control freak loving the names the packaging is so nice and it matches the lip liner like it’s a bigger version I just think everything is so like well thought-out which you don’t get with all kinds of cosmetic brands and usually if you get good looking packaging the product inside is kind of ugh yeah so it’s a really light kind of sheer shade this I will use is like an everyday sort of gloss you could also use it as a lip topper on top of like a lipstick but yeah I really like it and then for the last gloss I’ve got this one in the shade I’m the boss love that so this has kind of got a peachy sort of undertone and it also said that it sheer as well so I’m interested to see how that’s gonna look so I love this especially with this I makeup it gives it a little pop of colour and I think it’s really interesting that he’s chose to call it I’m the boss I think it’s more because I usually if you should see a shade Boss or like I’m The Boss it would be like this bold red but I love this [Music] and let me just say the formula is so nice it kind of feels like a little bit oily and nourishing definitely really wearable which is what you want from makeup like you don’t wanna have to like take everything out and like be really stuck with reapplying everything all the time so yeah I love this and yeah it just gives a little pop of color makes me look a bit more like healthier so that’s it for this week’s video and my Jeffree Star haul cannot wait to buy the Jeffrey Shane palette like I need that now after seeing all the shades in episode 3 they just look stunning so if you like this video please give me a thumbs up down below subscribe for more videos there’s new videos every Thursday and I can’t wait see you next time [Music]

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