Jeffree Star Has Made Some Enemies In Hollywood

Jeffree Star Has Made Some Enemies In Hollywood

Few celebrities have made as many A-list enemies
as Jeffree Star. The YouTuber and all-around beauty and fashion
mogul has become just as famous for stirring up the drama as he has for his palettes. Think Lip Ammunition’s just a lipstick in
his line? Here’s who can’t stand Jeffree Star. “You just better be careful.” Kat von D Kat von D and Star were friends for years
– until it all blew up in 2016. Taking to Facebook, Von D posted, “After years of making excuses for, and rationalizing
Jeffree’s inappropriate behavior (including, promoting drug use, racism, and bullying)
I can no longer hold my tongue after recent events.” Von D also posted a YouTube video claiming
that Star used packaging designed by her friend, B.J. Betts, without credit or payment. She said, “It’s really wrong, what Jeffree’s done.” “You can’t sit there and post all these videos
of you, like ‘Get Ready With Me in My Rolls Royce,’ and then you can’t pay a guy who worked
really hard for you.” She then added, “The Jeffree that he is now is like this monster. This big attention-seeking, fame-desiring,
money-driven monster.” Noting that she regrets introducing Star to
her makeup production factory, Von D ended her rant with a punch. “You can pick on all these other people that
might be intimidated and won’t say anything back, but Jeffree, I’m not scared of you.” Jerrod Blandino One of Star’s biggest enemies might just be
Jerrod Blandino, co-founder and chief creative officer of Too Faced Cosmetics. The drama started in 2017, when Starr accused
Blandino of incorrectly claiming to have created the wildly popular unicorn makeup trend. “Of course I had to create an exclusive Unicorn
Tears highlighter.” With the hashtag “There Aren’t Unicorns In
The Amazon” on Instagram, Blandino appeared to take a dig at Tarte Cosmetics, which had
launched an Amazonian clay unicorn-themed collection. Star took to Snapchat to slam Blandino, writing, “Who is that delusional and dumb to think
that they invented unicorn makeup?” “This is where your ice cream comes from. The creamy poop of a mystic unicorn.” All that rainbow shade must have struck a
chord because Blandino quickly deleted the controversial hashtag – but it was already
too late. Star continued to attack Blandino by criticizing
the Too Faced collaboration with NikkieTutorials. “I really hope you like this collection because
we worked so hard on it. And it’s surreal, it’s very surreal.” Referring to a Sanders Kennedy video in which
it was revealed that NikkieTutorials was allegedly paid only $50,000 for a collab that earned
$9 million, Star tweeted: “Hey Jerrod Blandino […] Should I expose
how shady you were with NikkieTutorials’s contract or maybe save that for another day?” The subsequent backlash against Blandino got
so bad that he disabled comments on his Instagram, according to Allure. Jackie Aina In 2017, Star apologized for his history of
racism, which included comments about throwing acid on a black woman to lighten her skin. But Jackie Aina wasn’t having it. She made an anti-haul video in which she told
fans she wouldn’t support Star’s products. “I just have a deep issue with the anti-black
like comments and things that have been made publicly.” This sparked a Twitter feud, which Aina tried
to shut down by writing in a since-deleted tweet, “I make content that explains explicitly why
I do not support certain people and their brands. It’s ALWAYS based on morals and ethics.” That June, Aina tweeted a screenshot showing
that Star had blocked her on Instagram. That set off another firestorm, with Star
tweeting: “Her anti-haul is her most viewed video in
three months. Should I send an invoice? I’m a hot topic, next.” Aina responded via an open letter which has
since been deleted, tweeting, “I have not and will not excuse his blatantly
racist behavior. […] No one in the community should feel
like they are protected enough to continuously say things to make black women feel ugly and
ashamed in their own skin.” “While I do believe people can change, you
have to tell me that and show me that or else I won’t know.” James Charles James Charles may be one of the biggest beauty
vloggers in the world, but he was put through the ringer at the hands of Star and Tati Westbrook,
following Westbrook’s 37th birthday party, when Westbrook accused Charles of harassing
a male server. She claimed in a video, “You were talking in detail about things you
wanted to do to the waiter and when I said ‘James, he’s straight,’ your response was
‘doesn’t matter I’m a celebrity’ – so freaking gross.” Star jumped in to add fuel to the fire, tweeting
that Charles was quote, “a danger to society.” Though the accuracy of the accusations against
Charles is questionable – with the server later claiming via Seventeen magazine that
he was flattered and had actually kissed Charles – that hasn’t stopped a flood of hate from
washing over Charles’ career. He was forced to end his business relationship
with Star, who’d been producing his merch line, and revealed that his thoughts, quote,
“got to a really scary place” in the midst of the drama. “I just don’t see a world that exists where
I can ever be in business with a team ran by someone like Jeffree Star.” Kylie Jenner Kylie Jenner and Star have been embroiled
in a feud for years. “I’m Kylie Jenner and I am the founder of
Kylie Cosmetics.” The beef apparently started in 2016, when
Star dragged Jenner’s beauty launch through the mud. Accusing her of selling cheap product, via
Racked, he also claimed she copied his packaging. He tweeted, “With all that f—— money she’s made, why
did Kylie Cosmetics use the SAME PACKAGING as my liquid lipsticks that have been out
since 2014???” Although she clipped him from her press list
in early 2018, Kylie hasn’t engaged with Star publicly. But it’s fair to assume Jenner can’t stand
the YouTuber at this point, particularly after he criticized her 2019 Forbes cover, tweeting: “I declined the feature so they had to pick
someone.” “That is my goal.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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  1. SERIOUSLY!!?? His young 3 y/o dog died Sunday (10/5). He is absolutely heartbroken right now. Was this really the best/only time you could post this?? You guys are fucking gross! Not to mention most of your videos are packed with complete falsehoods. 😑

  2. pretty it's already been adressed in shanes documentary that Jeffree and James are cool now, so I don't get why he's on the list.

  3. Racism, Anti black, promoting drug use, bullying is OK. But when Jeffrey Star comes after THEM all the sudden his a monster, problematic, he needs to be stopped 😂 #Hypocrites

  4. I always wanted to like Jeffree because everyone idealizes him so much but I just can't. He just seems to be a big narcissistic bully

  5. Since when are youtubers "hollywood"? LOL! Who cares what any of these people think. That goes for Hollyweird celebs too. Judge and think for yourself.

  6. This stuff is outdated. Jeffery Star admitted his racist rant was wrong. He was a different person back than and has matured. Those who still think he is a racist give him a second chance. People do change. We are all human and we mature in life and our minds change. I like to give all humans a second and third chance. Eitherway- um I didnt see any Hollywood people? It was more of the makeup community enemies. And all of it is old news. He has made amends with some. He is moving forward and trying to be a better person. As we all are.

  7. He also has a legion of hating, bitter white women 🙄 who love to go on IG and leave hating comments on Jackie’s pictures whenever a brand posts her.

  8. I swear most of those fashion youtube "celebrities" are rude douche bags. Tho of course you can't say a single word of criticism about LGBTsomething these days, because it means you're intolerant and primitive.

  9. Sees Jeff and Shane striving with positivity so they try throw negativity to him. Bitxh let it reflect back onto you off his mirror.

  10. This coming from a girl that screwed over her fellow tattoo artist and slept with Sandra Bullock's husband? What makes the "A" list?

  11. Well everyone knows Jeffree has alot of enemies and I don't get why it is so , cause he doesn't seem so bad to me . He is just brutally honest .

  12. Money changed him so much that I can understand why some people don’t like him nothing but drama with him

  13. What do you mean some ?! 😂😂😂 you forgot his tweet about khloe he blocked be on Twitter for telling him he needed to mind his own business especially when there’s children and whole families involved & said if I was khloe I would have walked my ass over to his house and beat his ass 😂😂😂 bam blocked

  14. I’m glad there are people out there who see Jeffree for who he is. Shane thought he could sweep everything under the rug. Jeffree recently made racist comments towards Jackie calling her a gorilla. Absolutely disgusting

  15. Btw the title of the video is misleading, None of them are Hollywood celebrities. All of them are makeup ppl 😐

  16. Literally every single one of these “celebrities “ have had serious damning scandals themselves!😂 and unlike most of them, j* has actually come out and addressed the accusations made by these ppl! Lol!

  17. Jeffree Star is the hot topic now because of Shane's series. You did a video about Jeffree just because you know it is going to be watched more than your other videos. These are all old issues that are either solved or forgotten. Next!!

  18. I don't what I hate most about that Jarod guy, what he did to Nicki or those cringe TwoFaced promo videos🤮

  19. Wither or not you think these guys are celebrities….we still clicked on the video. With Shane trending as #1 in his series all the channels are going to try to cash in on the “scoop”.
    But we’re here for it.

  20. Another poor guy with mental health issues how are they making these weirdo people famous pumping him with some Male hormones…. he loves woman that much he wants to be one!

  21. He’s ugly. Makes a horrible looking girl. Kick him off my team and back to the other ha. I miss when men were masculine. 😕 and weren’t trying to take over our another thing of ours, makeup.

  22. I don't think Jeffree gives a rat's behind about what people think. These so called "celebs" you mention don't have the right to be judging anybody. These are other makeup people. James Charles is a pinhead who copies other people's ideas without giving them credit and whose career is based upon lies. Let's not be throwing stones.

  23. Awww Jeffree and Shane are "BITCH WORK" and killing it! So time to try and make sure you make a buck too huh Nicki. Petty and really Sad.

  24. You can't mention Kat Von D's version of the facts without then showing what truly happened, because it is now proven that she lied so…

  25. Honestly it sounds to me that anyone that's doing better then him or gets alot attention he hates on. If your an adult and dont care what other brands are doing why speak on them? That makes you no better then them. If your soooooo much better you dont need to feed the fuel. Just do you!! The beauty community is a dirty game. Good thing for Charles they did not hurt his makeup game. They just made him better is all. Go Jeffery Starr!! Your making people you hate famous by speaking on them!! I love your makeup though!! I'm not a hater!! Lol

  26. Tired of his bougie, new money flashy grossness. Not to mention that he's catty as all hell, but pretends he's always the "good guy" in every situation.

  27. Jeffrey Starr has a clear issue with women and other gay men , he never says anything about straight men cause he tries to sleep with them .. ew

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