Karrueche on Wearing An Eyepatch on TV & Her Makeup Line 💄 Ridiculousness

Karrueche on Wearing An Eyepatch on TV & Her Makeup Line 💄 Ridiculousness

(audience applauds) – So, you came back to Season 3. – Yes. – You did not die but you
had to wear an eye patch. Well, how was that? – It (beep) sucked. (audience laughs) Because having to act with an
eye patch I would literally be on the set like,
– [Rob] Man! – talking to people and
like I would only do half of my makeup so people
are like are you okay? Is your makeup, do you need
to go back to hair and makeup? I’m like no, it’s the (beep) eye patch. (audience laughs) – Luckily you didn’t get shot all the way through the eye
and completely lose it. You just got grazed.
– Just graze. – And you ended up on season three. Everybody here’s getting
clipped in the eye and they need to put a patch on it. Take a look. – [Karrueche] Oh no! (audience applauds) Go, go. I’ve been working so hard on this one. It’s the double, twist
over, end over shot. (audience laughs) Yeah. – Oh! (audience gasps) – It look like he was already missing one eye when he looked up there. – [Rob] Man he really is.
(audience laughs) Man now he’s blind. – One’s not open already! (audience laughs) – [Rob] Oh man. – He was doing jolly. I got it. (audience gasps) Mo’ eye. – Man he legitimately is blinded
from being a pro yo-yoer. (audience laughs) – [Karrueche] Oh, wait. – [Rob] Oh no. Oh.
Oh. (audience exclaims) – Did it really catch her?
– Did it really catch her? It’s like touching her brain right now. (audience laughs) – No, I’d be pissed. (audience laughs) – (Rob) Okay, she’s fine. – What? (pop)
(audience laughs) (laughing) – Man look the (beep) didn’t
even like bubble over. (audience laughs) Pop the bottle, it just sits still. (audience laughs) (audience gasps) – Oh you know it took him
so long to build that. (audience laughs) – [Rob] Go, go! Then bam! – Poor baby. (audience applauds) – Okay Karrueche, tell us
about your makeup line. – I have a makeup
collaboration with ColourPop called Brown Sugar. It’s my third one. My latest one. – So you also do makeup tutorials and different stuff online like when you see someones
makeup do you get all judgy? (audience laughs) – Low key, yeah. (audience laughs) – I get judgy with makeup. – [Rob] You do?
– I don’t really judge people. – 100%. – Yeah I mean well what’s
your number one judge? – If it’s too much.
– [Rob] Okay. – Chill out. – We got too much makeup on right now? – No y’all look great. – Okay. (audience laughs) – Hey wait, look at me look at me. Didn’t even look just y’all great. (audience laughs) – I already finished the
sentence before he turned around. (audience laughter drowns out other noise) You guys are good, you guys are good. Well look, here’s the thing,
like makeup’s a tricky thing, you know, cause you can overshoot the mark up real quick okay and you can have, a lot of people have their own sorta styles right? And they’ll will look in the mirror and be like god I did it. I look so beautiful and
then they go outside and they look like clowns. – Yeah, yeah. (audience laughs) – This category is
dedicated to that style. Sour faces. Take a look. (audience cheers) – [Steelo] Okay. – [Rob] Okay. Fill ’em in. – [Steelo] Looks great.
(audience laughs) – That’s her concealer. (audience gasps) – Oh yeah. – [Steelo] She using her
concealer on her lips? – [Karrueche] She’s so drunk. She thinks that’s her lip gloss. – Yeah she must’ve had a nude lip gloss and then dug in the
purse and thought it was the lip gloss, got the concealer. – Now it’s really nude. (audience laughs) (audience gasps) – [Rob] Oh! Okay, go back. (laughing) – Wait, why? Why is she so happy? – I think this is just a little
thing called goth makeup. (audience laughs) – No. – She’s a murderer bro. (audience laughs) Look at this. – Oh god she looks crazy. (audience laughs)
– Exactly.

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  1. Every time that there's a person of color sitting next to west coast.. she her self gets darker and darker!!!!! Is it me ??? Girl you are white……

  2. Ridiculousness is an awesome show. Not every television show would hire a disabled woman. I take care of my cousin who is disabled and he loves to work. I bet the days they record are the highlight of her week. I do have to say that steelo and rob are a little hard on her sometimes though.

  3. CHANEL USUALLY LOOKS FUCKEN CRAZY WITH HER UGLY ASS OUTFITS AND HER RAGGY ASS WIGS BUT SHE FINALLY LOOKS HALF DESCENT TODAY😏. She knew that she had to look Better then normally sitting beside that beautiful women!! Even tho she knows she still UGLY AS FUCK!!!!!! BUT SHE DID IT TODAY. A LIL BETTER THEN NORMAL😂

  4. Fuck me. Look at her body. And face that's a beaut.
    30 outta 5 would totally hit it and you kno she lookin good from behind. Man. Who is this goddess ?!?

  5. Hey eye makeup was running. It wasn’t waterproof. Celebrities don’t know that struggle so they didn’t get it lol

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